Mobile phone keyboards are an integral part of the device that lets you communicate to the world. Be it using for text messaging, social networking, searching for something in the web or saving contacts, notes; 99% of the user-centric activity in mobile phones require the keyboard. Android phones already come with a user-friendly basic keyboard but with no advanced features which you will find in the keyboard apps for Android.

They are fun, entertaining, can improve your writing skills, comes with plenty of colorful themes, emojis, gifts and texting patterns that you will simply love exploring. So, to make things interesting, here are the 5 best android keyboard apps that are worth giving for a try.

  • Swiftkey

This is the no.1 useful keyboard app for Android that understands your writing style and based on that suggests emojis, autocorrects with both swipe-to-type and touch-to-type features. The keyboard features an expandable menu having plenty of shortcuts, spell checker facilities and A.I. powered predictions to help you type and professional contents perfectly without making mistakes. The application supports more than 300 languages and 100+ attractive themes, gifs, emojis and also lets you make your own background theme by uploading pictures from your smartphones.

  • Gboard

A very entertaining Android keyboard app having all kinds of Google integrated advanced features like Glide typing, Voice typing, Emoji Search, Gifs, Cursive writing improvement in 100+ languages, multilingual typing and also Google Translation. The application features plenty of customizable themes, stickers, phrase prediction as well as setting your own image as background. The Glide typing of this app helps you in typing faster; Handwriting features help you to write in cursive writing in various languages; search and share allows you to browse anything from Google within the application’s interface and share it with other users and translator helps in translating words and phrases to preferred language when you type.

  • Chrooma

It is the best Android adaptive keyboard that easily adapts itself to the color theme of any apps when used by you. It is a light-weighted keyboard app that helps you in typing faster with its predictions, emojis, gifs relevant to your text and also notes your writing styles, gestures to give productive texts, phrases, punctuations, symbols for faster typing. The keyboard comes with a night mode option for working in the dark as well as with one-handed mode and Split Layout mode for your convenience. The application is very flexible and attractive to be loved by all users.

  • Go Keyboard

This is an ultimate source of fun and entertainment having a simple layout with 1000+ attractive themes, personalized sticker avatars, 800+ emojis, gifs, sticker packs, 100+ fonts, and support of more than 60 different languages. From auto-corrects to Voice typing, gesture typing and having a hub of attractive layouts, the application turns your smartphones into a colorful wonderland for typing and texting.

  • Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Make your Facebook and social media chats interesting with the android’s first emoji keyboard having a collection of more than 3600 emojis, gifs, emoticons, stickers to share your emotions and mood with the world. It also features a personalized keyboard having customizable, themes, wallpapers, fonts for making typing an extremely fun experience. It provides relevant predictions with smileys and texts along with swipe to type feature for faster typing. The privacy of this keyboard app is also commendable as it never asks for any personal details.


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