Google Play Store is the default app download solution for Android that supports all authentic android apps. While the majority of the renowned Android apps are free to download, there are some great apps that are a paid service in the Google Play Store. Many users back off from downloading those apps due to the subscription models. So, what if you can download these paid apps for free?

Yes, there are some alternative ways that help you download a paid app for free through third-party installation. Google Play Store does not allow third-party apps in its platform due to its privacy policy, so you need to tap on the Settings option->Go to ‘Security’-> and then turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ toggle. This will give your Android device the permission to download apps from third-party source.

Once done, you are now set to install the third-party Android apps. The following list displays the 5 best Android solutions for downloading a free version of the paid apps.

1. Aptoide

It is the ultimate safest and authentic third-party Android app store that lets you download tons of apps irrespective of geographical boundaries which you will find for many in the Google Play Store. Aptoide itself does not store any app; it allows users to upload their collections in the repository. For downloading paid apps for free from Aptoide follow these steps:-

  1. a) Visit the URL http://en.aptoide.com/ from your browser.
  2. b) Now, install the Aptoide application from the website.
  3. c) If you find any pop-up menu asking you to select for the app, select the option ‘Package Manager’.
  4. d) Aptoide allows users to upload apps in its platform and hence it will give you the option to create your own store. Go ahead if you want to; else type the desired paid app name in the search bar.
  5. e) You will be displayed with plenty of choices relevant to the app. If you find the targeted app, click on it; else go to ‘Search More’ button and locate the app from the list of choices.
  6. f) You will be prompted with a confirmation message for installation. Click on OK to proceed.
  7. g) You can see your app getting installed by the Package Manager. Click on OK to finish the installation.



2. BlackMart Alpha

It is a hub of plenty of Android applications with multiple versions. The application is very easy to use and you don’t even require registration to access it. Once you download the application, you can search for your desired app directly and download it on your Android device. It is one of the best places where you can free version of various paid apps and in multiple forms. As in if the current version is not supported in your Android device, you can look for the other versions of the same app. Visit the site blackmart.us/  to download BlackMart Alpha.

3. Antiroid

There are many users who don’t trust third-party solutions. For such users, Antiroid is the best choice. It suggests you with the free alternatives similar to the paid app. Once you click on the desired application, it takes you to the Google Store Platform from where you can directly download the app for free. In this way, you get to enjoy the free alternatives along with download from the Android’s authentic source. Visit the Antiroid site from here antiroid.com/ to download the free alternatives.

4. 4Shared

This is a very genuine source to download the free version of the paid apps. It is a file sharing system that consists of everything from Music, videos, applications, software, books, images, etc for the users to download. This is the biggest file-sharing platform where you can share and upload any of the above-mentioned items and let other users have the facility to download it. You can download this app from Play-Store and even for other platforms like Windows and IOS. After downloading, log in with your Facebook or Gmail account and install whatever you want to for free.

5. Amazon underground

This is another good choice for downloading paid apps for free. The application can be downloaded from here apkpure.com.  After download, users need to go to the ‘Apps and Games’ section from the menu and select their desired free app for installation. The application displays the Amazon Appstore to feature the collection of applications and games.

Final words

The above-mentioned 5 apps act as the best source for downloading the free version of paid apps for Android. All are legal and have well-maintained security to protect your device from malware.  


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