What is Factory Reset?

It is a technique to restore a device back to its original manufacturer settings by erasing all the data and apps contained in the phone. Factory resets are used in Android smartphones to improve its functionality without intervening with the Operating system. It is also called hard formatting of smartphones.

Before opting for factory reset in your phones, make sure you create a back up of the existing data, pictures, videos in your phone so that you don’t lose them. Once you do the factory reset, all your data will be erased. It is therefore recommended that you always keep auto back of your Android data in Google Drive so that can in such cases you don’t face any problem and restore it successfully.

Why Factory Reset is required?

Factory Reset is required when the smooth functionality of Android device freezes either due to overloading apps or any random reason. While most of the time this issue is recovered by restarting the device, sometimes you are left with no other option than a factory reset.

Also, many times if users forget the lock password of their android device and unable to recover it from the alternative recovery procedure or have not set any alternative backup options, in that case, they won’t be able to unlock your Android phone unless they do a factory reset.

Some users, however, prefer to do formatting of their phone when they see their device getting slowed down day by day even in spite of having the updated OS. In such cases even if the device is working, to restore back to their original functionality users choose to do the formatting.

The formatting option is 99% helpful process for the performance enhancement of the device. It is a simple and quick way to bring back your Android device to life again.

How to do a Factory Reset for Android smartphones

The following two methods illustrate how you can do the factory reset for Android Phones.

  1. From the device

  2. a) Go to Settings option of your device.
  3. b) Select ‘Backup and Reset’ and then ‘Factory data Reset’ from the Backup and Reset page.
  4. c) Now, in the Factory Reset page for the final confirmation click on ‘Reset Device’ option.

That’s it. Your phone will not be formatted from the manufacturer settings.

However, if you are using the latest Android models preference can be different. In such cases mostly these options work:-

Settings->System->Reset Options->Erase all data->Reset Phone->enter Device PIN-> Click on Continue->Tap on Era Everything.


Settings->General Management->Reset->Factory data Reset->Click ob Blue Reset Option->Enter Device PIN->Next->Delete All.

Both of these processes will enter your phone into the reboot mode just like when you purchased it for the first time.

2.In Recovery Mode

This method is for the people who unable to remember their lock password and also have not set any backup option.

  1. a) Switch off your Android device.
  2. b) Press the lower Volume button along with Power Button unless you enter the Recovery Mode.
  3. c) In the recovery Screen, choose Wipe data/Factory Reset to start the formatting process of your phone and restore it to the manufacturer settings.

Final Words

Users, who don’t know about the factory reset for Android, follow the above-mentioned steps if your smartphones freeze very often and you are unable to solve it by restarting. But remember to back-up the data first before rebooting.




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