What is IGTV?

It is the new social TV of the Instagram platform that aims in replacing the traditional TV experience for the mobile platforms. IGTV as the name says, where IG refers to Instagram and TV refers to Television. So it is basically an Instagram Television aimed for vertical platforms like mobiles and tablets.

This new feature was introduced in Instagram on 20th June 2018 and has become immensely popular across various famous brands, Social influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and common Instagram users. Instagram in its post or story feature does not allow users to upload videos more than 1 minute but with the IGTV feature, users can now create their own channels and post hour long videos easily.

It is available as a small portable TV like icon on the top right corner in the line of direct messaging. Often Instagram sends users an orange notification to check the new IGTV videos and upload new contents in their own channels.

IGTV operates on your search based and follower algorithm to suggest you with the featured channels. You can swipe one after another to watch different videos spontaneously. The feature is very exciting and highly beneficial for business promotions or sharing any informative content.

Video ideas for IGTV channel

IGTV videos are the long-lived videos in your Instagram account not like the stories disappearing in 24 hours. The following topics give an idea about the contents you can upload on IGTV.

  • Tutorials
  • Unboxing
  • Travel videos
  • Educational videos
  • Corporate tours
  • Informative videos
  • Promotions
  • Launch Parties
  • Events
  • Social Causes

These are the contents that mostly the professional people use for the IGTV videos. So if you want to be a social influencer like them or want to promote your business products, this is the best platform.

How to use/watch IGTV

  1. IGTV resides within the Instagram app. So just go to the portable YV icon and click on ‘Continue’ to create your own channel.
  2. There you can view the channels from other followers and users suggested by Instagram. You can also link comment in other user IGTV videos and interact with people just like in public posts.
  3. To upload your own videos, go to the upload section in your channel and choose from the gallery the respective video.
  4. If you want to see the IGTV videos from your followers, under the Following tab you can find their IGTV channel those who are using it.  Browse it one after another to view all their videos.
  5. There is a tab called “Popular” which helps you discover all new videos on IGTV from different users.
  6. The video gets displayed with the title featuring the IGTV channel name of the user who uploaded it. You can tap the screen to remove the headlines and stream video smoothly.
  7. You can pause, resume the videos at any time and even copy the link or send it in a direct message.
  8. The application is also available in Standalone form other than the Instagram platform. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Final Words

This new video platform has been proved highly beneficial for Instagram users in their work life. So if you aim to be the next IGTV user, follow the above-mentioned points to use it like professionals.


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