AirPods Pro: Amazon Shows Apple How To Do It Right

With the AirPods, Apple has created a real box office hit, which in addition to ANC also offers a clever ventilation system. But the US group is also paying a lot for the excellent technology.

Apple still dominates the market for true wireless headphones with its AirPods and the more expensive AirPods Pro. Other manufacturers such as Sennheiser or Jabra also offer excellent alternatives, which often cut a better figure in terms of sound. But they are rarely really cheaper than the Apple headphones. At least the AirPods Pro now faces strong competition in the form of the Echo Buds 2 from Amazon.

Amazon Echo Buds 2: AirPods Pro alternative with ANC and ventilation

The second generation of headphones has now been introduced, as Golem reports. Amazon promises better sound and real active noise cancellation (ANC) with the Buds 2, which the predecessors did not have. The headphones should also be smaller. A practical feature is the ventilation system, which is supposed to reduce pressure in the ear if the attachments seal too tightly. Six of these are included in the scope of delivery. As with other ANC headphones, the Amazon Echo Buds 2 also have a transparency mode that forwards outside noise if necessary. This is useful for example with train announcements or on the bike.

IPX4 protection against dust and water is also one of the parties such as sensor surfaces on the plugs, which serve to control the headphones. Voice control using the integrated Alexa is also possible. According to Amazon, the Echo Buds 2 should deliver a running time of five hours, in total – with the battery in the charging case – it should be 1.5 hours. That is less than with competing products. It is charged via USB-C. There is also an optional charging case that supports wireless charging. But that costs more.

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