7 best Alternative of Youtube: Where Would You Go If YouTube Died?


YouTube is one of the popular video-sharing platforms for watching millions of movies and songs. You can enjoy watching movies, listening to new songs, upload your content and share it with your family members. It is easy to watch your latest shows and movies without paying anything on YouTube. You can also download YouTube videos on your phone using your mobile plan or Wi-Fi. 

Have you ever thought, what would you do if YouTube died in the coming years? If no, then you should look for the best alternatives to YouTube to enjoy your favorite videos and songs without any issue at all.

Here you would come to know about the best YouTube alternative of YouTube to try right now

1. DTube

DTube is one of the most popular and genuine videos sharing platform which works just like your favourite YouTube.ru. You should note that it is decentralized, which means that the videos will not be uploaded and streamed from one centralized server. The contents will be stored on the blockchain, which is impossible for hackers to interfere with video content. As a content creator, you would have the chance to get cryptocurrency profits. The user interface is straightforward and easy to understand for the users. You would not face any issues while using it at all. You can even download your videos from DTube and stored on your computers or mobile phones. It is an ads-free website which means you are going to watch movies and web series without showing any unnecessary ads. 

2. Veoh

Veoh is also one of the reliable and popular videos sharing platforms with a simple interface that offers personalized content and user-generated content without any type of limitations. If you are big fond of famous and old TV shows such as The Price is Right, The Friends, The big bang theory and NCIS, then you should go for this video platform for sure. It is also possible to find movies on Veoh and also you can watch HD content without compromising on the quality of the videos. Makes sure you are installing the Veoh web player before watching all the HD content videos. As a user of Veoh, you would be able to join groups, connect with other users and even chat with your friends. 

3. Dailymotion

There are more than 150 million users who prefer using Dailymotion for watching their favorite videos and songs. After YouTube, Dailymotion is a second alternative to YouTube and also one of the biggest YouTube competitors. It has an excellent interface, a search bar, the same content, and a similar layout, just like YouTube. Users choose only Dailymotion because of its great features and high-quality videos. By using Dailymotion, you would be able to upload content up to 4GB and with a perfect resolution of 1080p. The downside is all videos are 20 min long, which will be not appropriate for most of the viewers. Also, you need to be a pro user for using its advanced features and high-quality stuff. In simple words, it is a perfect place to see killer content without worrying about useless ads showing every time you watch videos like YouTube. 

4. Metacafe

Metacafe is a simple and basic video sharing platform that is older than YouTube. It includes a large number of videos with high quality and resolution of 1080p. It is better compared to other platforms available in the market for the users. You would be glad by knowing that there will be no duplicate videos available on Metacafe. If you are looking for funny videos, how-to videos and product reviews, then you should check Metaface without any second thought for sure. It regularly categorizes all the videos into sports, news, sports, and TV. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels here. 

5. 9GAG TV

Are you looking for funny and short videos? If yes is your answer, then you should go for a 9GAGTV video platform. Most of the Twitter and Facebook users prefer this platform as there are several fun photos, memes, and GIFs that they can send to their friends and family members. You should note that all the contents are categorized so that it would be easy for you to find your videos without any hassle. It has an incredible user-interface that is easily accessible for the users. 


Vevo is an immense alternative to YouTube if you prefer watching only the latest and old music videos. It provides high-quality music from Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. With its simple user-interface, you would be able to explore the latest hits and explore various other video clips by considering your favorite artists. It also comes with the built-in editors who make the process of creating content better and smooth. 


Twitch is the live web’s streaming platform. It is owned by Amazon and focuses mainly on gaming-related shows, video game streaming, and esports. This video platform is mostly preferred by gamers. All around the world due to its smooth video game streaming services to the users. It has also broadcast several music videos from live concerts and festivals. You can even download your favorite videos from here without any download limitation to the users. The incredible and straightforward user-interface makes it more significant and reliable compared to other video sharing platforms available in the market. 


Finally, you are aware of the best alternative of YouTube, which you should try now and experience their great features and benefits to the users. It is always better to try something new rather than sticking only on a single platform. All these video platforms work just like YouTube and offer great features to their users. If you are a content creator on YouTube, then you should look for other video sharing platforms as well. You can even earn well on these sites through ads and generate high revenue as well. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just try all the alternatives mentioned above to YouTube and share your valuable experiences with us!

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