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Amazon Launch A New program in India ‘Amazon Flex Program



Amazon is widely known to explore new possibilities to provide convenience to its consumers. Now, Amazon has come up with a new brilliant idea where you have a chance to earn money up to Rs. 140 per hour. Amazon has launched its new Flex program in India after the delay of four years to serve customers better.

The program wants you to deliver the Amazon packages of different sizes and weights. Amazon Flex program was initiated in the US in 2015. Amazon is the e-commerce American company, famous for its best facilities to the ultimate consumers via an online platform that gives wide options for similar products like electronics, clothes, and household items. This program of Amazon will provide employment to thousands of people in India.

Part-time opportunity

Amazon flex is providing a golden opportunity for part-time work. All you need is to download the app and sign up for Amazon Flex. You have a chance to become a delivery partner by just delivering packages for the Amazon as per your convenient schedule. You can earn Rs. 120 to Rs. 140 if you successfully deliver the package on schedule time. Amazon has launched a website for Flex. This wonderful opportunity would be available seven days a week. Amazon Flex has been launched in big cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi, and has a future plan for expansion in the coming months. At present, they are looking for two-wheeler riders in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Jaipur.

Eligible criteria

You must be 18 years old to grab this opportunity. Besides, an android phone of version 6.0 or higher with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. This part-time job requires features such as a camera with flash, GPS location Service, voice and data connectivity in your android smartphones. Furthermore, a two-wheeler is necessary with a Complaint Driving License, Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, and Pollution Certificate. You must have a current or a savings bank account with a PAN Card.

How often can make deliveries

You can make deliveries as per your suitable time from any blocks. You can pick up an Amazon delivery package after an update about your availability with the help of the calendar in the Amazon Flex App. After that, you will receive offers for delivery blocks. It is flexible because you have to mention specific dates for the upcoming weeks regarding your availability as per your preferences. In case, delivery isn’t possible due to some emergency then you have to forfeit it prior 45 minutes.  The calendar has a grey background which indicated that you haven’t set availability in the past. Orange dots refer that you have agreed to the offer to deliver Amazon package. Flex doesn’t allow users to update their service area as per their desire. It doesn’t mean that they can’t change their service area. You have to e-mail through the help menu on the app while this process will take time. You will receive confirmation after the change is made in your service area. But, you need to consider that you don’t have any pending delivery.


Amazon Flex makes payments on Wednesdays by directly depositing the amount to your bank account which you can track on the Earning screen in the app. Payments are based mainly on the estimated length of time taken to deliver the package, but this includes the traffic congestion and basics concern to drive safely. As per government regulations, you have to pay a 1% tax on the earnings over the week. If there is any problem with your bank account, then you can use the Amazon Flex account. If you want to provide your service to the flex, for that you have to go through third party verification agency for verification of your address, driving license and criminal records.

Accidental Policy

This program has come up with accidental Policy which covers all the drivers under the Amazon Flex Program. You can become a part of the insurance via accepting terms and conditions on the Insurance Page. This also includes Accidental Death or Disability and offers 5, 00,000 for accidental death and permanent death coverage. However, it is valid until you are a part of Amazon Flex. This policy doesn’t cover any claims for your personal property. Policy terms may be updated from time to time.

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Tesla Takes The Liberty Of Joking: This Voice Command Backfires



Tesla drivers have come across a voice command of the rather unusual kind: Despite the command that takes getting used to, the function performed with it makes perfect sense. However, the nice gimmick has one drawback.

“Open Butthole”: Tesla reacts to unusual voice commands with a practical function

That should be a nice surprise for many Tesla drivers: the electric cars apparently have an additional, hidden function that can be activated by voice command. If you try it out, you will quickly realize that the software developers were probably having fun in the neck. Resourceful Tesla fans have come across a so-called “Easter Egg” in the last few days – in this case, a function is hidden in the software code that Tesla does not give a big deal on: With the voice command “Open Butthole” the cover of the charging port on the back of the Tesla can be opened.

Since the special function was discovered, testing has been done – with success. It is currently not known whether a German equivalent is planned for this order. But that the owner of a Tesla has the cover also close again: simply give the electric car the command “Close Butthole”.

Voice command with a wink: Tesla does not lose its sense of humour

Whether you personally like the humour behind the idea or not, there seems to be a small problem with the “open butthole” function: For example, some users on Twitter report that the trunk is opened instead of on the command. At Teslarati it is assumed that the function has been successfully implemented in several Tesla models. However, it has probably not yet been decided to assign them to a fixed function in a standardized manner.

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Among all the name fiasco HBO is looking to end the HBO GO and make it back to HBO



Finally, what the public has been waiting for is what HBO is willing to give them! With all the name confusion going around (Go, No GO, What to Do, How to Go, and other ironical jokes being made), HBO has decided to call the bluff. The channel and studio major is going to make sure to rename its services under the flagship of HBO GO and bring everything back under HBO, while the only alternate one remaining is the streaming service of it, the HBO MAX.

The whole thing has been equally confusing for the studio and the producers as well. On multiple occasions, there have been fragments where even the channel officials end up mixing the two services. Meanwhile, with utmost honesty, there isn’t much that separated the services either. The HBO GO was basically the first initiative of the giant to provide the services to its consumers “on the go”. Hence, the app and the service did so by providing streaming and also mobile services for the channel.

So what now?

Literally nothing! It will hardly make a difference to the users if HBO GO exists or not anymore. And the reason also is HBO itself. The firm has now launched HBO max, a digital platform to encompass all of HBO’s premium stuff and extend its further reach into the streaming business.

Hence, the sole purpose with which HBO GO was launched in the first place now becomes redundant. The officials have clarified it that the need to spread the HBO Max word of mouth is paramount and that also includes eliminating confusion from the mind of the consumers and viewers.

When is the fateful occurrence pending?

Well, many have been waiting for the thing to end at once, haven’t we? However, it is still a bit away. HBO has announced to terminate HBO GO by the end of July. That gives them a good run of time to phase in the HBO Ma and make the users understand that HBO Ma is the modus operandi to move towards the future. Hence, the decision needs a bit more patience before the celebrations of ending the confusion finally begin!

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Digital Marketing

The Secret Behind Trending News: Everything You Must Know!



You must be thinking about how Google features certain articles as trending news. If you have a website of your own, you must also be thinking as to what is the reason behind your content not being on the trending news list. Well, one of the many reasons is the lack of authentic content sources.

Now, don’t get me wrong when I say that you lack authentic content sources. It is quite a genuine problem as you might not have contact with news that you could rely on as evidence for original content. The news that can be backed up when questioned about its authenticity.

Hence, unfortunately, you might have slight difficulties in getting your news on the topmost pages of Google!

A Silver Lining!

However, there is a silver lining to this. You don’t have to be a journalist to get your articles to be a part of the trending news. Over the years, Google has gone from being strictly about news to presenting content on the newsworthy articles or rather, trending news articles.

Now, what’s a newsworthy article? To put it simply, these are those articles that have something new and original to offer. And it doesn’t always have to come from news media houses.

Articles That Make it To Trending News List:

Any news that would make the readers lookup for your article can be a newsworthy article. Let’s take Harry Potter for example. Harry Potter is a series of fantasy-based books and movies. They wouldn’t make it to the list when it comes to reporting news like say, political affairs, or scientific discoveries.

However, if you write an article about, say, ‘Facts you didn’t know about the Harry Potter characters’. And if you can come up with an article that is original and backed up by proof of its originality, then boom! You have an article showing up on the first page of Google!

Here are some tips that could get you to the most-wanted list on Google. And by most-wanted I mean most-wanted news articles.

Originality is Everything!

Originality is the only way for you to ensure your article is trending on Google and other websites. Now, it is very common for you to be tempted to copy content from other websites and present it as “100% original content”. However, plagiarism, if caught, might get you into some serious trouble.

Taking inspiration from other articles to create original content is alright. However, outright copy-pasting content from other websites is highly frowned upon.

Plagiarism is so serious a topic that it has landed the biggest of websites into some troubled waters. It can also lead to websites with original content to filing a case of copyright infringement against you!

Plagiarism is a big no-no if you want to be on the trending list!

Load It With Hashtags or Meta-tags:

Hashtags have taken over the world today. Let’s take Instagram, for instance. The entire app runs on hashtags that help you reach your target audience. So, if you create hashtags or meta-tags that are relevant to your articles, then your articles will reach the viewers who would love to read articles of their interest.

Take an article about gaming for example. If your target audience is young people being a fan of a game you’re writing on, then your meta-tags will be something on the lines of writing meta-tags or hashtags relevant to the game.

This will also create a reach for your article and who knows! You might just get your article viral on the Internet!

The Keyword is the Key:

There is a reason why keywords are called just that. Do you ever come across articles on the first page of Google by just typing one word? Well, that one word is a keyword.

Your content has to be rich with keywords. And not just the body of the article, but the title too must have the keywords that the readers will search for when they want to search a recipe for butter chicken for that matter!

They just have to type ‘butter chicken’ and your website will pop up on Google’s first page.

Timing is Everything for Trending News Articles!

And lastly and most importantly, timing is everything. If you are the first person to get your hands on something new that no one has ever seen or heard about, then your article will go viral given that you are the origin of the new information.

You also have to keep in mind the above pointers to put your articles in the Trending list. And the credit of viral content will go to your website!

On the other hand, if you end up writing content that other websites have already written on, then you will not get credit for creating original or ‘viral’ content.

And that’s it! These key points are all that it takes to make your news articles viral!

I hope this detailed article will help you next time you want to write something new on your website!

Do let us know in the comments below if this content was helpful to you or not.

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