Apple Event April 2021: Follow The Live Stream Here

Today is the first Apple event in 2021. Of course, nobody wants to miss out on all the new products. If you want to follow all the news, you can watch the live stream here today. When does it start again?

Tuesday, April 20 at 7 pm. In our time, Apple wants to show us something. The new iPad Pro 2021 will likely be on display at the Apple event. Other small surprises are also expected. For example, airbags, Apple’s own “key finder”, should eventually be introduced. Would you like to be there However, this is not possible directly at the site due to the current Corona Pandemic. But Apple cautions that, as always, everyone can get an idea of what’s new about the live stream at home.

Livestream of Apple Event on April 20, 2021: It starts at 7 pm.

But we don’t just find it on Apple’s website and Apple TV, it’s even more universal and for many people, the easiest option is a live stream directly to YouTube. Apple had already stored the respective placeholders for this. Provides an option to remind the stream directly. Practical, so we are guaranteed not to miss introducing Apple’s new products. Apple also stated in the video description: Stay tuned for a special Apple event on April 20 at 10:00 am PDT. Pacific time is mentioned on the site at Cupertino in Central Europe, it is already 7 pm. In the evening.

What does “live” really mean?

It is interesting to know: Even if it is a live stream, the Apple event probably won’t believe this time either. As in the recent past, the iPhone maker had hoped to record the video shortly before and only then live-streamed it. So everything remains completely under control, nothing can go wrong. A fully staged product show is, of course, also in sync with Apple’s website and then the online store.

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