Apple MagSafe In The Test: The Magnetic iPhone Charger Of The Future

Apple MagSafe in the test: our conclusion
Wireless charging is the future – and with MagSafe, Apple is showing what the ideal case for the iPhone 12 (mini, Pro, Max) should be. Thanks to the magnetic holder, the mobile phone and charger always connect perfectly with a slight “click!” And cannot easily slip. Charging is fast enough, while you can continue to use the iPhone in your hand. The processing quality is flawless, and the heat development during charging is limited. The futuristic charging experience is expensive because if you want to buy the combo of MagSafe (43.85 euros) and Apple 20 watt USB-C power supply (24.35 euros), you can dig 68.20 euros out of your wallet.

The connection cable on the MagSafe cannot be removed – it should always be protected from stress in order to prevent a possible cable break. Apple veterans already know this: The MagSafe for Apple laptops (first introduced in 2006) was probably the intellectual pioneer in this regard. I would have preferred a modular structure here. Overall, the new MagSafe charger is not a mandatory purchase for iPhone users, but rather a really well implemented “accessory luxury”. In other words: you don’t necessarily have to have it – but once you have it, you don’t want to go without it.


Chic product design and very good workmanship
Magnetic docking ensures that every charging process takes place without any problems (only for iPhone 12 / mini / Pro / Pro Max )
Heat development is limited

The charging speed cannot keep up with direct charging via the Lightning socket
Cable not interchangeable
MagSafe 2020 for iPhone in the test: rating
Design & build quality: 9/10
Features & performance: 7/10

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