Aside from the iPad Pro 2021: Apple’s new products

What an event this week was! Apple packed a load of new products in an hour, hiding many highlights in the process. The new iPad Pro 2021 is not so blissful as it had more highlights.

The new iPad Pro may be the best iPad ever. But there were no real surprises other than previously questionable features. So … the “center stage” for the front camera sounds exciting. The webcam automatically “zooms and panels”, so people always keep in mind. Perfect feature at the time of major video conferencing. But now my highlights of the Apple event in April 2021. Incidentally, the claim of perfection is neither intended nor fulfilled.

My 6 Highlights: Apple event other than iPad Pro 2021

  • New iMac’s webcam and microphone setup: Yes, Apple is finally listening to its users and has given the new all-in-one computer a full HD webcam that can do more than send high resolutions through the network. True lighting about a microphone set up in studio quality. This is the home office and Mac for the perfect video conferencing solution – thanks Apple.
  • MagSafe for Mac is back: Even before the new MacBook, which is expected in the next few months, Apple treats us to a magnetic charging cable and an external power supply unit. Will Apple do this for new mobile computers? quite possible.
  • Touch ID for iMac: It costs extra, but at least two magic keyboards with Touch ID are now available as an option. So the security feature is finally available for desktop computers – five years after the first MacBook Pro with Touch ID.
  • airbags: Finally the major finders are also available from Apple. I thought: Oh no, another me-too product with the Apple logo. But then I saw real benefits in interacting with U1 chips on iPhones. Exact directions while searching … an amazing “game-changer”.
  • New Siri Remote: Unfortunately, Apple still doesn’t have the cheaper Apple TV on offer, but newer and faster models at least get smart remote controls. Not only does it look great, but Apple has accepted criticism and improved design in key areas. My Alexa remote control for the Fire TV Stick, on the other hand, looks pathetic.
  • iPhone 12 in Purple: In fact, the new color of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini is a completely irrelevant case. Because it was not predicted for the event at all, in the end, it was a real attraction for me – I did not expect it, but there was a smile on my face.

Hey Apple, a big plus for the presentation

This is my first impression in a nutshell. Of course, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, for example:

  • Where is the new 27 inch iMac?
  • When are the other iPads coming?
  • Why only M1 in iMac, Apple chip not too fast?

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