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When you are planning to buy the best Android or smartphone, the first thing that you definitely ponder over is the price. The features of the phone come later in the consideration list. And if the price is too high, you usually back out. Finding an appropriate phone under ten thousand rupees seems to be one of the hardest task owing to the very fact that today, mobile phones are loaded with enhanced micro components and features which do cost a fortune.

This is why today we are presenting the best five mobile phones within the price range of ten thousand rupees!


Price: 8499 INR

With a display screen of 5.45 inches, the mobile phone has a pixel resolution of 720×1440 pixels. A 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM is present in the phone which is powered with the help of the octa-core processor. A 12MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera is present in the mobile phone.


Price: 7999 INR

This Android smartphone has a display screen of 5.2 inches with an enhanced pixel resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. The PPI rating of the display screen is 424 pixels per inch of the screen. The phone has an octa-core processor with a clock operating frequency of 2.5GHz. The RAM has a memory of 3GB with a 32GB internal memory capacity. The expandable memory capacity of Lenovo K8 plus is 128 GB. A 13Mp primary and 5Mp secondary camera are present on the rear with auto-focus feature while the front camera is of 8Mp.


Price: 8990 INR

This phone sounds to be the best if you are a photogenic person, especially because it has two different cameras on the back with the resolution of 13 MP and 2 MP respectively. A front camera of 8 MP is also there which will help you in getting the perfect selfie. 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage is there which can be expanded up to 256 GB after the insertion of the SD card. The display screen is of 6.2 inches with a resolution of 720×1520 pixels. The battery is powered with a rating of 4320 mAh, enough for you to go on for one and a half day without charging.


Price: 7490 INR

This phone is the newest version of the Galaxy J3 series with a five-inch display screen. This LED display has a pixel resolution of 720×1280, thus giving you an enhanced display quality and clearer image quality. The battery has an amazing capacity of 2600 mAh and hence charging it for a single time in a day will do the work. It has a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor from Spreadtrum. The internal memory is of the capacity of 16GB while the RAM has a capacity of 2 GB. The rear camera has the resolution of 8MP while the front camera has the resolution of 5 MP. It works on Android 5.1 operating system. The usual sensors are the proximity sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, and an ambient light sensor.


Price: 8490 INR

With a 15.8 display screen, this phone is one of the best that you can have under 10000. The pixel resolution is around 720×1520 and thus, you will get a clearer picture with enhanced quality. The internal buildup has a quad-core processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz. It also has a Cortex A53. The RAM has a memory of 2GB with the ROM having an internal capacity of 16 GB. This internal memory is expandable up to 256 GB. The rear camera has a pixel resolution of 13MP. The battery has the power capacity of 3260 mAh. The phone is loaded with different sensors including gyroscope, accelerometer, light and motion sensor, and so on.

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Hyundai Ioniq 5: This is how much the special electric car costs in Germany



It was officially presented in February 2021, and the Ioniq 5 from Hyundai can now also be pre-ordered in Germany. It’s a special electric car that can charge other electric cars. The manufacturer has even thought of a solar roof – and it’s affordable.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 from 41,900 euros in Germany

When the Ioniq 5 from Hyundai was presented, the South Korean manufacturer had a few surprises in store. The e-car can be transformed into a charging station, so to speak, and thus supply other electric cars with electricity. The best equipment comes with a solar roof. According to the manufacturer, the electricity generated in this way should provide an additional range of up to 2,000 kilometers per year.

The guesswork about the possible price of the special electric car is now over. A configurator has appeared on the Hyundai website that reveals the final secrets. Accordingly, the electric car will be available in Germany for 41,900 euros. In this case, there is an electric motor with an output of 125 kW (170 hp). Consumption according to the WLTP standard is 16.3-kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. The specified range is 400 kilometers with a 58 kWh battery and rear-wheel drive.

A better-equipped variant offers a range of up to 470 kilometers. Here, according to WLTP, consumption of 17.1-kilowatt-hours per 100 km can be assumed. The datasheet states 160 kW (217 hp) of power and the battery has a capacity of 72.6-kilowatt hours. In this case, Hyundai would like to have 45,100 euros. Alternatively, the Ioniq 5 is also available with a dual-engine and 225 kW (305 hp) for 48,900 euros. The Ioniq 5 will then be delivered “in summer”.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 with “high-speed charging”

Hyundai advertises with its electric car, among other things, with a “high-speed charging”. Assuming a corresponding charging point, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes. Even five minutes of charging time should be enough to offer a range of 100 km.

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Galaxy S21 FE: Samsung disappoints with the battery



With the Galaxy S21 FE, an interesting Samsung mobile phone awaits us, with many elements of the Galaxy S21 to be found. As it turns out, there is a bit of a disappointment with the battery. Unlike its predecessor, this will not be based on the Plus version. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S21 FE should be a very decent cell phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Battery with 4,500 mAh

Little by little, more and more details about the Fan Edition of the Galaxy S21 from Samsung are coming to light. As SamMobile would like to know now, the battery of the Galaxy S21 FE will have a capacity of 4,500 mAh. In direct comparison with the predecessor, it was not enough for a stronger battery. In contrast to the Galaxy S20 FE, the Plus version of the Galaxy S21 was not based on.

Nevertheless, the Fan Edition of the Galaxy S21 is sure to find a lot of fans. According to previous reports, the phone will be equipped with an AMOLED display with a diagonal of 6.4 inches. A resolution of Full HD + can be assumed. The fingerprint sensor for identifying the user will be located in the display.

The processor is still unclear. It remains to be seen whether Samsung will opt for the Snapdragon 888 or the in-house development Exynos 2100. The internal capacity can be assumed to be 128 or 256 GB, depending on the model.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE from August 2021

The other highlights of the mobile phone include video recording with 4K resolution and protection class IP68. Even if the battery does not have the largest capacity, it can probably be charged with up to 25 watts using a cable.

While Samsung took its time with the predecessor last year until October, the Galaxy S21 FE is expected to be released in August 2021. There is still no information about the possible price. The predecessor started at 599.99 euros but is now much cheaper to get.

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iMac Pro 2021: What If Jony Ive Never Left Apple?



An era ended two years ago and Apple’s longtime product designer Jonathan “Jony” ‘s finally turned his back on the iPhone manufacturer. Malicious tongues claim: This is what you can see in Apple’s latest products. But what if he had never left Apple, what would the upcoming iMac Pro 2021 look like? The answer to that looks amazingly good.

Apple still owes us a new iMac Pro, most recently we were only presented with the brightly colored 24-inch model with the fast M1 chip. The Pro version, on the other hand, is likely to be added in the next few months. The design should not change compared to the iMac 2021.

But is the shape successful? Quite a few find the new iMac anything but appealing. There is still more, right? How would Jony Ive, Apple’s long-time product designer and close friend of Steve Jobs, who died far too early have acted, what would his iMac Pro look like today?

iMac Pro 2021: Apple’s quote from Dieter Rams and Jony Ive?

The French graphic artist Virgile Arlaud from Nice gives us a possible and, above all, really good-looking answer. His “iMac Pro M1” literally soaks up the design DNA of a Jony Ive with the virtual drawing pen. The basic shape is still based on the 2012 model. Why make something perfect worse for better or for worse? Instead, the convex basic shape remains unchanged.

On the other hand, the changes to the base are visible It is more delicate, a filigree steel frame supports the computer sculpture. Arlaud also confirmed its clear inspiration for his iMac Pro quoted deliberately at this point by ee he famous speakers LE 1 of Dieter Rams. That fits, after all, Rams are proven to be one of Jony Ive’s great role models. Apple’s products from the last 20 years would not have been possible without the work of the Wiesbaden-based company.

Look at a detail

Interesting for technicians: power is available via a detachable USB-C or Thunderbolt cable . Perhaps not as clever as the new, magnetic power connection on the existing iMac 2021, but more universal, more sustainable. Can be exchanged faster. Dieter Rams would like something like that, after all, for him, good design has to be durable and environmentally friendly.

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