India is a land of varied climatic conditions. With extremely chilly conditions up in the north, we get to experience hot and humid climate down in the south and with the hot desert in the west to largest rain receiving region in the east. But even with this varied climatic conditions of the country, one thing remains common; our requirements for hot water. Be it from bathing to boiling, hot water is a must for any India household. And the geysers are mostly the appliances that fulfil this requirement.

 Looking for a water geyser to overcome this biting cold weather conditions? You are in the right place. Below, we have listed the top geysers available in India.

1. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025; Storage: 25 Liters; Vertical Geyser; Wattage: 2000 Watts

AO Smith is the first U.S water heater company to enter the Indian market and is rated as one of the top companies for water heaters and geysers. The geyser mentioned here comes in different storage capacities; ranging from 15L to 50L.

The X-025 comes with a Blue Diamond glass-lined tank. The technology increases the life of the inner storage tank and the liner lining is stronger and more corrosion resistant. This means that the heat losses are minimum ensuring excellent durability. The outer body of the container is a metallic one. The most important part of the appliance is the heating coil. The geyser comes with a glass-coated heating element that reduces the scale formation leading to extended product life. With the capability to handle 8 bars of pressure and with the presence of a multi-function safety valve and a thermal cut off feature, X-025 is one of the safest appliances in the market.
The geyser has a BEE 5-star rating, meaning it saves power with the aid of the advance PUF technology. Hence, it is a very environment-friendly appliance.

2. AO Smith HSE-SES-15; Storage: 15L; Vertical Storage; Wattage: 2000 Watts

AO Smith understands the Indian requirements although it is a US-based company. This appliance is made according to the requirements of the Indian conditions. This geyser also features the Blue Diamond glass lined inner tank that helps in preventing corrosion and scaling. With convenience in mind, this appliance comes with a digital panel to set the temperature according to the taste of the use. The remote control unit allows the user to set a temperature that ranges from 25 to 75 degrees Celsius, ideal for bathing in Indian conditions. This geyser is best suited for the users residing in high rise buildings as it can handle pressure up to 8 bars. This geyser is best suited in places where the water is hard, as the glass coated heating element prevents scale and sediment buildup in the tank. This geyser maintains the heat for a longer period of time.  Due to the compact body, it can be accommodated in places where space is a concern.

3. Bajaj New Shakti GL; Storage: 25L; Vertical Storage; Wattage: 2000 Watts

Bajaj comes with a reputation of being the best Indian Manufacturer for Geysers and water heaters with a range of guaranteed products. Bajaj New Shakti GL comes in different storage capacities. This Make in India product comes with some features designed to tackle the hard Indian waters.

The appliance is compact however it does not compromise on the storage capacity of 25 litres. The glass-line coating makes the inner tank corrosion-free, and the plastic body makes the appliance very light and sturdy. The geyser comes with a PUF insulation which ensures the water remains hot for a considerable period of time. The geyser comes with a number of safety features like protection against dry heating, overheating and excessive pressure in the storage container. The wire cables come with fire-retardation features, meaning it is one of the safest geyser available in the market.

With a four-star rating, this appliance is sure to save you some rupees on your electricity bills.

4. Bajaj Flora; Storage: 3L; Instant Water Heater

Instant water heaters are hit amongst the Indian population because they provide hot water from the instance the geyser is switched on. Bajaj Flora is considered to be the best instant water heater available on the Indian market right now. It is the ideal heater to be connected to the shower. With exceptional performance, this geyser has an attractive design making your bathroom look neat and tidy. The heater comes with a high-quality heating element to dispense instant hot water. The thermoplastic body eliminates the fear of rusting and corrosion, making it less prone to maintenance. The indicator display alerts the user when the water has heated up and the heating has been cut-off making it safe to use. And with a pressure limit of 8 bars, this appliance is best suited for high rise building of the city as well as rural areas of India.

5. Racold Pronto Neo; Storage: 3L; Instant Water Heater.

Racold has a good reputation in the Indian market for water geysers. Racold water geysers suit the Indian conditions very well. Manufactured in India with inspiration from Italian designs Racold Pronto Neo is the geyser that will make your bathroom look neat. This 3L instant water heater is a favourite with many families because of its excellent features. This water heater can handle pressure up to 6.5 bars, thereby making it an ideal one for use in high rise buildings as well as Indian Rural areas. This water heater comes with a high-power heating element that ensures instant heating making it a desired appliance by many households. Racold Pronto Neo comes with the best quality safety features such as a thermostat and thermal cut-offs. It ensures automatic temperature control which helps in providing additional safety.

The Anti-siphon system ensures there is no backflow of water. It provides protection from dry heating. This geyser also features PUF insulations, which eliminates the dissipation of electric current. This makes it an excellent energy-saving appliance. With a 5-star BEE rating this appliance if for sure going to save you some rupees in your electricity bills.

Out of so many geysers, out there in the market, finding the one that will meet all your needs and budget most appropriately is a difficult task. So after detailed research and analysis, we have presented before you a list of the 5 best geysers in India. Hope we were able to help you make the right choice while buying a geyser.


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