Mobile phone keyboards are an integral part of the device that lets you communicate to the world. Be it using for text messaging, social networking, searching for something in the web or saving contacts, notes; 99% of the user-centric activity in mobile phones require the keyboard. Android phones already come with a user-friendly basic keyboard but with no advanced features which you will find in the keyboard apps for Android. Continue reading “5 BEST ENTERTAINING KEYBOARD APPS FOR ANDROID FOR ALL KINDS OF TYPERS!!”

GB WhatsApp new and improved features. Check out here.

GB WhatsApp is an Enhanced and customized Whatsapp mod, modified by third-party developers without the authentication or any permission from the officials. This app works the same as WhatsApp does, to communicate with your contacts but with some additional features which have been historically demanded by the users’ community.
Some of the additional features which GB Whatsapp offers are
  • Option to use two phone numbers at the same time.
  • You can send stickers from the third-party app.
  • Increased pin chat limit from 3 to 30.
  • Forward the message to anyone without a forwarding tag.
  • Locked voice recording to send long voice messages without pressing for long.
  • Auto-reply feature to send messages automatically when you are busy.
  • New emoji support can change the icon.
  • Make calls to non-contact numbers.
  • Inbuilt Message scheduler.
  • Send up to 90 photos at once instead of 10.
  • Send up to 100 documents at once instead of 30.
  • Options for hiding chats.
  • Reply privately in a group chat.
  • Option to save stories.
  • Set a group name up to 35 characters.
  • Automedia downloads for specific groups or private chats.
  • Can change fonts just for WhatsApp Several group features.
  • Airplane mode for WhatsApp disables messages when you need it.
  • You can create your own WhatsApp theme and submit it to GB WhatsApp.

And many other amazing features like this which genuine WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to do. That’s why GB WhatsApp become so popular among users so easily and quickly. GB WhatsApp is not available on Google PlayStore. You can download it from several third party websites simply. Just search GB WhatsApp on google and download GB WhatsApp Apk from any of them. You can install it just like any other Android app you install. GB WhatsApp will simply enhance your WhatsApp using experience with its astonishing features.

NOTE: We don’t recommend using GB WhatsApp because it is unofficial and may have some privacy concerns.


Instagram is the current trending app that is making the world crazy. While the majority of individuals use this application from their phone, it can be also accessed by PC. However, the general desktop version has a major pitfall. Instagram restricts too many features if it is used outside the mobile. If you access its official desktop site, all you can do is browse the posts, comment, like them and just log out. The restrictions are highly frustrating when you cannot enjoy the same facilities as the mobile app. Continue reading “INTRODUCING 3 EXCELLENT APPS FOR A FASCINATING INSTAGRAM EXPERIENCE ON DESKTOP!!”


What is IGTV?

It is the new social TV of the Instagram platform that aims in replacing the traditional TV experience for the mobile platforms. IGTV as the name says, where IG refers to Instagram and TV refers to Television. So it is basically an Instagram Television aimed for vertical platforms like mobiles and tablets. Continue reading “A DETAILED GUIDE TO INSTAGRAM’S NEW VIDEO PLATFORM- IGTV!!”


What is Gb Whatsapp?

Gb Whatsapp is a popular modified version of the famous Whatsapp app. It is created by Atnfas Hoak who is specialized in creating modified versions of apps. The application features tons of colourful themes, and customization features which the official Whatsapp does not support. Continue reading “INTRODUCING GB WHATSAPP APK 6.85- THE LATEST LAUNCHED VERSION OF 2019!!”


What is Gb Instagram?

Gb Instagram is currently trending in the market as the best-modified version of the official Instagram application. The Gb Instagram app has been developed by Atnfas Hoak. It is a third-party application and is available only for Android devices. If you observe the official Instagram app, it will never let your download its contents. Either you have to take screenshots or use third-party apps to download videos. Gb Instagram has finally eliminated this burning issue. With Gb Instagram, you can directly download Instagram stories, videos, and photos of different users and groups directly to your device. Continue reading “ALL ABOUT GB INSTAGRAM APK- THE LATEST MODIFIED VERSION OF OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM APP!!”


Google Play Store is the default app download solution for Android that supports all authentic android apps. While the majority of the renowned Android apps are free to download, there are some great apps that are a paid service in the Google Play Store. Many users back off from downloading those apps due to the subscription models. So, what if you can download these paid apps for free? Continue reading “5 BEST WAYS TO DOWNLOAD PAID APPS FOR FREE ON ANDROID!!”


With the technology taking over the market, gone are the days when people would depend only on the movie halls and television to watch their favorite shows. Now, with the help of tons of online streaming service, watching movies has become a cup of tea provided you have a good internet connection. Some of the most popular online streaming service running HD and ultra HD quality movies and TV shows are – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling TV and many more.

But, the major drawback of these services is, each of them comes with expensive subscription plan monthly which might not be affordable for many viewers. Hence to cater to the requirements of all, Android has introduced plenty of free movie apps to let you watch your desired movies and TV shows for free. The following list displays the 5 best free streaming sites & apps for Android.

Sony Crackle 

It is a US-based online streaming service and is available for Android at absolutely free of cost. The application features tons of movies and TV shows from different genre and category. You can search for the ones by entering the name of your favorite artists like Will Ferrell. George Clooney, Will Smith, Brad Pitt etc and find their super hit blockbusters to stream for free. The artist generated list features all of their renowned movies till date from the old ones to the new collections. The app also lets your stream premium TV shows for free as well as watch the Crackles original series like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The app is excellent in providing relevant recommendations and the handpicked shows by the Sony Crackle team which you can find in the Spotlight Channel section. The app has no subscription plan for any of its feature. You only need to create a free account and enjoy streaming plenty of your desired movies and TV show episodes for free.


It is a famous free online streaming platform in India having more than 350 million users. It is more like a portable TV than streaming service features various shows from 17 different languages, From Hollywood, Bollywood to regional Indian movies the app features a huge library of everything. It can be enjoyed by the users globally due to its versatile contents. Same goes for the V shows as well. Indian users can enjoy their regional, Hindi and English TV shows from different channels like Star Plus, HBO, Fox Life, Star World, Nat Geo, Star Jalsha, Star Utsav, Star Vijay, Star Suvarna, Star Sports, Star Bharat, and Asianet. Not just the movies and TV series, the application also allows users to watch live cricket match and scores, updates about cricket tournaments, IPL leagues, and many more cricket related contents as well as daily news forecast from ABP news and Asianet news. The app doesn’t even require a login, you can directly stream the contents channel wise and category wise for movies and convert your file online via FileZigZag

Tubi TV 

It is one of the largest free online streaming platform featuring millions of collections of movies TV shows from as many channels as possible so that users don’t miss out anything. You can select the movies category wise, genre-wise, and niche wise. Kids can enjoy a good collection of anime movies on this platform. The streaming quality is in full HD with new movies and TV shows being added to the list on every Friday. All of the movies and featured TV shows of this platform are IMDB top rated ones and provides users a top class online streaming experience from their smartphones. The streaming service quality is very flexible that lets you pause the shows anytime and continue from where you left out. The app lets you bookmark your favorite shows and movies and play them on smart TVs, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox and other smart devices using the application. Tubi TV serves as a pure love to the movie buffs having many award-winning movies and TV series.


This is another great movie platform for streaming free online movies and TV shows in your smartphones. The application features no login or subscription fees and lets you instantly access its contents in the movies and TV show sections. The huge entertainment library of the application features thousands of movies category wise like action, drama, Staff picks, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Old school, Mystery, Family, sci-fi and every possible movie categories each having plenty of latest releases and the classic collections. You can also browse through the set of Popcornflix Originals to pick your desired one. In the TV section also it features hot recommendations and category wise like Horror TV, Comedy TV, All TV shows, Reality TV, etc to help users stream maximum of their desired contents from different genres for ultimate entertainment. You can stream an unlimited number of contents from the featured categories and also search manually for your desired choice. As the name suggests Popcorn Flix is simply an amazing platform for the entertainment lovers at absolutely free of cost.


This online streaming service is pure love for the people who love watching classic movies and documentaries. The application features all kinds of movies from different categories but tops in their collection of classics and documentaries, be it movies or TV documentary series. It features movies from different countries like Arabic, French, Russian, Dutch and many more. The application has a collection of more than 5000 movies, TV shows, and documentaries. It also features a special category for the Award-winning movies as well as of other categories like Drama, Festival Favorites, Comedy, Arts and Culture, Cult Classics, Sports, Biography, Thrillers, Crime, Kids and Family, Documentary and many more. Similarly, for the TV shows too, the app has got plenty of categories like TV Badasses, Wildlife and Environment, Guilty Pleasures, World History, etc providing a wide range of outstanding TV shows. The application’s collections are unique and you will love streaming its contents for free of cost.

Final Words

The above-mentioned 5 online streaming apps for Android serve as an amazing free and legal online streaming platform for watching plenty of new releases and award-winning shows which many paid platforms also don’t support. So, if you are an entertainment buff, download any of these 5 free apps from the Google Play store to watch movies on your smartphones.


Spotify is among the finest music streaming application that lets users browse and listen to millions of soundtracks across the world. The application is available for all platforms like- Android, PC, IOS and MAC. With the help of this application, users can get to explore plenty of musical tracks and podcasts from different sources. The application allows users to create their customized playlist as per their list of favorite tracks and even lets them enjoy continuous music through its Radio feature.


It gives you an extensive browsing experience with plenty of browsing categories for music based on genre and sub-genre to search and find your targeted results. The application is available for the users in both free and premium versions.

While the free version is completely an online streaming platform, the premium version allows users to stream songs and podcasts both online and offline without downloading them.

Features of Spotify Application


Attractive UI

The application has a very stylish user interface featuring tons of international artist profiles with pictures in small circles. You can choose your favorite artist and stream their collection of songs back to back without interruption. There is a manual search bar located at the top of the homepage which lets you search your desired tracks by album name, song name or artist name.

Apart from these, there are plenty of dedicated categories’ to browse from like ‘New Releases’, ‘Charts’, ‘Hip-Hop’, ‘Indie’, ‘Pop’ etc for better exposure to the application’s vast music library. It also provides relevant Daily and Weekly recommendations based on your searches.

Spotify Radio

The application provides an excellent opportunity to the visitors to create a customized radio out of their playlist, favorite artist album or currently streamed songs. Users just have to click on the Radio button from their currently streamed track or playlist and then the application will create a queue of music tracks based on the users streamed and searched numbers. This eliminates the effort of creating a playlist by the user and provides them with the best kind of recommendations. Users are allowed to personalize the radio station to match their exact requirements and play it station wise just like FM radio.

Customized Playlist

The application facilitates the users to create their own playlist as per their favorite tracks, edit them, shuffle them, and save them to create their own music library. Users can create Daily mixes out of their most played songs, albums of their desired artist, with the valuable suggestions and even view the lyrics of their favorite songs along with the stories behind their creation.

Watch Podcasts and videos

The application is not just a music streaming platform but also lets users watch plenty of podcasts online along with videos, web series and documentaries. Users having a premium subscription can even download them to save it in their device.

How to download Spotify

All android users can download Spotify direct from the Google Play Store and all iPhone users can get it directly from the App Store.

PC and MAC users can directly download Spotify from their respective platforms from the official site www.spotify.com.


Spotify application is undoubtedly the best music streaming platform due to its adaptability for all platforms and tons of user-friendly features. It is highly recommended for all music lovers.



A mobile screen recorder can be called an automatic video maker of our actions in smartphones without using an external device to record it. The actions can be anything like recording gameplay, Google Play store promo videos, videos related to applications and software handling or any kind of creative content.

image source- techhblogcorner

It is highly beneficial for the YouTubers who regularly post informative contents related to different applications, website, game downloading, various kinds of installation procedures and all kinds of technicalities in mobile software to let the world know about them in details.

There are plenty of apps available for Android and iPhone users to do their screen recording. All they have to do is install them, follow the recording procedures and upload in their Youtube channels. They can also do editing and add background music to make the video content look appealing and interesting.

Though there are plenty of choices to choose from, the following 3 are the best three screen recording applications to be used for mobile devices.


1. AZ Screen Recorder

It is the most user-friendly screen recording app for android with no watermark and has millions of users across the world. The application a simple start and stop operating feature to do the screen recording and you can even pause and resume the video in the middle as required. The video is recorded just like a professional video recorder in full HD quality and features a floating bar at the top from where you can track which part of the screen is getting recorded.

This application is very much beneficial to record technical videos like how to use an application’s different features, easy and complicated installation procedures with a touch-enabled feature for the easy understanding of viewers across the world. You can set the video resolutions, timers, screen orientation, and save it in your desired location.

You can also go for Live video recording, mark or symbolize something with colors, capture your face in the video with overlay front camera, and make the best use of the magic button to keep the viewers’ focussed only on your video. The application is a must download for all professional Youtubers.


2. DU Recorder

This is another flexible screen recording app for Android with loads of attractive features and direct operating procedures without rooting. With this application you can record anything on your Android device starting from informative contents to private entertainment videos like Skye recording, video chat recording in any platform, drawing on the video screen, record GIFs, enable click operations while recording and lots of other interesting stuff.

image source- youtube

You can even record live videos and share it with friends and family in social media platforms. The application even records the shows hosted on live applications like Periscope and Bigo Live. Apart from the recording, it also has a lot of video of editing features like trimming, adding subtitles, background music, video speed editing and many more. The application is not just a professional screen recorder but also a source of entertainment.


3. Techsmith Capture

This one is an excellent screen recorder for iPhone users. It is available for free in App store in all IOS devices having software version IOS 11 or above. The device needs users to create an ID first and then go to the Settings, visit the Control center, Choose to customize controls and click on the Screen recording plus sigh to include it in the list.

image source – techsmith

Now the users need to long press the recording button and select Techsmith capture to start recording anything on their IOS device. They can also use microphone audio in their recording and share it to Camtasia or Snagit for a high end finishing touch. The application is a great choice for Youtubers using IOS devices.



So, if you are looking for easy and free screen recorders for smartphones and iPhone, these 3 make the best choice for professional video screen recording and also for fun.