Amazon Launch A New program in India ‘Amazon Flex Program

Amazon is widely known to explore new possibilities to provide convenience to its consumers. Now, Amazon has come up with a new brilliant idea where you have a chance to earn money up to Rs. 140 per hour. Amazon has launched its new Flex program in India after the delay of four years to serve customers better. Continue reading “Amazon Launch A New program in India ‘Amazon Flex Program”


Facebook has finally confirmed today on 18th June 2019 about its much-anticipated launch of cryptocurrency ‘Libra’ in the year of 2020. The New Year will see the first mainstream cryptocurrency by Facebook that is backed by a group of assets. The head of the Libra project is David Marcus, who is also the vice president of Facebook Messenger. Continue reading “FACEBOOK CONFIRMS TO LAUNCH ITS NEW CRYPTOCURRENCY ‘LIBRA’ IN 2020”


Reliance Jio has recently launched its news app known as ‘JioNews’. The application has been launched on Thursday on 11th April 2019. The application is a unification of three different Jio news platforms- JioXpressNews, JioMags and Jio Newspaper. Users using these platforms will now be directed to the all in one solution- Jio News app Continue reading “RELIANCE JIO NEWS APP- THE ULTIMATE CHOICE FOR THE INDIAN NEWS READERS”


Apple has recently featured its latest creation- ‘Apple Card’ at the company’s live presentation in Cupertino, California.  The card has been created in association with MasterCard and Goldman Sachs and will be integrated inside the Apple Pay service. It is going to launch in the US during the summer season. Continue reading “APPLE STEPS INTO THE CREDIT CARD WORLD WITH ITS NEWLY FEATURED APPLE CARD!!”


Apple has recently made the announcement about the launch of its much anticipated original video subscription service known as Apple TV+. The announcement was recently made by Tim Cook at the brand’s presentation at Cupertino in California. The service has some of the brilliant minds of Hollywood behind its storytelling like Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Octavia Spenser and many other famous personalities who have actively participated in the announcement of this new service by Apple and also spoke about their respective roles in the new platform.

All about Apple TV+

The new streaming service of Apple TV+ has already created a lot of hype due to the contribution of shows from so many Hollywood biggies. It is going to be the high-end storytelling platform featuring original shows from the famous directors, creators, actors along with news platform, TV shows and a wide collection of movies from old classics to the current trends from different genres.

Apple will be spending around $2 billion for the streaming of its original content along with the famous streaming service of Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many others. However, users are going to miss the Netflix service on Apple TV+.

Benefits of Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is going to bring a world-class streaming experience to the users due to the following benefits.

  1. a) Complete Ad-free Interface
  2. b) Can be downloaded as well as streamed online
  3. c) Exclusive Apple Original Shows
  4. d) Availability in 100+ countries
  5. e) Easily synchronizable in all Apple devices like iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, Mac, and even Smart TVs.
  6. f) Features old cable traditional subscription pack as well as Ala carte subscription for each channel.
  7. g) Excellent recommendation service from more than 150 streaming apps.

Famous Shows Coming to Apple TV+

Apple during its live streaming presentation in Cupertino unwrapped some of the famous shows that viewers are going to enjoy in Apple TV+. They are-

a) Amazing Stories

This will be a newly formed series influenced by the original one horror, fantasy and sci-fiction series created by Steven Spielberg in 1980. This time also Spielberg will be producing this new series along with Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Edward Burns along with Amblin TV and Universal TV support behind the massive project.

b) Are You Sleeping

The series will be based in Kathleen barber’s novel starring Octavia Spenser in the lead role and will be having 10 episodes. Other casting support will be Lizzy Caplan, Aaron Paul, Ron Cephas Jones, Michael beach and many more famous Hollywood stars.

c) Bastards

This will be an interesting series of 8 episodes starring Richard Gere along with Howard Gardon and Warren Leight. The story revolves around two best friends falling in love with the same girl who gets killed in an accident and following the incident how both of their lives turn upside down.

d) Calls

This will be the first own international series by Apple that will convey the story in 10 episodes based on 911 call recordings having minimum visuals.

e) Central Park

This will be the first animated series of Apple by Loren Bouchard and will be airing 26 episodes with two seasons. The story will be revolving around how the caretaker’s family saves the Central Park area along with the whole world.

f) Damien Chazelle’s Untitled Drama

The story of this series is not yet uncovered but each if its episodes will be directed and written by Damien Chazelle who directed the famous La La Land along with Jordan Horowitz and Fred Berger who will be the executive producers.

Apart from these iconic shows, other interesting originals will be ‘Defending Jacob’, ‘Dickinson’, ‘Home’, Hilde Lysiak Untitled Drama’, ‘For All Mankind’, ‘Foundation’, and ‘Little America’.

Final Words

Apple TV+ is a hub of unique features and is expected to be roaring in thousands of home due to its exclusive collections of original shows and endless movies as well as TV channels. It seems to be replacing the old school cable connections in the near future.



Google has recently announced that this year in 2019, it is going to launch the cloud-based game streaming service called Stadia. Google has not yet given any confirmation about Stadia’s date of release but, most probably the launch date is speculated to be in the second half of 2019. The launching of this cloud-based gaming platform is going to change the game of the entire video game industry which has been there for decades.

What is Stadia streaming service?

From so many years individuals have faced the issue in buying expensive game consoles, spending too much time on the hardware setup and download. But very soon Stadia is going to eliminate such issues by letting users play directly on the internet.

Stadia streaming service will allow all users to enjoy console games without any expensive gaming console, heavy GPU or complicated downloading process by just connecting to wifi. The users only need to have Chrome browser and internet connections to select their desired console game and play it instantly in all platforms like Laptops, Smartphones, Pcs. Smart TVs and tablets. The service is pretty much like Netflix and also will be having special Youtube features.

The big announcement of Stadia-gaming-platform was made by Sunder Pichai recently at the Annual Development Gaming Conference in San Francisco.

The cloud-based streaming service is expected to have gaming tricks that will easily allow users to switch devices and also share the current state of the game with users across the world.

Working Principle of Stadia

The cloud-based gaming platform- Stadia, is going to be an easy online gaming experience with a few sets of requirements met by the user.


  • Strong and fast internet connection
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • The desktop version of Chrome browser


  • At, first users need to select the game they want to play either from the Stadia website or even from any game link in Youtube.
  • Before Google lets you play the game, it is going to analyze your Internet connection and latency to give you high-end gaming experience. Here Google will not be connecting to your device to stream the game; rather it will be connecting to your Wifi used in the device.
  • As per Google’s cloud connection specifications, the streaming rate should be minimum 15Mbps, latency rate should be below 40ms and data loss should not be more than 5%. If the above sets of requirements are met, you will be immediately directed to the online playing interface instantly.

All inputs given by the gamers will be processed by Google’s server displaying the instant action. For the PC and laptop users, Keyboard and mouse are fine for the inputs; while mobile and tablet users need to go for controllers.

The hardware Specifications of Stadia Streaming Service

As per the recent details covered, the hardware of this device will be utilizing custom X86 Intel CPU of 2.7 GHz and a high-end GPU in association with AMD but, the detailed specification has not been declared yet. The RAM capacity will be mostly 16GB with up to 484 GB/s transfer while the graphics silicon chip will be having an output power of 10.7 teraflops along with 56 compute units and HBM2 memory already outrunning PS4 Pro and Xbox One X who have an output power of 4.7 teraflops and 6 teraflops respectively.


In the initial level as announced by Google, Stadia will be having 4K resolution@60 fps with high-end surrounding sound and HDR while gradually Google’s plan is to make the performance level as 8k @120ps in the near future.

Stadia’s Collaboration with Youtube

Youtube is already a major video streaming platform used by users to view different video contents. If gaming video contents views are to calculated approximately 50 billion hours have been spent on Youtube by users across the world for gaming. Hence Google will be joining Stadia with Youtube which will allow users to capture and share the game contents straight to Youtube from the gaming platform. This will be possible with the Crowd Play feature of Stadia that will not only allow other users to view the game content of the creator but also play a hand on with them instantly.


Every great invention faces fierce competition. Same goes for Google’s Stadia. After it gets launched in the market, it is expected to have tough competition with Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service which streams Xbox games to mobiles devices, consoles, and Pcs and is also a recently launched product.

Another biggest competitor will be Amazon which is also in the same route for creating a cloud-based gaming service.

Other competitors are expected to be Nvidia, Sony already having online game streaming service and also Valve which is developing its Steam Link into a cloud-based game service.

So basically Google’s Stadia is going to face a tough competition with all of these brands in the near future.

Final Words

As per the recent details shared by Google about Stadia, it is going to be the coolest gaming experience ever eliminating the year’s long consoles. Also, its association with the Youtube world is going to revolutionize the gaming entertainment in upcoming years.  


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Samsung Galaxy A series new mobile series of Samsung in 2019

The mobile giant company Samsung has finally announced it’s A series in India in 2019. With the launch of it’ s three premium A series handsets that is A10, A30, and A 50 respectively. With the Galaxy A 50 the flagship model in this series launched by Samsung in 2019. Based on the focus of providing the excellent experience to all the Samsung customers, thus the company has come up with the amazing range of premium handsets with a high-quality display, a highly focussed and good quality camera, and excellent performance.

Main attractions

Amazing Price Range  – The Samsung company has launched budget phones in this Galaxy A series. The Samsung Galaxy A 10 is only for 8490 rupees whereas Samsung Galaxy A 50 is for around 19,990 rupees.

High-class display – HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity U shaped display present in Galaxy A 50 and Galaxy A 30.

Storage – The Galaxy A series comes with variant Ram and storage so as to never let your new phone hang much. Samsung Galaxy A 10 has 2GB RAM and 32GB storage whereas The Samsung Galaxy A 50 has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage.

Talking in depth about the Samsung Galaxy A series, A 50 is presently the well-equipped handset that has added all new features which were much desired in the upcoming handsets launched by the mobile giant Samsung.

Sensor technology 

With all the latest advancements such as fingerprint sensor, or a triple camera set up, this phone is sure to fulfill every expectation of its user. The glossy plastic body with an all new and trendy style is seen in the new Samsung A series model. However, the face unlocks feature cones with the front camera and it doesn’t come with the IR sensor. This A series Samsung phone also has one in-depth sensor added to it. So all the selfie lovers out there, nice portrait clicks can be done using it


When it comes to the price range then the mobile giant Samsung has taken full care to provide a quality product at the most affordable price to its customers. The Samsung company has launched budget phones in this Galaxy A series. The Samsung Galaxy A 10 is only for 8490 rupees whereas Samsung Galaxy A 50 is for around 19,990 rupees.64 GB storage A 50 model goes up to  22,990 rupees.


It has a new color scheme of prism color which present the Samsung phones in all new avatar.

Turbo Charging

The new Samsung Galaxy phones come with the fast charging technology for providing that ease to its customers of easy breezy charging. A 30 and A 50 comes with the 15W type – C fast chargers and a 4000mAh battery.


Talking about the software of this phone, then it comes with Android 9 pie one user interface which was earlier just the copyright or rather flagship of just Samsung S series. This one user interface has a dark phase which is in-built in this mobile phone 

Availability in India 

The Galaxy A series will be shortly available online and offline on all the major e-commerce platforms from 2 March.

So, the wait is finally over. Have a look at all the specifications of all the Samsung a series models and decide well which one should you choose. Look for your much-desired models and add them to your carts so that you can order them early before letting them go out of stock. You are sure to nowhere get such amazing features in any handset at such an affordable price.



Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the latest high-end model of the Samsung Galaxy series that has been launched recently in February 2019. It is the continued version of Samsung S10 series that started from S10e, S10 and the recently launched S10+. The device features an ultra stylish laser cutting structure having 6.40 inches full HD touch screen display with no notch unlike the recent Smartphone models.

image source- Tom’s Guide

The dynamic AMOLED screen having an Infinity O display resolution provides users an unparallel viewing experience and that is what makes the device stand out among the rest. It features three rear smart cameras of 12, 16 and 12 megapixels for stunning photoshoots accompanied by auto-optimization of the camera as per the scenic view on the lens. In the front end, the device features two selfie cameras of 10 megapixel and 8 megapixels.

It features an advanced 2.0 fast wireless charging and a Wireless Powershare mode that easily charges up another device from its own charge.  It runs on latest Android 9.0 and serves as the perfect next generation device. The device is available in too many attractive shades like Ceramic Black, Ceramic White, Prism Blue, Prism Green, Prism Black, and Prism White. It is currently available at a whopping price of Rs.71,000.

Device Features


The display screen is a 6.40-inch full touch screen display having an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in the front which normally Samsung has in the back. It has an Infinity O AMOLED laser cut display screen with no viewing interruptions like a notch or separate allocation for selfie camera.

The camera is strategically adjusted within the display screen in a unique way and hence users are able to get a complete high-quality viewing experience. The resolution of the display by default is Full HD+ but can be changed to Quad HD+ for enhanced clarity for the settings.

Specifications Display
Screen Size 6.40 inches
Touchscreen Yes(Full touch)
Aspect Ratio 19:9
Sensor Face Unlock, Fingerprint, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, Barometer
Colour Ceramic Black, Ceramic White, Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism Green, Prism White
Dimensions 157.60×74.10×7.80


The devices feature three powerful rear cameras, one of 16 megapixels, two of 12 megapixels each and two selfie cameras of 10 and 8 megapixels each for professional photoshoots. The front camera is of 10 and 8 megapixels. The device has a complete set of 5 camera lenses that include Telephoto Camera for outstanding zooming experience, Wide angle camera for capturing precious moments, and Ultra Wide camera for panoramic photoshoots.

The dual aperture and multi-frame composition help in capturing brilliant shots irrespective of the lighting conditions. While its f2.4 aperture mode helps in capturing bright photos in daylight the f1.5 aperture is perfect for the night shoots bringing more light in the frame.

Specifications Camera
Rear Camera 12 mp(f/1.5)+ 12mp(f/2.4)+ 16mp(f/2.2)
Front Camera 10 mp(f/1.9)+8 mp(f/2.2)
Front autofocus Yes
Rear autofocus Phase detection autofocus

Hardware & Software  

The device runs on the 1.9GHz Octa-core processor and consists of 8GB RAM. It has a battery capacity of 4100 mAh with 24hours solid one day wired charging. It also has fast wireless charging 2.0 capacity and a Wireless power-sharing mode to let share the charge with other devices.

The internal storage space of the device is 128GB and an additional storage space of 512GB. It consists of the latest Android 9.0 software and weighs around 175g. It has 29% faster CPU and 37% faster GPU than any other smartphones providing ultra smooth performance.

Specifications Hardware
Processor 1.9 GHz octa-core
Internal Storage 128GB
External Storage 512GB
Expandable Storage Micro SD
Software Android 9.0
Skin One UI
Battery 4100 mAh
Fast Charging Proprietary


The device features two dual Nano SIM slots and supports 3G and 4G connectivity. Other means of connectivity options include Wifi Support, Mobile Hotspot, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, and USB Type C.

Specifications Connectivity
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Bluetooth v 5.00, A2DP, LE, aptX
USB Type C
Headphones 3.5 mm
SIM Nano Sim Dual
Connectivity 3G, 4G, LTE
Radio FM Radio
Loudspeaker Stereo speakers

Supported Accessories

The device supports different kinds of advanced mobile accessories like LED Case, Protective Case, Leather Case, wireless charge Duo and Wireless Battery Pack with a capacity of 10,000 mAh.


The device is one of the unique latest creations in the Smartphone industry with tons of never seen features before, thereby making it highly recommendable for working professionals.


Everything About Samsung Galaxy M Series

The Samsung is a South Korea-based combination organization that incorporates various backups. It’s one of the biggest organizations in Korea, delivering about one-fifth of the nation’s all-out fares with an essential concentration in the gadgets, heavy industry, development, and defense businesses. Other significant auxiliaries of Samsung incorporate entertainment industry businesses, insurance and advertising.

Samsung has been honing its focus on India, home to in excess of a billion wireless users and where approximately 350 million people still use keypad phones because they don’t know how to use a smartphone

South Korea based Samsung company is ready to launch their new smartphone series, series of Galaxy M in the market.

Struggle Of Samsung

Lee Byung-Chul started Samsung on March 1 in 1938, as a trading company based in Taegu, Korea. The Samsung company startup with only 40 employees as a grocery store, trading and exporting goods produced in and around the city, like dried fish and vegetables, as well as its own noodles. The Samsung developed and before long extended to Seoul in 1947 and then

Samsung development, which quickly ventured into the insurance, advertising, and retail business.

In the 1960’s, Samsung entered the gadgets business with the development of a few hardware centered divisions. The underlying hardware divisions included Samsung Electronics Gadgets, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Corning, and Samsung Semiconductor and Telecommunications. In 1970, Samsung assembled their underlying offices in Suwon, South Korea, where they began delivering high contrast TVs.

Nowadays Samsung comes after Xiaomi in India for selling smartphones. A year ago it opened what it said was the world’s greatest phone manufacturing plant on the edges of the Indian capital New Delhi just as its greatest mobile store universally in Bengaluru.

Details Of Launching Date, Features Of Samsung Galaxy M Series

Samsung series of Galaxy M has been confirmed to dispatch on January 28, and sale of this pretty smartphones from February 5. The organization in a press tell details on Monday affirmed the dispatch date, including that the Samsung Galaxy M series phones will be focused at ‘youth’. The M series is reputed to incorporate three smartphones – Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20, and Galaxy M30 whenever comes, it comes with various price value to target everyone. Features of these amazing mobiles are great cameras quality, long-life batteries, good display and powerful processors. The organization additionally affirmed the M-series mobiles will be accessible both by means of Samsung Online Shop and Amazon.

In a  Reuters interview throughout the end of the week, Samsung said it intends to dispatch the spending Galaxy M series of M10, M20 and M30 mobiles in India in front of a worldwide release, expecting to recapture ground surrendered to Chinese opponents, for example, Xiaomi is the most selling smartphones company on India. The Samsung organization’s Indian piece of the overall industry by shipments has slacked Xiaomi’s in two of the three 2018 quarters for which information is accessible.

Samsung Galaxy M-Series on Amazon
The three new M-series smartphones (Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30), which Samsung decided to sell these phones from their site and Amazon. This plan helps at the double rate to the Samsung to increase their online sales, the leader of Samsung’s Indian phone business told Reuters.

The Galaxy M-series has been worked around and incepted around Indian millennial buyers, Asim Warsi stated, including that the mobiles will be taken off comprehensively after the Indian dispatch at the end of January month.

He declined to give points of interest however said that online deals represent a twofold digit percentage of the organization’s general smartphone income. Samsung’s cell phone deals in India contacted Rs. 373.5 billion in a year to the end of March of 2018, as per administrative filings sourced by, a business intelligence stage.

Warsi said, the India-made smartphones, valued from not as much as Rs. 10,000 up to Rs. 20,000, will convey excellent batteries and features, for example, quick charging support.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Features, Specification, Price and Launching Date

You all know very well Xiaomi is the best selling smartphones company in India. Xiaomi beats Samsung. Before Xiaomi, Samsung is at the top. Xiaomi is popular with “ Apple of China” name and it is trusted brand which provides value for money smartphones.

If you want to know about Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 features, specification, price, and its launching date then you are the right place. I will share all this information about Redmi Note 7 in this article. Nowadays Redmi Note 7 of Xiaomi is the most famous topic due to its launching date, Price and specifications. Everyone talking about this smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Redmi all phones manufactured by Xiaomi and Redmi Note 7 is smartphone type which is a touchscreen that supports games, media player, videos, calculator, Facebook, Instagram, and many more applications.

Launching Date and Price:

Xiaomi is ready to launch this new smartphone in the market. Rumored of launching Redmi Note 7 by Xiaomi in July 2019 at the cost of Rs 29,300 approximately of the 6GB of RAM variant.

Now come to Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Features and Specification.

Features and Specification:

Redmi Note 7 expected to come with dual 16-megapixel + 16-megapixel rear camera with an f1.7 of the aperture and 8-megapixel of front camera for a selfie. Both cameras come with LED flashlight and auto focus. Face Detection will support by Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and HDR images as well. It is powered by a processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC and Adreno 540 GPU which help to run this phone applications smoothly without any lag. Xiaomi provides two variants of Redmi Note 7 which are 6GB of RAM with 32GB internal storage capacity and the other one is 8GB RAM with 64GB internal storage. In both variants, we can increase its storage via MicroSD card up to 128GB.

It is rumoured that Xiaomi provides more than three colours in this smartphone Redmi Note 7 like Black, White, Ceramic Black and Gold. This smartphone display is made by Samsung which is expected to have a 6-inch bezel-less display with 18:9 aspect ratio and runs on the operating system of Android 8. Screen resolution of this smartphone expected is 1080 x 2160 pixels and pixel density is 427 ppi. Redmi Note 5 battery capacity have 4480 mAh which is non-removable and weight of this amazing phone is only 148 grams. Redmi Note 7 will have a face unlock feature and fingerprint sensor for security purpose and easy to unlock the phone.

This phone includes Connectivity options are 3.5mm Headphone port, Bluetooth, GPS, USB Type-C, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot and Dual SIM which accepts nano size SIM. Whenever this phone comes with these sensors like Proximity sensor, Gravity sensor, Compass, Light sensor, Fingerprint sensor, Orientation sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Dustproof and water resistant. It is expected that it may be support wireless charging. Xiaomi brand joined the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) recently which help to this smartphone support Qi standard wireless charging.