Apple has recently featured its latest creation- ‘Apple Card’ at the company’s live presentation in Cupertino, California.  The card has been created in association with MasterCard and Goldman Sachs and will be integrated inside the Apple Pay service. It is going to launch in the US during the summer season. Continue reading “APPLE STEPS INTO THE CREDIT CARD WORLD WITH ITS NEWLY FEATURED APPLE CARD!!”


Apple has recently made the announcement about the launch of its much anticipated original video subscription service known as Apple TV+. The announcement was recently made by Tim Cook at the brand’s presentation at Cupertino in California. The service has some of the brilliant minds of Hollywood behind its storytelling like Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Octavia Spenser and many other famous personalities who have actively participated in the announcement of this new service by Apple and also spoke about their respective roles in the new platform.

All about Apple TV+

The new streaming service of Apple TV+ has already created a lot of hype due to the contribution of shows from so many Hollywood biggies. It is going to be the high-end storytelling platform featuring original shows from the famous directors, creators, actors along with news platform, TV shows and a wide collection of movies from old classics to the current trends from different genres.

Apple will be spending around $2 billion for the streaming of its original content along with the famous streaming service of Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many others. However, users are going to miss the Netflix service on Apple TV+.

Benefits of Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is going to bring a world-class streaming experience to the users due to the following benefits.

  1. a) Complete Ad-free Interface
  2. b) Can be downloaded as well as streamed online
  3. c) Exclusive Apple Original Shows
  4. d) Availability in 100+ countries
  5. e) Easily synchronizable in all Apple devices like iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, Mac, and even Smart TVs.
  6. f) Features old cable traditional subscription pack as well as Ala carte subscription for each channel.
  7. g) Excellent recommendation service from more than 150 streaming apps.

Famous Shows Coming to Apple TV+

Apple during its live streaming presentation in Cupertino unwrapped some of the famous shows that viewers are going to enjoy in Apple TV+. They are-

a) Amazing Stories

This will be a newly formed series influenced by the original one horror, fantasy and sci-fiction series created by Steven Spielberg in 1980. This time also Spielberg will be producing this new series along with Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Edward Burns along with Amblin TV and Universal TV support behind the massive project.

b) Are You Sleeping

The series will be based in Kathleen barber’s novel starring Octavia Spenser in the lead role and will be having 10 episodes. Other casting support will be Lizzy Caplan, Aaron Paul, Ron Cephas Jones, Michael beach and many more famous Hollywood stars.

c) Bastards

This will be an interesting series of 8 episodes starring Richard Gere along with Howard Gardon and Warren Leight. The story revolves around two best friends falling in love with the same girl who gets killed in an accident and following the incident how both of their lives turn upside down.

d) Calls

This will be the first own international series by Apple that will convey the story in 10 episodes based on 911 call recordings having minimum visuals.

e) Central Park

This will be the first animated series of Apple by Loren Bouchard and will be airing 26 episodes with two seasons. The story will be revolving around how the caretaker’s family saves the Central Park area along with the whole world.

f) Damien Chazelle’s Untitled Drama

The story of this series is not yet uncovered but each if its episodes will be directed and written by Damien Chazelle who directed the famous La La Land along with Jordan Horowitz and Fred Berger who will be the executive producers.

Apart from these iconic shows, other interesting originals will be ‘Defending Jacob’, ‘Dickinson’, ‘Home’, Hilde Lysiak Untitled Drama’, ‘For All Mankind’, ‘Foundation’, and ‘Little America’.

Final Words

Apple TV+ is a hub of unique features and is expected to be roaring in thousands of home due to its exclusive collections of original shows and endless movies as well as TV channels. It seems to be replacing the old school cable connections in the near future.



Google has recently announced that this year in 2019, it is going to launch the cloud-based game streaming service called Stadia. Google has not yet given any confirmation about Stadia’s date of release but, most probably the launch date is speculated to be in the second half of 2019. The launching of this cloud-based gaming platform is going to change the game of the entire video game industry which has been there for decades.

What is Stadia streaming service?

From so many years individuals have faced the issue in buying expensive game consoles, spending too much time on the hardware setup and download. But very soon Stadia is going to eliminate such issues by letting users play directly on the internet.

Stadia streaming service will allow all users to enjoy console games without any expensive gaming console, heavy GPU or complicated downloading process by just connecting to wifi. The users only need to have Chrome browser and internet connections to select their desired console game and play it instantly in all platforms like Laptops, Smartphones, Pcs. Smart TVs and tablets. The service is pretty much like Netflix and also will be having special Youtube features.

The big announcement of Stadia-gaming-platform was made by Sunder Pichai recently at the Annual Development Gaming Conference in San Francisco.

The cloud-based streaming service is expected to have gaming tricks that will easily allow users to switch devices and also share the current state of the game with users across the world.

Working Principle of Stadia

The cloud-based gaming platform- Stadia, is going to be an easy online gaming experience with a few sets of requirements met by the user.


  • Strong and fast internet connection
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • The desktop version of Chrome browser


  • At, first users need to select the game they want to play either from the Stadia website or even from any game link in Youtube.
  • Before Google lets you play the game, it is going to analyze your Internet connection and latency to give you high-end gaming experience. Here Google will not be connecting to your device to stream the game; rather it will be connecting to your Wifi used in the device.
  • As per Google’s cloud connection specifications, the streaming rate should be minimum 15Mbps, latency rate should be below 40ms and data loss should not be more than 5%. If the above sets of requirements are met, you will be immediately directed to the online playing interface instantly.

All inputs given by the gamers will be processed by Google’s server displaying the instant action. For the PC and laptop users, Keyboard and mouse are fine for the inputs; while mobile and tablet users need to go for controllers.

The hardware Specifications of Stadia Streaming Service

As per the recent details covered, the hardware of this device will be utilizing custom X86 Intel CPU of 2.7 GHz and a high-end GPU in association with AMD but, the detailed specification has not been declared yet. The RAM capacity will be mostly 16GB with up to 484 GB/s transfer while the graphics silicon chip will be having an output power of 10.7 teraflops along with 56 compute units and HBM2 memory already outrunning PS4 Pro and Xbox One X who have an output power of 4.7 teraflops and 6 teraflops respectively.


In the initial level as announced by Google, Stadia will be having 4K resolution@60 fps with high-end surrounding sound and HDR while gradually Google’s plan is to make the performance level as 8k @120ps in the near future.

Stadia’s Collaboration with Youtube

Youtube is already a major video streaming platform used by users to view different video contents. If gaming video contents views are to calculated approximately 50 billion hours have been spent on Youtube by users across the world for gaming. Hence Google will be joining Stadia with Youtube which will allow users to capture and share the game contents straight to Youtube from the gaming platform. This will be possible with the Crowd Play feature of Stadia that will not only allow other users to view the game content of the creator but also play a hand on with them instantly.


Every great invention faces fierce competition. Same goes for Google’s Stadia. After it gets launched in the market, it is expected to have tough competition with Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service which streams Xbox games to mobiles devices, consoles, and Pcs and is also a recently launched product.

Another biggest competitor will be Amazon which is also in the same route for creating a cloud-based gaming service.

Other competitors are expected to be Nvidia, Sony already having online game streaming service and also Valve which is developing its Steam Link into a cloud-based game service.

So basically Google’s Stadia is going to face a tough competition with all of these brands in the near future.

Final Words

As per the recent details shared by Google about Stadia, it is going to be the coolest gaming experience ever eliminating the year’s long consoles. Also, its association with the Youtube world is going to revolutionize the gaming entertainment in upcoming years.  


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WhatsApp spy app to monitor Messages, calls & Multimedia

Social messaging apps these days are one of the best activities on cell phones and gadgets. Today people use it for sending and receiving text messages, conversations, audio and video calls, sharing multimedia and last but not the least WhatsApp Voice messages. All these activities on the social media app WhatsApp seem interesting and fascinating, but at the same time, it has got vulnerabilities. WhatsApp vulnerabilities, especially for teens, are very dangerous. Young kids and teens perform multiple activities on their cellphone’s installed social networking app WhatsApp. Therefore, teens and tweens are more likely to get trapped online.

Stalkers, bullies, sexual predators and others alike have been migrated to the web and they are targeting young kids and teens no time ever before. Therefore, parents, these days are looking forward to monitoring teens WhatsApp activities because they become curious when teens are spending all day long on social media platforms. So, they can do it if they are able to get their hands on the best WhatsApp spy app.


WhatsApp spy

How to get WhatsApp Monitoring app?

Though spy software to monitor social media apps are floating on the web, but it is quite hard to choose the best of the best among all. Therefore, you need to choose the monitoring app for WhatsApp that is full of features that empowers you to track each and every single activity teens have performed on the instant messaging app.

Therefore, in my opinion you need to visit the official website of the mobile phone monitoring app. Because social media app is being used on the cellphone and you need to initially spy on the cell phone territory and then you need to view the activities happen on the messenger. So, all you need to do is to install cell phone monitoring app on your target cell phone. Let’s get to know how to get it and how to install it on your target smartphone running with android or IOS operating system.

Install cell phone spy app to monitor WhatsApp

First and foremost you need to visit the web and then you need to visit the cell phone spy app official website. Once you have visited it then subscribe for the cell phone surveillance software. Then you will receive credentials via emails such as passcode and ID. Now you need to get physical access on the target device and then you need to get started with the installation process and once you have ended up with activate the spy app for the cell phone on the target device.

Moreover, you will see a pop –up on the screen that will assist you to track WhatsApp activities secretly. Because it will make you hide the icon of the WhatsApp tracking app. After that, you can activate the mobile phone tracking software on your target device. You can use the credentials that you have got at the time of subscription and get access to the online control panel. Moreover, you can get access to the tools that can help you out to spy on WhatsApp social media app activities performed by teens on their cell phones. Let’s get to know about the features of the phone spy app that can track WhatsApp activities of your teens 24/7.

Live screen recording of WhatsApp

The end user can use live screen recording tool of the mobile phone surveillance app. It will empower the user to make back to back short videos of the screen when teens are using WhatsApp on their cell phone connected to the cyberspace. Moreover, you can get access to the web portal of the WhatsApp surveillance app and get access to the recorded videos.

Screenshot tool to monitor WhatsApp activities of teen

You can remotely capture screenshots of the WhatsApp activities remotely. You can send multiple screenshot commands on the target device screen in a sequence and get multiple screenshots with a complete time stamp. You can view the captured screenshots and you can get to know what teens have done on the social messaging app.

IM’s social media to spy on WhatsApp instant messaging app

Phone spy software empowers you to get the logs of all the activities to target user has performed on the web in terms of text messages, text conversations, shared photos, videos, audio, and video conversation logs and Voice messages as well.


WhatsApp spy software is an ultimate and reliable tool that allows parents to track each and every single activity happens on the target device installed social media app.

Author Bio:

Stella Logan is senior content writer at Tech-Bug. Now days she is covering latest gadgets & application reviews, beginners guide to search engine optimization, web designing and graphics designing also provide latest information on virtual reality.


3 Things Found in Best Solutions for Identity theft protection

Identity theft protection is the need of digital businesses regardless of their geographical location, specific industry, and customer base. Any business having a presence in the online as well as the physical world is always in the need of a strong identity theft protection solution. KYC verification and online identity authentication services are considered the best remedy against identity theft, digital scams, and online frauds. Although there is a large number of KYC service provider available, with each having special appeal for a specific industry, there are 3 things that every KYC solutions must necessarily possess to be hailed as Best Solution for Identity theft protection.

Automated System

Most of the online service providers prefer to offer their services 24 hours of the day. It means that the ideal identity theft protection system has to work round the clock in order to safeguard the business interest of their customers. Now, there is a chance to have a workforce that works 24 hours a day to manually review identity-related threats but it is more feasible to have an automated system at a place to check the authenticity of users signing up for your business. Shufti Pro has an automated system where a hybrid of AI and I work together to shield its customers from the potential risk of identity fraud.

Swift Verification Results

Automation alone cannot help businesses to have a smooth user experience on their digital channels, once an identity verification solution is integrated. Users and customers are required to be verified in a swift fashion in order to get on with the usual service. A slow verification process that takes few hours, if not a few days, to come up with authentication results is not at all business-friendly tool. There are several KYC service providers that have used advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in order to churn out verification results in under a minute and Shufti Pro is again one of these identity verification solutions.

Global Outreach

Most of the online businesses that are offering services or selling products on the internet cater to a large customer base, that is more often than not, is located in not just different countries but entirely different geographical regions as well. Identity theft protection becomes complicated to perform for such a large service provider but not for identity verification services that operate on a global scale. Shufti Pro offers its large number of KYC verification and AML Compliance solutions in over 220+ countries of the world and 150+ languages of the world.

So in order to have reliable identity theft protection, businesses need to focus on above-mentioned factors. Some other secondary factors that can also play a vital role in the selection of a reliable KYC service provider include, but are not limited to, pricing model, integrations offered, methods of verification, data security for the collected information. All these factors and a comparative analysis of the features of KYC solutions can enable businesses to find a highly beneficial identity verification service.

Indian Electronic Appliances for a Smart Home

Imagine the expression, you had on your eyes when mentioned about the home automation in Bill Gates home. He has a wall in a home which can change its color based on his mood. But you got this info before a decade. But now, home automation gadgets have stepped even into a middle-class person home, courtesy, the advancements in technology. In recent times, you can automate your home, make the changes as per your requirements. The most important is investing in smart appliances as per your budget. In this article, we delve on Indian electronic appliances for a smart home.

Improvement in Home Automation
At present, by home automation technology, you can open doors sitting afar and also monitor the activities happening at your home via a CCTV camera. But the biggest advantage of all, the automation home saves energy more than a normal home.

In India, real estate agents are designing apartments suited to home automation. Usually, if you want to buy a new home, security will be the first option. And the second will be saving money. An energy efficient home, fitted with the best electrical systems and smart home appliances will definitely save money in the long term. Yes, the investment is huge, but think of the savings you will have for the future.

In this article for Indian electronic appliances for a smart home, let us look into some of the products.


The Indian public took some time to align themselves with the western world when it came to smart home appliances. But now, the trend has changed. Because of the huge demand, brands from all over the world are introducing new versions of various products. Two products made the changes take place. The first is Amazon’s Alexa and the second is Google Home and Google Home mini speakers. In this article of Indian electronic appliances for a smart home, we give you the list of products that are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Lighting Automation

1. Philips Hue Mini Starter

When it comes to smart bulbs, Phillips was the first company to introduce this kind of device. It has a 10 W B22 bulb, and it is easy to control them with Google Assistant or Alexa. Do not forget the fact, they can change colors because of their LED nature. If you are using Google Assistant or Alexa, your voice is enough to control the bulbs. Do not forget to buy the Philips Hue Starter which contains a full package of Hue Bridge, Hue bulb.

2. Syska SmartLight – It has a 7W LED Bulb

Yes, Phillips is the first company, but other companies have also stepped into the bandwagon. But there is one difference. Philips bulbs are of the superior class, but they are also expensive. If you have a budget, go for the Syska smart bulbs. They also work great with Alexa as well Google Assistant. Similar to Philips bulbs, these products can also change colors.

Smart Switches/Plugs

3. D-Link DSP-W215

When automation has stepped into the light bulbs, can the switches or plugs be far behind? With these products, you can turn any normal home appliances to a smart one. So, you must have guessed the working nature of this product. Controlled by Wi-Fi, you can regulate these plugs by remote control. You can either switch on or cut off power to any device that is plugged to these outlets. As already mentioned in this article of Indian electronic appliances for a smart home, this product works cool with Amazon Alexa as well Google Assistant. By making use of these smart plugs, you can switch on or off any home appliance, be it, lights, blender, TV or machine.

4. Onida Full HD

This Smart Android LED TV is not the latest addition to the home appliance products. The benefit of purchasing this model is, you can get full HD resolution along with 3HDMI port, 10 w speakers, 2*USB ports and other features.

Yes, there are other brands which are cheaper than the Onida version, for example, Xiaomi. But kindly check if they are compatible with Google Assistant or other controlling devices.


What is the first factor that you feel comfortable about your home? Security. Right? In a smart home, security gets the first option. So, the luxury which was reserved for the elites only a decade ago has stepped into your home.

5. Ring Door Bell

The Ring Doorbell has a feature of recording any person who stands on the front door. It will send you a notification only when it does not recognize the person on the door. That means you can make the door open for familiar faces. And you can control it with Google Assistant and Alexa.

6. Smart Lock (August)

You may have seen in various Hollywood films, that the hero or villain stands in front of a glass door. The security light then falls on his eyes and the door opens. Identification factor. Likewise, this smart lock can help anyone who always has the doubt if they had indeed locked the door or have forgotten.

The best feature, this smart appliance can lock on its own after some time. You can also lock and unlock the doors from a distance. Do you want to give your guests temporary keys? Then send them temporary ones. The last feature, this device can work beautifully with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for locking and unlocking the doors.

7. Samsung Multipurpose Sensor

Just visualize the benefits of having this appliance. If you have an area in your home that has to be guarded, you can install this product. It can detect temperature, vibration and any other activity. You can get the alert in an instant. The device is affordable.
For Regulation of Temperature

8. Nest Thermostats

Do you live in an urban city such as Bangalore? Due to environmental pollution, the temperature has gone to a high peak. You may definitely need thermostat or ac to regulate the temperature in your home. You can make use of the Nest app for making changes to this appliance. There is no need to go near the appliance, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant for making the changes.


Have you gone through the article? Please note, many of the smart home appliances manufacturing brands have already established a firm customer base in India. And other than energy, you can also save time by refraining from doing manual activities.

Let us imagine a situation in recent times. You reside in Bangalore and have bought a very expensive TV model of a brand ten years ago. In an unfortunate situation, it needs maintenance service. So, instead of asking for referrals you download the app of the best company which provides handyman services at your doorstep for TV repair in Bangalore. The problem gets fixed in quick time.

But in the future, the smart TV may send an alarm to your mobile stating it needs maintenance. This is the future innovation but will happen for sure. Keep subscribing to our newsletters for the recent updates.


How 3D Printing Will Change the Face of Product Prototyping

The additive manufacturing capabilities of 3D printers are getting more is more important in the industrial world. The process which involves of use of digital 3D design data to deposit materials to build a product prototype or part. Additive manufacturing technologies vary in the techniques used for creating and bonding layers together, speed, layer thickness, the range of materials, accuracy, and cost.

image source- ultimaker

With the globally rising competition in the manufacturing industry, it is crucial for manufacturers to get familiar with the 3D printing methods and processes. 3D printing refers to all the aspects in additive manufacturing, though it is universally regarded as the process of fabricating objects with the addition of layers using a print head, nozzle, and other printing technologies. Nowadays, top manufacturing companies are utilizing 3D printer in the environments along with several other Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud technologies. The manufacturing industry defines 3D printing as an additive manufacturing technology for making objects from 3D objects.

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing technology which has been around for more than 30 years is often regarded by the manufacturers for its faster processing capability of 3D printing. BMW, the top car manufacturers company has been utilizing additive manufacturing since 1990 for manufacturing various parts for the manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing involves different other forms of additive manufacturing such as rapid prototyping direct digital manufacturing which are all of equal importance in various manufacturing industries. Latest advancements in 3D printer technologies have impacted exciting opportunities for future development in the product manufacturing process.

How 3D Printing Works

In contrast to the subtractive manufacturing in which end product will be made by taking material away, additive manufacturing technology adds layers to the build platform in order to create objects. In the traditional manufacturing process product prototyping involved of a material being shaped into the product envisioned by designers. Additive manufacturing does this in the opposite way by adding thousands of minute layers to form the final product. Additive manufacturing system needs just a computer and special CAD software which can send messages to the printer to enable precise and accurate printing.

image source- 3DPrinting.Lighting

Many manufacturers are approaching 3D printing in Mumbai for building prototypes, parts, and models of different material. There is additive manufacturing equipment available which can print with more than 40 different materials thus giving more flexibility and efficiency in product manufacturing lifecycle. The cartridge of these 3D printers can be loaded with desired material so that it gets printed into several uniform layers to form the desired shape and design. It prints several layers repeatedly and fuses together during the process for getting the shape complete.

Benefits for the Manufacturing Industry

Predominantly manufacturers were able to build several shapes and designs through conventional prototyping methods, but by adopting additive manufacturing in their environments enabled them to take the next level in product design and manufacturing. With this, a more advanced rapid prototyping technology, organizations in various industries are able to produce product parts, prototypes or concept models in whatever shape or design the need. This technology has been helped manufacturers and designers to obtain even the most complex designs that were impossible in the conventional means.

This advantage of additive manufacturing enables for stronger 3D objects that have no weak spots and cannot be compromised or stressed. In rapid prototyping, models are quickly built thus giving companies better flexibility in the product design and for reducing time and cost. The additive manufacturing process is comparative faster, other than the time taken by stakeholders, engineers, designers or manufacturers to decide and finalize on the product/concept design. Any changes can be made on the 3D design on the CAD software with a few clicks of the mouse.

Material Absorptance

The 3D printer enabled additive manufacturing processes commonly involve of a direct interaction of powdered material with a laser beam. The absorption capability of the powdered material is significantly important for the development of 3D objects. It enables manufacturers to choose the right technology that responds to the powder even with insufficient laser energy input or material evaporation due to excessive energy input.

Faster Processing

In the traditional method, there have been several production limitations that affected the design. Product designers had to ignore several innovative design ideas as its production wasn’t practical. With the introduction of this technology, several manufacturers, especially in the field of aerospace, automotive and healthcare devices, enable the design to drive their production.