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What is Factory Reset?

It is a technique to restore a device back to its original manufacturer settings by erasing all the data and apps contained in the phone. Factory resets are used in Android smartphones to improve its functionality without intervening with the Operating system. It is also called hard formatting of smartphones. Continue reading “A COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW TO DO FACTORY RESET FOR ANDROID DEVICES”

Hotstar Free Premium Account: Watch IPL 2019 (100% Working Tricks)

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Smartphones are no longer just for calling and messaging, but it has become an inevitable part of human life with tons of useful applications making your work easy and comfortable with their instant approach. With the increased collection of apps and day to day usage, the smartphones have become a digital storehouse of too many important emails, documents, videos, photos, contacts, notes and information which you will never want to lose in life. Continue reading “HOW TO DO A COMPLETE BACKUP OF THE ANDROID SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS!!”


What is Gb Instagram?

Gb Instagram is currently trending in the market as the best-modified version of the official Instagram application. The Gb Instagram app has been developed by Atnfas Hoak. It is a third-party application and is available only for Android devices. If you observe the official Instagram app, it will never let your download its contents. Either you have to take screenshots or use third-party apps to download videos. Gb Instagram has finally eliminated this burning issue. With Gb Instagram, you can directly download Instagram stories, videos, and photos of different users and groups directly to your device. Continue reading “ALL ABOUT GB INSTAGRAM APK- THE LATEST MODIFIED VERSION OF OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM APP!!”


Google Play Store is the default app download solution for Android that supports all authentic android apps. While the majority of the renowned Android apps are free to download, there are some great apps that are a paid service in the Google Play Store. Many users back off from downloading those apps due to the subscription models. So, what if you can download these paid apps for free? Continue reading “5 BEST WAYS TO DOWNLOAD PAID APPS FOR FREE ON ANDROID!!”


Ransomware is the most dangerous form of virus or malware that restricts the access of your PC unless you pay a ransom to the attackers. When the virus attacks the PC, it makes system inaccessible for the users and forces them to pay an amount in the form of Bitcoins through the mentioned procedure to have the decryption key. The ransom which they ask from the users can be a small amount of money if you are lucky or can be hundreds and thousands of dollars as well depending on the attackers.

Ransomware attackers can choose their target victim as anyone from home computers to the corporate and even the government organizations. Mostly they target the authorized firms, big organizations, renowned government agencies to draw some good amount of cash.

Sources of Ransomware

Ransomware mainly enters through the following sources:-

  1. a) Opening or visiting suspicious links, websites, social networking pages, ads, etc.
  2. b) Email attachment from unknown senders which is also known as phishing spam. Most of these attachments come with in-built social networking tools to trick users for administrative access.
  3. c) A most dangerous form of Ransomware is Notpetya which is also a malware that directly exploits the security holes of the computer without having the need to trick users.
  4. d) Through malicious links used in instant messenger chats.

How to protect your PC from Ransomware

  1. Install Ransomware Blocker with Antivirus

For protecting PC from any kind of threats, it is recommended that you have an updated version of a paid Antivirus like Kaspersky, Norton Antivirus, Avast Antivirus, etc. But, only an antivirus is not sufficient to block high-end malware like Ransomware. For that along with antivirus, you also need a Ransomware Blocker. The best Ransomware blockers are Cybereason RansomFree and Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware. Those who are looking for free Ransomware blocker can use these two. Those who are looking for an advanced paid model, Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware is the best solution.

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  1. Update your system security regularly

Windows users go to Control Panel and turn on the ‘Windows automatic updates’ if it is not enabled. Mac users need to visit System Preferences-> App Store and turn on the update settings from there. Regular update of the system is essential to make the Ransomware blockers along with antivirus function strongly.

  1. Avoid unknown links

Don’t download software or applications from untrusted sources. Whenever you install any software, before giving the administrator privilege check if the source is a trusted one, what is the purpose and functionality of the software, its benefits, cons before installing it. Also, don’t click on random social networking pages, ads, search engine links out of curiosity. It might be source Ransomware is using to access your system.

  1. Update your Browser and use Pop-up Blocker

Whichever browser you are using whether Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer make sure you keep your browser updated. Old version browsers are more prone to malware than the new version. Also, enable the pop-up blockers from the browser settings to prevent malware ads.

  1. Scan Attachments

Whenever you receive an email attachment, make a point to scan its file extension first instead of opening it directly. Right click on the extension part and click on the scan option to detect malware.

Final Words

The above-mentioned steps are a guide to protect your PC from dangerous Ransomware. It is also recommended that you regularly or weekly backup your files and data for safety.


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Photography is the passion of many people across the world and most of them are also the owner of high-quality digital cameras. Many of these individuals have not stepped into photography business yet but have great hands at capturing high-quality images. So, what if these people can sell their creativity and earn money?

image source- Envira Gallery

Yes, you heard it right. Even if you are not into professional photography business but, if you fall into the category of the above-mentioned people, you can definitely earn some good bucks selling your photographs online. The following 5 websites are the best platforms to sell your photographs.

  • 500px Prime

This is a great platform to share your photos and get reactions from people across the world about its quality and creativity. You need to license your photos with the distribution partner of this website to earn from your pictures. By licensing you will be maintaining copyright of your photographs and each time your license photos get sold, you earn 70% of the net value. There are both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing options. In the former, your license will be exclusive with 500px distribution partners and no one else while in the latter you sell all your copyright images through other commercial vendors as well.

SmugMug Pro

It is an amazing platform to let your images shine across the world. SmugMug’s professional version allows you to make money from your photos once you hit the subscription plan. It allows to set your own prices keeping 85% of the markup value and once it gets sold, the profits are yours. Forex- if the default price of a photo is $0.79 in Smugmug and you sell it for $10, you earn $8 as profit. From optimized modern design templates to custom themes, drag and drop editor, integrated shopping cart, the website act as a true e-commerce solution.  


This website has been in popularity from 15 years for selling stocked images, videos, and even music tracks. It has got plenty of customers and every day features tons of uploaded photos for sale. So if you want to sell your images, this is undoubtedly the biggest platform. The site asks you to fill up a form to let you be its contributor and have monthly payments of your sold photographs from the platform. It also gives your picture copyrights so that no one else can use it. You can also make money from referrals through  Shutterstock.


It is one of the easiest platforms to sell your photos online. The site offers nine website templates to create your own site easily and then allows you upload your clicked creativities to form a gallery. From integrating shopping carts to payment gateways, the site creates a perfect e-commerce platform and allows you to sell your works in 23 global currencies with worldwide shipping. It also lets you set your own price limits for different clients with discount codes, coupons as required for a perfect selling platform.


This is another easiest website to sell photos without copyright issues or license. You just need to be the site’s contributor by signing up in the contributor page and then upload your creativities with description. Your images will be checked for approval and then the site publishes them within 24 hours. Once the customer pays for the image, the site pays you immediately where you can make around 50% profit for each sale.


Best Methods to Improve Your Typing Speed

If you want to improve your typing speed then you are at right place. In this article, we will share some tips that help you guys to improve your typing speed. So follow give below tips:

1- Precision

I had been attempting to improve my speed for a considerable length of time and I was not seeing much improvement. When I backed off and began being progressively exact as opposed to endeavoring to type quicker I began seeing an expansion in my composing speed. I feel more in charge also. Regardless I have the best approach for my own objective yet am satisfied to see that I am currently improving and loosening up additional.

Figure out how to be exact first at that point improve speed. In such a case that you commit errors all the time the more, it will take you to type. Each time you delete takes longer than if you moderate down only touch so you can type precisely. Regardless I commit plenty of errors yet I understand when I moderate down to be exact I really will in general kind marginally quicker.

2- Know your keyboard

Our tip for improving your typing speed is to feel for the “F” and the “J”. As most know, those are the letters you feel for first on the console. As time passes by, and you figure out how to type without looking, you won’t even truly need to “feel” for the “F” and the “J” you will simply get familiar with the console.

It is additionally essential to acquaint yourself with the console you are utilizing. – This is fundamental as, in the event that you can outline console out in your brain, you won’t need to turn away from the screen to find the key you need. This would likewise limit the time spent between getting your numerous considerations onto the screen before losing them (once more).

On the off chance that you are composing 60 wpm or higher, and need to show signs of improvement, and not get carpal passage: purchase a mechanical console. I utilize the red switch that I purchased for both gaming/composing, and following an hour of composing, my fingers still feel fine. I wouldn’t prescribe red for most typists- – It doesn’t have the criticism that other switch types have, and requires a significant stretch of time to become accustomed to not bottoming out the keys constantly.

3- Practice

Yes, you read right. You need to practice.

For the beginner: 

Become accustomed to the home keys work to the point where you don’t have to take a gander at both what you are composing or your fingers on the console.

For cutting edge typists:

Practice. Create muscle memory for composing particular sorts of usually utilized letter pairings. Distinguish the blends of letters for specific words that give you inconvenience and work on composing them specifically to the point where you never again need to figure while doing as such.
Our tip to improve your composing speed is to rehearse regularly, however, practice accurately. Endeavor to dispose of terrible composing propensities and supplant them with great ones. For instance, you should utilize each and every finger when composing as opposed to depending on the utilization of fingers with which you’re generally agreeable. Full use of two hands is important to accomplish your most noteworthy composing potential.

4- Rhythm

What is imperative is building up a rhythm, not to rush, yet to be exact, first-need. Speed falls into place without any issues with training and time. Further, one must push one’s self to perform better, yet recognizing that proficiency just is set up, alongside viability. All things being equal, one must figure out how to type just what one sees/peruses; never show signs of change the words, except if, obviously, it is an altering … work out/test. One just sorts what one sees or peruses!

5- Extending

At the point when my wrists get hardened from composing, I snatch my fingers with one hand and stretch out my arm to full length and draw on my fingers back gradually. I at that point, extend my fingers by opening and shutting them, twist my hands forward and backward, and pivot my wrists.

on the off chance that you feel somewhat sore on the fingers or knuckles, simply put your arms up high, and wriggle your fingers (possibly do this if your fingers feel sore. ) and if your knuckles hurt simply put your left hand into a clenched hand and do likewise with the right. With the base of your left clench hand, tap the knuckles on your correct hand and the other way around.



Many users were having grievances about Whatsapp’s monotonous chat platform without attractive sticker packs like Facebook Messenger, Hike, Snapchat etc. The issue was noted seriously by Whatsapp which is owned by Facebook, and to make the platform more interesting, recently in 2018 Whatsapp introduced a lot of attractive sticker packs and funny Gifs.

Users since then have been loving these stickers very much. Be it for casual chat, or wishing someone on special occasions or festivals, these stickers are actually very entertaining. Not just that, Whatsapp also has given provision for the users to download stickers from third-party apps.

image source- third party

But, what gives an edge to the entertainment is the recent feature of the Whatsapp. This is the feature that lets you convert your own selfies to attractive stickers and create a sticker pack out of those selfies. This option is only for Android users as they have the facility to download stickers from the third-party app. IOS users can, however, enjoy the sticker packs of Whatsapp, but this feature is yet not available.

Android users can take pictures in various funny emotions, and convert them into Whatsapp stickers for unlimited fun. Fascinating right!! Yes, it is. The following steps will show you how can entertain your friends and dear ones by converting your captured pictures to Whatsapp stickers.

How to change your selfies and capture photos into Whatsapp Stickers

  1. First of all, download ‘Sticker Maker for Whatsapp’ from Play Store and at the same time download one Background eraser application. If you have one already installed in your smartphones, skip the step.
  2. Now take a selfie or any picture and erase the background with the background eraser application. Save the cropped photo without a background in png format.
  3. Now launch the Sticker Maker for Whatsapp application, and click on ‘Create a New Sticker Pack’.


  1.  A pop-up box will be immediately displayed that will ask you to enter the ‘Stickerpack name’ and also the ‘Stickerpack author’. After filling the details, click on ‘Create’.
  2. A new window will open. There you will find an upload picture box. Click on it and choose the png file that you created using the background erasing application.
  3. Now repeat this step with three to more selfies and pictures captured by you and remove the background with the erasing application. Remember to save all of your files in png format.
  4. Now, again go to the ‘Sticker Maker for Whatsapp’ application, and add the remaining three to four pictures in the same way.
  5. Adding pictures in this way will help you create an entertaining sticker pack like Whatsapp sticker packs. After you are done, click on click on ‘Publish Sticker Pack’ option.
  6. You will be prompted with a message to add the created stickers to your registered Whatsapp account. Click on accept and exit the sticker maker application.
  7. Now, open your original Whatsapp and go to the Stickers section. You will be able to find your created ones among the Whatsapp sticker packs. Select one by one and start having fun.


Now, in this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily create your own customized stickers and share them with your friends. This new feature is undoubtedly the next level of entertainment.