These days hacking have become very common especially in social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter etc. However, if you think Whatsapp is safe from these intruders, you are absolutely wrong. Though Whatsapp has a very tight security feature and it might show that your chats are encrypted, but in reality, even Whatsapp is not safe from the spying eyes.

Under what conditions a Whatsapp gets hacked?

  1. a) The hackers can hack any Whatsapp account in minutes with the help of QR code and access to all personal conversations of the users.
  2. b)  The hackers can use Whatsapp sniffer to get to spoof the IP address of your MAC system and discover all your personal chats. They can also install spyware software in your device to hack your Whatsapp.
  3. d) In case of Whatsapp not having the latest update, hackers can get access to your personal chats with the help of backup file once they get a hold on your device. In that case, even locking the application does not help

Now, the question is how you will know that your Whatsapp account has been hacked. You can detect the prying eye through the following steps:-

How to find out if your Whatsapp account is hacked

Though Whatsapp does not allow the same number to be registered on multiple devices, with Whatsapp QR code, things can change quickly. If somebody can access your Whatsapp QR code can easily scan it and register your number on other devices. So, to see if some is using your number in Whatsapp web, do the following things:-

  1. Open your Whatsapp account.
  2. Go to the three vertical dot option in the top right corner of the Whatsapp screen.
  3. Click on Whatsapp Web. You will find all current logged-in devices to your Whatsapp account in this section.
  4. If you find any unknown device that you are not using, be sure that your account is being accessed from somewhere else.

How to protect your Whatsapp account

Once you have spotted an unknown device into your account, it is advisable to log out from all current sessions immediately.

  1. a) If you are using Whatsapp web, click on logout. If you are using smartphones, go to Settings, then Apps and select Whatsapp.
  2. b) Now, in the Whatsapp screen, tap on clear data option. Your all current sessions will be closed and you will be directed to the welcome screen of Whatsapp.
  3. c) If you are using iPhone, long press the Home screen button, uninstall the app and then install it again.

Use two-step authentification

  1. a) Go to the three vertical dot option on the top right corner, then Settings, Select account and then ‘two-step verification’.
  2. b) A verification code will be sent in your WhatsApp number. Enter it and get your two-step verification mode enabled.

Lock Your Phone

Always remember to lock your phone either with fingerprint sensor or with a strong password. It is very difficult to hack Whatsapp without accessing the user’s device. So, keeping your phone security strong will prevent the intruders from accessing the device.


These three are the essential steps that you can take to prevent your Whatsapp account from being hacked. The best way to protect is to use the lock feature in every step from your phone to Whatsapp and finally 2 step verification.


Mobile phones are something, without which our life is almost incomplete. Be it for casual use or for work purpose, we keep using our mobile device like smartphones and iPhones, 24 hours draining out the battery life. While we are at home, we can easily connect it with charger but, in many places, we don’t get the facility of connecting a charger.

In such cases, powerbanks are a life saver, to charge our phone instantly and also pocket-friendly to carry anywhere. While there are too many options for powerbanks, the following list gives a glance at the best 5 powerbank choices for mobile phones.

  1. Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

This is an extremely lightweight device that can be used for both smartphones and iPhones.  The powerbank feature a slimy sleek display having a USB-A port to be used for all kinds of smartphones, and an additional Lighting adapter that needs be connected to the device end for charging iPhones.

The device is very powerful having a capacity of 12,000 mAh. It features a power button and four indicator lights for detecting the progress of charging. It can be carried easily in pockets, and handbags. The device is pretty expensive and costs $99.95 with a power pack performance and faster-charging capability.

  1. Xiaomi 10,000 mAh Mi Power Bank Pro

With the increasing use of Xiaomi users in recent times, the model is highly trending in the market. The device looks pretty professional having an Ergonomic Design with carved Mi logo on the top. The device has a capacity of 10,000 mAh and charges any kind of Xiaomi sets and other smartphones along with iPhones at an extremely fast speed within a maximum duration of 2 hours.

It increases the battery life of your mobile device and stays for a longer duration in spite of using for a prolonged period of time. The device is very handy and an excellent choice to carry while you are vacationing. It is available at a price of $29.99.

  1. Corseca DMB2056 20000 mAh Power Bank

This is a very sleek and modern powerbank having a capacity of 20,000 mAh. It can be used to charge any kind of smartphones and tablets. It has 2 USB ports and a total power output of 5 volts. The device due to its powerful charging capacity is now trending as one of the best powerbank devices for Smartphones. It is available in online stores like Flipkart and Amazon at a price of Rs. 3, 345.

  1. Anker Power Core +26800

This is a pretty expensive powerbank with high end charging quality. It features 2 USB-A ports and one 30w USC-C port. The device is not just for charging mobile phones but also can be used to charge MacBooks and Nintendo switch.

The device consists of a power button and ring-shaped indicator lights to detect its battery life. The device itself takes 5 hours to get charged and stays for a longer period of time charging different kinds of devices. It is available online at a price of $86.99.

  1. Lenovo CA1BX0CC4A640A 13000 power bank

As the name suggests the power banks is of the Lenovo brand which is known for quality performance be it mobile devices or laptops. It is dedicated for charging smartphones having a capacity of 13,000 mAh. The device has a white color display with ultra sleek design and extremely light-weight.

It provides longevity to the battery life of your mobile device and continues for a day and a half with moderate usage. The device is very reliable in terms of protecting your mobile phones from getting overcharged and has the danger of over-voltage with short circuit protection. It features two USB ports with 1 power button and four indicator lights. The device is available online at a budget-friendly rate of Rs. 999.

7 Creative Uses Of Instagram Highlights In Social Media Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks which is being tapped by social marketers for promoting products. They have devised various creative uses of Instagram highlights and other features for brand promotions. Business owners looking to hire WordPress developers or other professionals must know about using social media for their benefit. The large user base and wide reach of these networks across all society segments make them an ideal marketing platform. The majority of Instagram users belong to the younger age groups who are active on other social channels as well. They have the potential to make content go viral quickly. Let’s see how Instagram highlights can be used for social media marketing.

1. Showcase The Product Collection

One of the best ways to use story highlights is to showcase a new product collection. Brands can create a story about a new item and highlight it on their feed. Users will tap it to see images or short clips of the new offering. Earlier a story used to disappear after 24 hours but now they get saved as archives after the time limit. Story highlights, however, are available under the user’s bio in the form of circular icons. Businesses can create different stories for their range of products and name them accordingly.

2. Communicate News About The Brand

The visual nature of Instagram with minimal text content does not limit its marketing capabilities. Story highlights can be used to communicate the latest news about a brand. The tactic can come handy not only for new product launches but also for other things. You can use it to announce a new celebrity endorser or the latest happening in the industry. The content can be enhanced with Instagram stickers by using them to add date and location with a news item. Including a clickable hashtag sticker of the brand which will direct users to the hashtag’s feed will also be helpful.

3. Use Highlights For Answering FAQs

Another innovative use of the feature for marketing a product is to use it for answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Most companies provide FAQs on their websites but users may have additional questions about their products. Brands can choose the most frequent queries from their email and messaging app inboxes. They can provide replies to these questions in a story highlight on the photo-sharing application. Businesses with a wide range of offerings can create different FAQ highlights for their products. This is an easy way to provide answers to users and reducing the workload on the customer care department.

4. Include Industry-related Tips Or Hacks

One of the most creative uses of Instagram highlights is to provide tips through the feature. Companies can use their account to highlight useful suggestions about their industry and not just the products. They can include easy hacks to common problems or do-it-yourself tips which will be found helpful by visitors. You can insert pictures as well as small clips for demonstrating the hacks. It is an effective strategy as people are attracted by easy solutions to day to day problems. This will also create a dependable image of the brand.   

5. Mention Your Business Partners

Businesses can use not only their own account but also other Instagram users’ profiles to promote their products. They can ask their business partners or other associates to post highlights on their accounts. This will open the way for getting featured on the partners’ accounts in return. You can choose to give shoutouts to other brands so that they can return the favor. This helps to strengthen the relationship with your associates as well as increases your brand’s visibility on the platform.

6. Add A Poll To Boost Engagement

Another Instagram feature can be combined with highlights to devise a new marketing strategy. People use the polls feature to ask questions to their followers in a story. Brands are already using it to drive engagement. Simple queries like whether users have seen a new product or do they like it are posted to get vital feedback. These polls can be collected in a highlight to optimize their use. Companies can also use the feature for A/B testing. They can post-split images with two choices for a new ad campaign or product packaging. A poll sticker can be added to the picture with relevant text options. This will help in knowing which is the better option.

7. Provide A Preview Of The Company Blog

The photo-sharing app can be used to drive more traffic to the company website. You can provide a preview of a blog post along with the link in the highlight. Interested users who want to read the whole content will visit the interface to do so. If they find the article interesting, they will return to the website in future hoping to discover more such content.


The social network is a good platform to connect with the target audience and increase their engagement. These are just a few innovative uses of Instagram highlights and business owners can find more ways to leverage the feature for promoting their brand.  

Author Bio

Jacob Graves is a Sr. WordPress Developer at HireWPGeeks Ltd, a company that provides wordpress website development in a convenient manner. He is a passionate writer and loves to share WordPress and SEO related tutorials.


How to Rank Youtube Videos by YouTube SEO?

YouTube is one of the most massive search engines after Google that is being searched and accessed by millions of people on a daily basis. It is one of the largest platforms where about 500 hours of videos are being uploaded every minute. The competition is enormous, and to beat it successfully, is a little bit harder by its side. If you are willing to have a YouTube channel of yours and are currently looking for more and more views, likes, subscriptions, and shares towards it, it would get essential that you should keep monetizing the content of your videos. It should be quite enough and should need to have proper SEO as well to make earnings from it.

It is quite obvious to get a broader audience if you are a big brand or a music company, but what to do if you are newer to this field. Most of the people usually create entertainment videos, tutorials, tips, and different other videos as well on different niche and upload it on YouTube, but the greater audience will only get those whose video quality is quite impressive, and they are offering unique quality content. Moreover, it also should need to be great SEO optimized just like your content to get a higher rank on search results to acquire more views. We are going to discuss you here about some tips that will enable to perform a better YouTube SEO for your channel so that you can acquire good views per month.

Buying in organic YouTube traffic will do nothing in improving your rank on YouTube search, so before starting up, it gets essential to know about the algorithm of YouTube to rank a video so that you can gain better traffic on it. One of the most known factors which impact a more significant effect on YouTube ranking is its view time. You will automatically get low down in ranking if your viewer quits videos in very few seconds of viewing, so it gets essential to have quite interesting and engaging content in your video so that it could strike viewer with it till its ending. A catchy thumbnail will add up more in the same as well. So here is the list of what to do’s for better YouTube SEO.

Make the title of video using Keywords: – Title of the video you are going to upload on Video plays a significant role in its SEO. A title shows everything about the videos. So it gets essential to add a claim that perfectly matches with your video content. Also, it should need to be very friendly to the viewer and should need to go with the algorithm of the YouTube SEO as well. For making it much more comfortable and beneficial for you, you can take help of Google and YouTube auto-complete feature that will offer an overview for all about what people are exactly searching for at this moment so that you can optimize the title as per that.

Video Meta Data: – Description is one of the essential parts of every video content that plays a significant role in grabbing the attention of viewers towards it. The first few lines of your Meta description play a substantial role in deciding about is ranking on different search engines. If you are finding it hard, you can take help of different search engines as well to auto-complete the keyword phrases as your Meta descriptions. So, whenever you upload a video on YouTube and are about to add a Meta description, don’t forget to add keywords in it to get higher rank in it.

Thumbnail: – Don’t forget about the thumbnail of the video you are going to upload as it is the only thing that is going to catch the eyes of viewers first of all. You can create a thumbnail of your own and add a picture here that well goes with the material you are going to provided inside the video content. You can add some text into your thumbnail as well as it will going to make your image more informative and overwhelming as the same time and hence will make it appear quite professional and complete in different aspects.

Analysis: – It should need to be very important to have a complete review of YouTube, to jump upon the thing that what exactly audience is looking for at this moment. It is one of the easiest ways to know about your expected viewers and their watching habits as well so that you can work on it accordingly. A complete and consistent analysis of YouTube will make you learn about different metrics such as demographics, traffic sources, CTR and number of the unique viewer and a lot more. You can work on these demographics and make perfect use of your time and resources.

Be Consistent: – It is essential to be consistent with your video content so that you can keep your audience indulged with you all the time. High-quality content is not quite enough to go with, but you should have the capability of keeping your audience engaged with you by providing them with consistent content after some time. It is always beneficial to go with the long-term relationships rather than opting for random shorter resources. YouTube has also made it very easy to remain consistent with the video content, you only have to take the option of Scheduled and have to update the date and time over there. Your video content will get automatically updated on your YouTube channel on the preferred time.

Watch time optimization: – Watch time is the time that the viewers usually spend on watching videos. So if you are viewing to have better results, it should be essential to have better and exciting video content on your YouTube channel.  If you are going to add multiple videos, try to add similar topics to the list so that you can gain the attention of interesting people for more extended hours.


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How to use hashtags and grow reach on every social network?


There was a time when the symbol ‘#’ which was known as a simple pound sign or hash mark. But with the consistent upward trending of the social networks, this conventional symbol has been turned into an online sensation. Nowadays, you will find the usage of hashtags on most of the social platforms especially Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many other social media channels. This tool can turn any tiny post into the trending one and ignoring it while writing a publicly oriented post can be kind of stupidity. It is quite normal that most of the readers are reading this post to find out the answers of various questions relating to the Hashtags which are arising in their minds. These questions can be: What exactly is a hashtag? How to use Hashtags? How to use them on various social media channels? Do-and-Don’ts practices while using the hashtags etc. Don’t worry! In this post, we are going to clear all of these questions and will add some more valuable information in your knowledge base about the hashtags.

What is a hashtag?

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Every second, thousands of images are publicly shared on every social platform which makes the low possibility for your post to come into the limelight, unless and until you are having a large number of followers. So, here the hashtags play their role. A hashtag is a keyword or phrase which is used after the # itself. It can be used while writing a post or comment to specifically highlight it. With the aid of hashtags, your post can be indexed by the social network which makes your post discoverable to everyone, even to the users who are not included in your followers or fan base. 

Why you should go with hashtags?

For the social media users who are not having a good number of followers should go with hashtags to get more engaged and garner more followers and fans. They should try to imitate the hashtags used by the popular influencers.

How to use hashtags on various social platforms?

As previously shared, most of the social media platforms are embracing the hashtags. Twitter was the first one to adopt it. The usage rules can be different for all of the social platforms which you will learn in the upcoming part of this article.

Twitter Hashtags

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On Twitter, hashtags are used to explore the conversations to get engaged in or to start afresh of your own. People can find the posts which have used the hashtags and as long as they are shared publicly.

Tweets which are having one hashtag create the most engagement and this engagement start dropping with the usage of more than two hashtags. The reason behind dropping this engagement is too many hashtags may indicate a kind of desperation or spam etc.

You can explore hashtags on Twitter with the assistance of the search bar, by clicking on the hashtag or going through with the trending topics.

Instagram Hashtags

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This example will give you more clarity to you about the hashtags. If you are sharing a picture relating to your last travel adventures then you can use the hashtag #Travel or #Adventure and now any of the users who will click on this hashtag will find all of the pictures shared by others users by using this hashtag.

A study indicates that posts which are having at least one hashtag have 12.6% more engagement than the photos which don’t use it.

You can discover hashtags by making a search of a specific term. As you will land on a hashtag page, here you will see the related hashtags used on such photos. As you will type the hashtag (#)in the search box, Instagram will give you more suggestions on the basis of popularity.

The number of hashtags to be used in an Instagram post is one of the frequently asked questions. There is no unanimously agreed upon number. Unlike Twitter, you can use more than 2 hashtags on Instagram but we do not recommend filling your post with them. Event Instagram itself limits hashtags to 30 per caption or on a comment.

Facebook Hashtags

Similar to Instagram, you can explore the hashtags on Facebook. But keep the number 1-2 hashtags per post. It’s also recommended that hashtags which are having 10+ characters receive good engagement.

LinkedIn Hashtags

LinkedIn is experimenting with hashtags. For the time being, they work only on mobile. 

Tumblr Hashtags

On Tumblr, while creating a post, you’ll find there an option to add “tags.” As you will start typing the tag for your post, the hashtags will automatically be added in your post. 

Pinterest Hashtags

Unlike Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, on Pinterest tags are only clickable in a Pin description. Further, they can be searched by using the search bar all you will have to do is just search the keyword to find the relevant content. 

YouTube Hashtags

Now users can use hashtags on YouTube while writing a comment on videos. By clicking on such hashtag, users will be redirected to a page which is having the videos having such hashtag in their title. However, hashtags on YouTube are not widely adopted by users till now. Maybe YouTube will come with some innovations in it. 

Other Social Networks

There are some other social media platforms too which are using the hashtags and these are:

  • Flickr
  • GitHub
  • Google+

However, recently Google has made the announcement to close its Google+ service next year.

Do’s and Don’ts while using hashtags

Use the specific hashtags: If you will use very general hashtags, then your post may get lost in thousands of results so try to be specific while using the hashtags. You should try relevant and unbranded hashtags. An example can be instead of using #Food use the name of the dish such as #Pasta #Pizza.

Use long hashtags only to create personalized content or branding: If you want to create your personalized hashtags and only you want to them then its fine to use long hashtags. But make sure that your hashtags can be distinguished. Example: #NothingJustMyIdioticThoughts is better than #nothingjustmyidioticthoughts. Similarly, #SometimesITooLoveWtiting is better than #sometimesitoolovewtiting But in general, it is always suggested to use short hashtags such #MyDiary #MyJournal #MyWords etc. to get more engaged.

Don’t have more hashtags than words:

  1. #Don’t #react #like #a #dumb #by #using #too #much #hashtags.
  2. Try to be a little #rational.

We hope that, from the above two examples, you got our message.

Don’t hashtag everything: Try to be natural; it is not a mandate to use hashtags in all of your posts. Try to use them in a natural manner by placing it before a single or two words or your post or by putting it in the comment box.

Bonus for the readers who reach here: You can use to find hashtags. It will assist you to map a hashtag in relation to other similar options.

Another amazing related tool is RiteTag which help you to search hashtags which you can use for Facebook and Twitter. It will provide you with up-to-date data on hashtags’ performances.