WhatsApp terms and conditions may be illegal in Germany. Therefore, a case is now being taken against Facebook. Millions of users can be put under impenetrable pressure.

Caused by WhatsApp: privacy advocates take action against Facebook

WhatsApp plans to introduce new criticism to be used on 15 May. On the other hand, German data protectionists now want to take action should the data exchange between WhatsApp and Facebook be stopped as the owner of the messenger. Allegations: It is feared that WhatsApp Facebook’s data security officer Johannes Caspar said that WhatsApp would pass the data improperly.

The sharing of data may be ineffective due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applied in Germany, which is why the terms of use are now being pushed forward against an instantaneous process, the result of which is sought before 15.

Allegations: undue pressure on users to agree

Casper is primarily critical of Facebook’s approach to data exchange “for the lack of voluntary and informed consent”. The process is about the protection of potentially affected users. The aim is to “prevent the illegal exchange of data, if necessary,” and to end “impenetrable pressure on millions of people to consent”.

After postponing the terms of use for WhatsApp, Facebook had tried to improve it so that users could migrate faster to other handicraft services. The social network now has the opportunity to respond to the allegations leveled by the data security officer. Of course, there is another option: to avoid data hunger if the user’s goodwill is very important to you.


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