Chrome for Android: This Trick Makes It Easier To Use

In the Android version of the Chrome browser, Google introduced a change at the beginning of the year that was not equally well-received by all users. With a little trick, however, you can switch back to the old view, which enables a somewhat more comfortable operation with just one hand.

Chrome for Android: restore old tab view

In February 2021, Google introduced new tab groups for the mobile version of its Chrome browser. However, not all users like the new view. However, you can switch back to the old view via an entry in the configuration of the browser. The one-handed operation of the smartphone is made a little easier. Some users also find the view clearer and simpler.

To say goodbye to tab groups, all you have to do is go to the “chrome: flags” area in the app and switch off the tab groups there. To do this, enter “chrome: flags” in the Google Chrome address bar and search for “Tab Groups”. Here you can switch off the new tab view with a tap, as SmartDroid describes. Then the browser has to be restarted and the old and familiar view without groupings is back.

It remains to be seen whether Google will also offer the option in later versions of Google Chrome. The company may remove the option for the “tab groups” at some point. By then at the latest, users of the mobile version of Chrome have to get used to tab groups – or switch to a different browser.

Google Chrome with QR code generator

There has also recently been a change in the desktop version of the browser. Google has integrated a QR code generator with which websites can be easily created as a divisible QR image.

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