Smartphones are no longer just for calling and messaging, but it has become an inevitable part of human life with tons of useful applications making your work easy and comfortable with their instant approach. With the increased collection of apps and day to day usage, the smartphones have become a digital storehouse of too many important emails, documents, videos, photos, contacts, notes and information which you will never want to lose in life.

But, what if accidentally your phone crashes or breaks down and you end up losing all of your data? To prevent this pathetic misery, it’s important that you have a backup of everything in your Android devices whether Smartphone or tablet in the following ways:-

a) With Google Drive

The best way to backup Android device is by using the Google backup service. It saves almost all of your necessary information, contents, and details like contacts, settings, calls, photos, videos, wifi passwords, and app data. To back up using Google follow the steps:-

  • Tap open the Settings icons and go to System and then select Backup.  For some latest device, there will a ‘Cloud Backup’ option in Settings. Go to that option and then select Backup & Reset or Backup as mentioned.
  • As soon as you select the Backup option, there will be an option for ‘Backup on Google Drive’. If your phone is not backed up already, press on ‘Backup Now’ and you will be prompted to choose the account where to backup or enter the details of your Google Account to store the backup.
  • Once you do it, Google starts backing up all the above-mentioned data. For some devices this option is available under Settings->Personal->Accounts&Sync->Select Google Account. Watch out your device preferences and select accordingly.

b) Manual Backup

Many people prefer to save their photos, videos, and documents on their PC. In such cases, you need to connect your phone and PC with the USB cable and go to DCIM folder to view your multimedia contents and other folders having important documents. Visit each folder accordingly to drag and drop the contents to your PC. Make a file for each one in your PC like Photos, videos, documents, music, movies, etc and transfer the contents in their respective folders for your convenience.

You can also backup contacts manually either in the USB device, SD card or in SIM. Follow the steps to save contacts manually.

  • Go to the Contacts tab and visit Settings keeping you connected to the USB device.
  • Now select on the ‘Import/Export’ option and choose the desired destination to save your contact details. After choosing the required hard drive, follow the instructions as mentioned for importing successfully.
  • For saving in SIM cards too, follow the same process and in the destination click the ‘SIM card’ option to import all of your contacts to SIM card.

c) Additional Backups

If you are looking for backing up additional services like SMS, MMS, Calendar, Alarm, Notes, etc then, third-party backup apps make the best choice. You can use the apps Mybackup Pro, Mobkin Assistant for Android and for the ones using a rooted android device, go for the Titanium Backup to keep a copy of all your desired contents.


Hence following the above-mentioned steps you can easily backup your entire Android device. A complete back of smartphones or tablets is highly recommended for every Android user.

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