Delete WhatsApp Messages Afterwards (Also From The Recipient) – This Is How It Works

In WhatsApp, you can delete messages afterwards – also from the recipient. We’ll show you how to do this and how to create self-deleting messages here.

In WhatsApp, you can only delete messages that you have sent from the recipient. After sending a message, you have exactly 7 minutes to delete it. But there is also a trick you can use to delete older messages, as we will show below. Our video first shows you how to delete WhatsApp messages from you and the recipient within 7 minutes:

Android: delete messages afterwards

Long press on the message to be deleted until it is highlighted.
Tap on the trash can symbol at the top.
Select ” Delete for all”.
Your message will then be displayed to you and the recipient as ” You have deleted this message “.

iPhone: delete messages afterwards

Press the message you want to delete until you see a menu.
Tap on the symbol with the arrow pointing to the right and select ” Delete”.
Now mark the message with a tick and tap on the trash can symbol on the left.
Select ” Delete for all “. You and your recipient will now be shown that you have deleted your message and can no longer be read.

Create self-erasing messages

If you activate the self-deleting messages in a chat, newly written messages will be retained there for 7 days. Then they disappear again with you and the recipient. Media such as pictures and videos only disappear from the chat but are still saved in your gallery. Recipients can save chats beforehand by forwarding them or taking a screenshot of them before they are deleted. How to activate self-deleting messages in a chat:

Tap on the name of the contact in the desired WhatsApp chat.
Select the entry ” Self-deleting messages ” below. If you receive a message, confirm with ” Next “. Now select the option ” On ” at the bottom under ” Self-deleting messages.

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