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13377x and 1337x are two helpful sites for users to download movies, music, software, and the latest TV shows. Now a day we are seeing that people are more interested in looking for the easiest way to download movies, TV shows, software applications, and music albums. These two torrent sites have emerged as the preferred torrent site. These streaming services like Amazon Prime or Netflix are immensely popular for online content. However, one cannot watch the latest releases on these platforms. Additionally, it requires monthly payments or a minimum of a one-year subscription to access the movies or the episodes.

Therefore, if you are the ones who wish to watch these online content for free, then 13377x is the best and the most viable option for you. With 13377x proxy, it is quick and simple to download movies, TV shows, and software files, and hence more people are choosing it over the options available to consume the content.

These are verified torrent sites, and at the 13377x search engine, you will find a vast collection of movies, music, games, videos, applications, TV shows, and software for all operating systems. Moreover, more of similar stuff is available for you to download.

13377x works by providing you an extensive directory of torrent files as well as magnetic links to exchange data with the help of Bit Torrent client.

  • This torrent directory is open for all users.
  • All you need to do is to register yourself, and you will get access to all the files.
  • The users who are registered get a classification here as per their contribution.
  • The content here is high quality, original and legitimate.


What makes it a good site for torrents?

In the world of torrents, there is Kick-Ass or the Pirate Bay that always remains popular, and others remain hidden without much attention. 13377x proxy is the one that falls in the second category, and there are more chances that you are unaware of it.

In recent times this torrent has emerged the easiest way to download movies, songs, music, videos, software files, and hence it is the preferred torrent for the users now. It is of good help in streaming videos of all kinds, as the other options are paid services, whereas torrents like 13377x proxy is free to download movies, software and music albums. 

Benefits of 13377x proxy

  • The significant advantage is that it is faster in downloading when compared to other torrent websites. 
  • When you download a movie, software, video, or music albums from this torrent, you can close the application. The downloading will continue in the background, and you can continue with your other work. 
  • During the downloading process, if you lose the internet connection due to any reason, there is no problem whatsoever. You can resume the download once your Internet connection returns to normal. 

13377x proxy server torrents

To access this website, the best way is to use the proxy servers. A proxy server is a server that as a mediator between the clients’ requests from the other servers. When 13377x movie is accessed through a proxy server, you will remain shown as attached to the proxy server, and the transferring of data for downloading is not visible.

However, proxy servers should not be confused with the mirrors. A mirror remains a replica of the original website with a changed domain URL and servers. On the other hand, the proxy server is an independent site that manages a connection to the original website.

Therefore, it is not of concern whether you connect to the main site directly or through a proxy server or a mirror site since the same content and privacy is available to the users.

The working of proxy for 13377x Torrent

There can be multiple proxy servers that can help you to reach 13377x torrent and the website. Here you can search for the proxy server that is of your choice. There are unlocks available, and for that, you can try RARBG Proxy, TKA Torrent Proxy, YTS Proxy, 123Movies Proxy, Putlocker Proxy, etc.

Everyone will like to download free stuff like movies, music, albums, and software from the web. It is wrong to perform illegal download material. The Internet is already having a large amount of free content that is easily accessible and legal to download for free.

Here is the list of best 4 proxy servers for the same: 





If you face any issues with the accessibility of adult material, you can reach the intermediaries of the website. You can access the brokers on the internet with the help of a database. 

Accessing through VPN Services

You should use a proxy server or a mirror website to access 13377x movies, even if it is blocked or hammed in your country. However, privacy and protection here are minimal. If you want to maintain the utmost confidentiality and do not want anyone to know that you are accessing 13377x, you can avail of the VPN services.

The virtual private network (VPN) allows the users to send and receive data as if there is a direct connection with the private network. By connecting with a VPN, your browsing activity remains completely hidden irrespective of the VPN service that you choose.

However, we wish to clarify that you are never 100 percent hidden from your activities. Therefore, the best way is to choose a VPN service that has a good reputation, even if you have to spend extra money on it.

Best VPN Services for 13377x










Steps to download a Torrent File

  • For downloading the torrent file, the process is similar to downloading any file. All that you have to do is to find the BitTorrent file from Google and download it. 
  • Once the download is complete, you have to install it on your PC.
  • Now you will find the seeders of the file that you wish to download. If the seeders are many, it will be helpful for you to download. 
  • The speed of your internet connection is not a worry. If the Internet connectivity is not functional and the download gets disrupted, the download will resume once the internet reconnects. 
  • The torrent download runs in the background; therefore if you close the program by mistake, the download will continue. 

List of Working URLs for 13377x movie

  1. https://1337x.to
  2. https://1337x.org
  3. https://1337x.io
  4. https://1337xto.xyz
  5. https://13377xmovie.xyz
  6. https://www.1377x.to
  7. https://1377x.is
  8. https://1337x.unblockall.org
  9. https://1337x.st
  10. https://13377x.site
  11. https://1887x.xyz
  12. https://1337xto.to

List of Working URLs for 1337x 

  1. https://www.1337x.tw
  2. https://1337x.com
  3. https://www.1337x.am
  4. https://1337x.unblock2.xyz
  5. https://www.1337x.tv
  6. https://www.1337x.to
  7. https://1337xto.to
  8. https://x1337x.eu
  9. https://13377x.site

How to download your favorite movies, TV shows, games and software

  • Open the website from your browser. On the site, you will find a long search. 
  • In the search bar type, the name of the movie, game, or application that you wish to download. 
  • Under the search bar, you will have options for games, music, movies, etc. This categorization makes your task easier. 
  • When you type the name of the movie or the software in the search bar, you will notice suggestions related to your search item. 
  • Click on any item, and it redirects you to a new page where you can see the magnet download option. You have to click on the magnet download option. 
  • Upon clicking, a download option will appear. There will be two options “open Bittorrent” and “cancel”. 
  • Click on the open Bittorrent option. After this, the application opens and when you click on the ‘ok’ button, the downloading will start. 

Type of Content available for download on 13377x search engine

The best thing is that you can get all genres of movies and TV shows on the torrents and you can choose your preferred language as well. Here are your choices for movies, TV shows, games, and software.

  • Movies including drama, romantic, action thriller, horror, and many more. 
  • Choose from languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and other languages. 
  • Popular and hit movies from Bollywood and Hollywood. 


  • Fifa 13
  • Dead to Rights
  • Assassins Creed Odyssey
  • Gang Beasts
  • Project Cars
  • Blood Borne
  • Kingdom Heart II
  • Assassin’s Creed Rogue


  • Microsoft Office
  • System Tools Data Recovery
  • Freemake Video Converter
  • PGWare SuperRam
  • TechSmith Camtasia
  • KMSpico
  • Border Officer
  • WinZip Driver


The user experience with 13377x has been considerable. Some features enhance the user experience even further. You can access the see the comments of the users to know more details of the status of the file. Overall, it is a convenient way to access popular movies, applications, movies, and more. One can always avoid downloading illegal content and focus only on the genuine one. To maintain privacy during browsing and to download, you can opt for the VPN networks. It maintains anonymity and keeps your connection encrypted.

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