Imagine the expression, you had on your eyes when mentioned about the home automation in Bill Gates home. He has a wall in a home which can change its color based on his mood. But you got this info before a decade. But now, home automation gadgets have stepped even into a middle-class person home, courtesy, the advancements in technology. In recent times, you can automate your home, make the changes as per your requirements. The most important is investing in smart appliances as per your budget. In this article, we delve on Indian electronic appliances for a smart home.

Improvement in Home Automation
At present, by home automation technology, you can open doors sitting afar and also monitor the activities happening at your home via a CCTV camera. But the biggest advantage of all, the automation home saves energy more than a normal home.

In India, real estate agents are designing apartments suited to home automation. Usually, if you want to buy a new home, security will be the first option. And the second will be saving money. An energy efficient home, fitted with the best electrical systems and smart home appliances will definitely save money in the long term. Yes, the investment is huge, but think of the savings you will have for the future.

In this article for Indian electronic appliances for a smart home, let us look into some of the products.


The Indian public took some time to align themselves with the western world when it came to smart home appliances. But now, the trend has changed. Because of the huge demand, brands from all over the world are introducing new versions of various products. Two products made the changes take place. The first is Amazon’s Alexa and the second is Google Home and Google Home mini speakers. In this article of Indian electronic appliances for a smart home, we give you the list of products that are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Lighting Automation

1. Philips Hue Mini Starter

When it comes to smart bulbs, Phillips was the first company to introduce this kind of device. It has a 10 W B22 bulb, and it is easy to control them with Google Assistant or Alexa. Do not forget the fact, they can change colors because of their LED nature. If you are using Google Assistant or Alexa, your voice is enough to control the bulbs. Do not forget to buy the Philips Hue Starter which contains a full package of Hue Bridge, Hue bulb.

2. Syska SmartLight – It has a 7W LED Bulb

Yes, Phillips is the first company, but other companies have also stepped into the bandwagon. But there is one difference. Philips bulbs are of the superior class, but they are also expensive. If you have a budget, go for the Syska smart bulbs. They also work great with Alexa as well Google Assistant. Similar to Philips bulbs, these products can also change colors.

Smart Switches/Plugs

3. D-Link DSP-W215

When automation has stepped into the light bulbs, can the switches or plugs be far behind? With these products, you can turn any normal home appliances to a smart one. So, you must have guessed the working nature of this product. Controlled by Wi-Fi, you can regulate these plugs by remote control. You can either switch on or cut off power to any device that is plugged to these outlets. As already mentioned in this article of Indian electronic appliances for a smart home, this product works cool with Amazon Alexa as well Google Assistant. By making use of these smart plugs, you can switch on or off any home appliance, be it, lights, blender, TV or machine.

4. Onida Full HD

This Smart Android LED TV is not the latest addition to the home appliance products. The benefit of purchasing this model is, you can get full HD resolution along with 3HDMI port, 10 w speakers, 2*USB ports and other features.

Yes, there are other brands which are cheaper than the Onida version, for example, Xiaomi. But kindly check if they are compatible with Google Assistant or other controlling devices.


What is the first factor that you feel comfortable about your home? Security. Right? In a smart home, security gets the first option. So, the luxury which was reserved for the elites only a decade ago has stepped into your home.

5. Ring Door Bell

The Ring Doorbell has a feature of recording any person who stands on the front door. It will send you a notification only when it does not recognize the person on the door. That means you can make the door open for familiar faces. And you can control it with Google Assistant and Alexa.

6. Smart Lock (August)

You may have seen in various Hollywood films, that the hero or villain stands in front of a glass door. The security light then falls on his eyes and the door opens. Identification factor. Likewise, this smart lock can help anyone who always has the doubt if they had indeed locked the door or have forgotten.

The best feature, this smart appliance can lock on its own after some time. You can also lock and unlock the doors from a distance. Do you want to give your guests temporary keys? Then send them temporary ones. The last feature, this device can work beautifully with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for locking and unlocking the doors.

7. Samsung Multipurpose Sensor

Just visualize the benefits of having this appliance. If you have an area in your home that has to be guarded, you can install this product. It can detect temperature, vibration and any other activity. You can get the alert in an instant. The device is affordable.
For Regulation of Temperature

8. Nest Thermostats

Do you live in an urban city such as Bangalore? Due to environmental pollution, the temperature has gone to a high peak. You may definitely need thermostat or ac to regulate the temperature in your home. You can make use of the Nest app for making changes to this appliance. There is no need to go near the appliance, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant for making the changes.


Have you gone through the article? Please note, many of the smart home appliances manufacturing brands have already established a firm customer base in India. And other than energy, you can also save time by refraining from doing manual activities.

Let us imagine a situation in recent times. You reside in Bangalore and have bought a very expensive TV model of a brand ten years ago. In an unfortunate situation, it needs maintenance service. So, instead of asking for referrals you download the app of the best company which provides handyman services at your doorstep for TV repair in Bangalore. The problem gets fixed in quick time.

But in the future, the smart TV may send an alarm to your mobile stating it needs maintenance. This is the future innovation but will happen for sure. Keep subscribing to our newsletters for the recent updates.




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