For Android 12: Google Steals The iPhone – And Fails

Google has used the competition for a new feature in Android 12. This is supposed to provide more transparency and has already shown amazing things on Apple phones. But Google fails on the most important part.

Data protection and transparency are becoming more and more important in the IT industry and are increasingly influencing the purchasing decision of many customers. Compared to the Android competition, Apple’s iOS has always attached greater importance to data protection and privacy. With Android 12, Google now wants to follow suit – at least somewhat.

Android 12 informs about access to the clipboard

In the latest version of the popular operating system for smartphones and tablets, there should now also be a notification when apps access data from the clipboard. Apple introduced something like this in iOS 14. iPhone or iPad users have noticed, for example, that the TikTok or Reddit apps have regularly accessed the clipboard without being noticed. Most apps have now stopped this questionable behavior, but this would probably not have been the case if the corresponding feature in iOS 14 hadn’t revealed this. It is therefore not surprising that Google is also copying this function in Android 12. It is more likely that astonishment is caused by the fact that the search engine provider only wants to make the feature optional, as XDA Developers reports. The user must first flip the corresponding switch in the settings under privacy to activate the new function. Experience has shown that only very few users are likely to do this. A standard activation would have been more effective here.

Copied many features from Samsung’s One UI

In February, Google published a first developer preview of Android 12, and the final release of the new Android version is expected in late summer. So far, Android 12 has been limited to practical fine-tuning instead of radical revolutions.

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