Gambling In The Electric Car: Tesla, Audi And Co. Rely On Superfluous Gimmicks

What are the automakers doing? E-car over e-car is presented and they are advertised again and again as if they were to inherit the big game consoles Playstation and Xbox. If I had a say in this, I would say: Not like that! You can find out why here.

Tesla and Audi are already betting on gaming in the car

“It can play Cyberpunk” – the tweet from Tesla boss Elon Musk about the 2021 new edition of the Model S will surely have been well received by many Tesla fans and also in the gamer community. The most prestigious electric car manufacturer and one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2020 should go well together. I see a problem coming here that not only fails to recognize Tesla but many in the industry: We are perfecting our homes and our cars so that the perfect entertainment experience is presented everywhere. If you urgently need entertainment on the go, you can use portable game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or pull out your smartphone. I can understand the desire for diversion, but each car, smartphone, or game console customer can only be in one place at a time. The question of how many end devices each of us needs if they all perform similar functions must be asked by ourselves.

Living room couch vs. car seat – is this what the future looks like?

For my part, I don’t think that in the future I would rather sit in Audi’s new A6 e-Tron – I admit, I would have to save a while – in the driveway while its LED headlights project Ghost of Tsushima onto the wall of the house and gamble. That’s exactly what I could do inside on the sofa. Such a game can be a pastime at the charging station, but there are enough alternatives – and again: you have your cell phone with you anyway.

One side is setting the wrong priorities here in my opinion. No one could say: Should the gaming industry stop building consoles and leave the field to Elon Musk and Co. For me, however, it is clear: It is the automakers who are upgrading their e-cars to mobile luxury entertainment battleships and are going wrong. After all, what is it about the car?

A car is a car – and it should drive

It should drive, bring the occupants from A to B and do so as safely as possible, there is usually little objection to fast. I’m not alone with this view, although the number of people with a different mindset is growing: 37 percent of those surveyed stated in a study that they value entertainment systems if they were to buy an electric car. Nevertheless, safety is the proverbial first, 98 percent pay attention to it first.

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