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What is Gb Whatsapp?

Gb Whatsapp is a popular modified version of the famous Whatsapp app. It is created by Atnfas Hoak who is specialized in creating modified versions of apps. The application features tons of colourful themes, and customization features which the official Whatsapp does not support.

It is only available for Android devices and has more than 1.5 billion active users across the world. It is a third party application and can be installed easily on any Android devices without rooting. It is also a great choice for users who have multiple Whatsapp accounts. The application is very entertaining and turns the monotonous official Whatsapp environment into an interesting one.

The recently launched version of Gb Whatsapp apk

The latest versions of Gb Whatsapp Apk file i.e. 6.85 has been recently launched in April 2019 and has been gaining massive popularity due to its plenty of attractive features and all past errors and bugs being resolved.

Completely customizable

The latest version of the application has completely customizable features. You can choose from plenty of attractive themes to apply as chat background, change the background colour, chat header colour, Whatsapp icon colour, Bluetick mark colour in chats, and even the colour of the typing text that appears when you are typing something in Whatsapp chats. You will never get these customizable features in Official Whatsapp app.

Enhanced Privacy features

While official Whatsapp application only allows you to hide last seen, status and profile pictures, in Gb Whatsapp, you can enjoy some extra beneficial security features like- Activating DND mode for GB Whatsapp which completely mutes the application turning off the messages and calls; Hiding Online Status; Hiding Blue tick sign in chats reads; Hiding the second tick sign-in message delivery; Hiding the typing status; Hiding you name while viewing someone’s status, and also the Anti-revoke feature.

Multimedia features

With Gb Whatsapp, you can easily share video files up to 50 MB without any loss in original quality which is not possible in official Whatsapp. Also, the official WhatsApp version allows to share only 10 images at a time but, with Gb Whatsapp, you can instantly share up to 90 images, send links and URLs to any contacts or group admin without saving their number, and send broadcast messages up to 600 people at a time.


The official Whatsapp application does not allow you to copy and save status updates of other people. Gb Whatsapp provides you with the opportunity to copy other user’s status to your clipboard and even save them to your device. Also in official Whatsapp, you cannot upload more than 30 seconds video in the status update but, in Gb Whatsapp, you can keep it up to 7 minutes duration. Apart from the Story type status, you can write up to 255 characters in general status as well which is 139 in official Whatsapp.

Auto Reply Feature

This one of the fascinating feature of Gb Whatsapp which is not yet available in the official version. Here you can schedule messages easily while you are busy. Gb Whatsapp will reply to those messages automatically with its Auto-reply feature when you don’t have the time to reply manually. The auto-reply feature will not let them left unattained and at the same time, you can continue with your work.

Additional Features

The latest version has introduced four different kinds of Whatsapp ticks, removed the forward tag while you are forwarding a message, added new mention button, created a new look for the Broadcast page, and also introduced various attractive emojis and stickers.

How to download Gb Whatsapp latest version APK

Click here to find the latest version of GB Whatsapp. It is a third party file so; you will not be able to find it in Google Play Store.

  1. a) Now, tap on Settings, then Security and turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option to accept third-party installations.
  2. b) Download the apk file and click on the Install button to complete the process.
  3. c) Tap to open the application and enter your Whatsapp number just like you do in official Whatsapp app.
  4. d) You will receive a verification code in your registered number. Enter that and that’s it. You are now ready to use Gb Whatsapp latest version.

Final Words

GB Whatsapp is recommended for all Whatsapp users to give them a break from the monotonous Whatsapp environment and enjoy its advanced customizable features.  

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1 Comment

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WhatsApp Suddenly Turns Off Blue Ticks – For Good Reason



A big innovation has been quietly introduced in WhatsApp, which concerns the blue tick as reading confirmation for messages. Many have already noticed the problem, but the change only implements something long overdue.

WhatsApp turns off blue ticks for voice messages

Perhaps some of you have already noticed. In WhatsApp, an important change was quietly carried out. Until now, blue ticks were always displayed for voice messages as soon as the message was received and listened to. In this way, the sender could see directly whether the recipient had listened to the message – even if the read receipts were deactivated. That is exactly what has now changed. WhatsApp has not completely switched off the blue tick for voice messages but has equated them with normal messages.

Accordingly, what applies to text messages now applies to voice messages. If you have deactivated the read receipt with the blue tick, you will no longer receive a read receipt from your contacts. So if you have deactivated the read receipt, but want to see the blue tick for voice messages again, then you have to reactivate the read receipt on your account. But then the other person must also have activated the read receipt. The blue ticks only reappear if both parties have activated the function.

WhatsApp is planning further changes

A lot has been happening on WhatsApp recently. Although the new terms of use continue to cause controversy, a feature that has long been desired will soon be implemented. WhatsApp will make it possible to use one account on multiple devices. The function is still under development, but the chances are very good that we won’t have to wait too long for it.

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Currently Free Of Charge Instead Of 4.49 Euros: Android App Brings Cult Games To Your Smartphone



If you want to play an old classic game on your smartphone, you can download the free Android app “Sudoku Deluxe VIP” for a short time. This gives you lasting fun puzzles and also does something for the gray cells.

Free Android app: “Sudoku (Premium Pro)” for free instead of 4.49 euros

Sudoku: A game that experienced a real hype a little more than 10 years ago and is still one of the most popular logic puzzles. Not only can you pass the time, but you can also get your brain going. Depending on the level of difficulty, the puzzles are easy to challenging. There are an infinite number of apps on the subject in the Google Play Store, but currently with “ Sudoku (Premium Pro) ” a pro version without advertising is available for free. So if you want to solve one or two puzzles in between, you can currently download the game for free and save 4.49 euros. The promotion is valid until April 25, 2021.

Sudoku Deluxe VIP: How good is the Android app?

With over 100,000 downloads and an average of 4.7 stars, the Android app “Sudoku Deluxe VIP” is rated quite well. The app is very easy to use and the Sudokus are available in different levels of difficulty. You never get bored with it and you do something for your memory. If “Sudoku Deluxe VIP” costs money again after the promotion, you can use one of the numerous free Sudoku apps. The app with the simple name “Sudoku”, which is linked above, is currently recommended by the Google Play Store editorial team. With over 10 million downloads, it is one of the most popular Android apps in this sector. But you have to accept advertising for this, and in-app purchases are also included.

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Apple And Google Buckle: Criticized Conspiracy App Returns



After the Parler app, popular with QAnon fans, was thrown out of the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store earlier this year, the conspiracy app can now hope for a comeback. Both companies would like to offer the app again under certain conditions.

Parler: QAnon app is about to make a comeback

Apple has announced that it wants to offer the Parler platform again in its app store. Even Google, according to a comeback will be at hand, be as long as the operator of the app to guidelines of the Play Store hold. Both Apple and Google kicked the app out of their app stores in January 2021 after massive criticism.

“Parler is back in the Play Store as soon as an app is presented that meets our guidelines,” says a spokeswoman for Google. The group also points out that the app for Android was still available “via other channels” during the ban from the Play Store.

Apple is a step further and has sought a conversation with the operators of Parler: Apple has “extensive discussions with Parler to bring the app into compliance with the guidelines and to include it back in the App Store”, Bloomberg quotes the group. A first update for the app was approved on April 14th. The operators had promised to moderate content better.

Parler: “Wrongly made a scapegoat”

Parler’s operators continue to wash their hands in innocence. One was “wrongly made the scapegoat for the events on January 6th,” it says in a first statement.

Parler is considered a reservoir for right-wing conspiracy theorists and QAnon supporters. After Twitter and Facebook blocked many accounts, Parler became one of the most important means of communication for the planned and ultimately actually carried out the storm on the Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021.

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