Android today is the most popular operating system in the world that has millions of Phones and tablets operating in its OS. The open operating system of the android is the reason it has millions of applications related to almost every needs of an individual.

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The user-friendly features of Android are no doubt beneficial for the users. But on the flip side, this open system of Android is inviting various malware applications. Though Google Play maintains a lot of security about the third-party applications and restricts them, still some malware manages to get featured in it. Android viruses are equally harmful as PC and can affect your device dangerously.

So, what is the solution? Installing Antivirus applications? Well, you can do that if you are comfortable with the expense but what if you have other ways of securing your Android phone at free of cost!! Yes, you heard it right. The following ways will let you know how you can secure your android phone without installing an Antivirus.

5 Best ways to maintain Android phone security without Antivirus

  • Software Update

This is a very important factor for mobile phone security. Old software are easily prone to virus attacks. Hence always check for updates and follow the steps to install it.

  1. a) Go to the Settings Menu
  2. b) Then select ‘About Phone’
  3. c) Go to ‘System Updates’. There, you will find the latest software update file if your current one is outdated. Download the software and install it to update your phone’s software.
  • Don’t go for Third Party Apps

There are many android applications which look very useful but not featured in the Google Play Store. So, you quickly search the web and download the apk file by sideloading. Half of the malware you invite in this way. There is no guarantee of the source from where you are downloading the APK files and neither of the application that it is safe and virus free. Don’t go for such downloads by enabling the ‘Unknown Sources’ from Settings. If you need the application badly, look for its alternative in Google Play Store.

  • Restrict Downloads

This is to protect your device from unwanted downloads and also works well if you have children in your home.

  1. a) Go to Settings of Google Play Store and turn on Parental Control.
  2. b) Create a Security PIN.
  3. c) Then click on ‘Require authentication for purchases’.
  4. d) In the pop-up list choose the option ‘For all purchase through Google Play on this device’.
  5. e) That’s it. Now, no one can download a single application from Play Store without your consent.
  • Avoid Connecting Unknown Wifi

Make a point to use VPN while your device is connected to wifi to prevent IP spoofing. Also, don’t connect your device to any free available Wifi if you face network connections. It can be a hacker or any cyber criminal spoofing you IP and tracking your activity.

  • Logout for running applications

Whether you are using any website or application, make a point to log out immediately to close the current session. Also, try to keep strong passwords that are almost impossible to guess. And avoid visiting untrusted websites and links.


If you follow the above-mentioned 5 steps honestly, you can keep your android mobile completely safe without installing expensive Antivirus.


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