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How do I install Android TV at home? Full Guide Here

android tv

This article will be helpful for you if you want to set up your android TV set at home. It will guide you through the basic set-up process. Android tv is not as complicated as Android smartphones because the applications installed in Android TV sets are comparatively fewer in number than in android smartphones. Android television is easy to use and learn. Learning the use of a single application will make it easy to use the rest. 

Android television sets are of two types. One is available with the Google operating system, and the other without the Google operating system. 

This article will guide you to install both types of the android TV setup

So without further delay, let us look at how to set up a new Android TV. 

  1. A good internet connection.
  2. Registered google account.
  3. The google home app is installed on a mobile phone.
  4. To set up your Android TV, you can follow either of the three ways: using your phone, using a Tv remote, or using a laptop or a computer.

Step1: Turn on your Android TV and pair the remote. A Bluetooth connection is needed to perform every feature through the remote. To pair the remote, follow the instructions mention on the screen of your TV.

Step2: After pairing the remote, options will appear to set up your Android TV using your Android laptops or smartphones. Select the option and transfer the account and network details from your other android device to your Android tv set. 

Step3: On your android phone or laptop, open the Google app.

Step4: Type “set up my device” on the search engine google. 

Step5: Move your steps according to the instructions until you receive a code.

Step6: check that the code in your phone is similar to the code in your Android Tv.

Step7: On your phone, type the name of your TV.

Step8: Follow the instruction on the Tv and finish your setup.

How to set up Android TV with your remote?

Step1: when the option appears to set up using a phone, Choose the skip button from your remote.

Step2: Connect to the internet connection available.

Step3: Let the system be updated.

Step4: Click on to Sign in option, and use your remote to follow the instructions.

Step5: Input all required details and sign in to the google account. 

Step6: Follow the instruction given on-screen to finish the setup. 

How to set up an Android TV set with the help of your laptop or computer?

Step1: Skip the step which says to set up your tv with your Android Phone.

Step2: Connect to the internet network.

Step3: Choose the “sign in” option available on TV

Step4: Use your computer to set up your Google Account.

Step5: Follow the steps on the screen and finish your setup. 

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