How do I run TV channels on Android TV?

The Android TV sets have preinstalled tv applications through which one can watch Tv shows, sports, web series, and news. The instruction book available provides a guide to all the TV apps and their use. If a Television does not have any preinstalled apps, one needs to get an internet connection and install the required apps through the google play store. Live channels are also available for users who do not have any TV apps. 

To learn more about the use of TV channels, you need to follow this article line by line. 

How to set up the Live Channel applications?

To start your live channel applications, you need to follow a few steps.

Step1: Go to the home screen of your Android TV. 

Step2: move down to the “Apps” option visible on the home screen of your Android TV. 

Step3: The options bar will appear. Select the “Live Channel” option from the option bar. 

Step4: Search for your required application in the list of applications provided. If you could not find the app you desire, download it from the Google play store. 

Step5: Select the source from where you want to download the app.

Step6: Select “Done” and finish the installation of all the apps to wish to download.

How to add or remove a channel from your Android TV set.

Step1: Go to the home screen of your Android TV.

Step2: Go down to the “App” row available.

Step3: Select the “Live Channel” option.

Step4: Open the section of the tv option, under select channel setup, and then click to customize channel list.

Step5: choose the channels you want to add or remove.

Step6: to return back to live channels press back or home.

How to watch your desired channel on Android TV?

To switch to the channel you wish either you can use your remote or you can choose the channel from the program list.

Step1: Go to the home page of your Android Tv.

Step2: Select the app row.

Step3: Go to the live channel application.

Step4: Press the select button.

Step5: Go to the program guide 

Step6: Choose the channel you desire.

These are small and guide you to your Android Tv set and showcase how can you switch to different channels on it. If you desire to know more stay tuned and updated. Give us your feedback and let us know if any of your queries remained answered.

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