These days hacking have become very common especially in social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter etc. However, if you think Whatsapp is safe from these intruders, you are absolutely wrong. Though Whatsapp has a very tight security feature and it might show that your chats are encrypted, but in reality, even Whatsapp is not safe from the spying eyes.

Under what conditions a Whatsapp gets hacked?

  1. a) The hackers can hack any Whatsapp account in minutes with the help of QR code and access to all personal conversations of the users.
  2. b)  The hackers can use Whatsapp sniffer to get to spoof the IP address of your MAC system and discover all your personal chats. They can also install spyware software in your device to hack your Whatsapp.
  3. d) In case of Whatsapp not having the latest update, hackers can get access to your personal chats with the help of backup file once they get a hold on your device. In that case, even locking the application does not help

Now, the question is how you will know that your Whatsapp account has been hacked. You can detect the prying eye through the following steps:-

How to find out if your Whatsapp account is hacked

Though Whatsapp does not allow the same number to be registered on multiple devices, with Whatsapp QR code, things can change quickly. If somebody can access your Whatsapp QR code can easily scan it and register your number on other devices. So, to see if some is using your number in Whatsapp web, do the following things:-

  1. Open your Whatsapp account.
  2. Go to the three vertical dot option in the top right corner of the Whatsapp screen.
  3. Click on Whatsapp Web. You will find all current logged-in devices to your Whatsapp account in this section.
  4. If you find any unknown device that you are not using, be sure that your account is being accessed from somewhere else.

How to protect your Whatsapp account

Once you have spotted an unknown device into your account, it is advisable to log out from all current sessions immediately.

  1. a) If you are using Whatsapp web, click on logout. If you are using smartphones, go to Settings, then Apps and select Whatsapp.
  2. b) Now, in the Whatsapp screen, tap on clear data option. Your all current sessions will be closed and you will be directed to the welcome screen of Whatsapp.
  3. c) If you are using iPhone, long press the Home screen button, uninstall the app and then install it again.

Use two-step authentification

  1. a) Go to the three vertical dot option on the top right corner, then Settings, Select account and then ‘two-step verification’.
  2. b) A verification code will be sent in your WhatsApp number. Enter it and get your two-step verification mode enabled.

Lock Your Phone

Always remember to lock your phone either with fingerprint sensor or with a strong password. It is very difficult to hack Whatsapp without accessing the user’s device. So, keeping your phone security strong will prevent the intruders from accessing the device.


These three are the essential steps that you can take to prevent your Whatsapp account from being hacked. The best way to protect is to use the lock feature in every step from your phone to Whatsapp and finally 2 step verification.


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