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I Love This Xiaomi – But It’s Not A Smartphone

The Xiaomi company is best known for its smartphones. However, the manufacturer has a huge range of products to offer that are hardly known in this country. Today I will report about a gadget. I’ve grown very fond of it over the past few weeks and will help me many times over during the coming spring and summer months.

Xiaomi: Mobile air compressor ideal for the summer

Every year from March onwards, life moves more and more outside. One gets the grill out, dusted off his bike, and goes on the weekend with the kids in the park to football to play. And after a long hibernation, all of these (play) devices usually have to be repaired. That means: cleaning the gas grill and inflating bike tires and balls. Anyone who has children also knows that they don’t always want to use the bikes. Sometimes my offspring feel like inline skates or kickboards. When you take out the bicycles, the tires are again not optimally inflated.

In response to this, I bought smaller and smaller air pumps year after year so as not to keep having to pull the floor pump out of our junky chamber. And then I came across an ingenious gadget from Xiaomi on Amazon: a mobile, electric air compressor.

And yeah, I know it’s pretty nerdy to be so excited about an electric air pump. But I love small gadgets that are practical and make life easier.

The Xiaomi electric air pump is beautifully compact and easy to use. In contrast to mobile air compressors from Bosch or Vastar, the Xiaomi looks like a mobile gadget from Apple, which also perfectly matches the look of my Bree backpack, which accompanies me in wind and weather. And this urban look is also part of the fascination for me. The air pressure can be easily adjusted. Either you choose between four different presets (Auto, Moped, Bicycle, Ball) or you can regulate it manually to up to 150 PSI (pounds per square inch) using the plus and minus buttons. There is also a button for the integrated flashlight in case you have to inflate a tire in the dark.


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