Friday, October 22, 2021


Instagram is the current trending app that is making the world crazy. While the majority of individuals use this application from their phone, it can be also accessed by PC. However, the general desktop version has a major pitfall. Instagram restricts too many features if it is used outside the mobile. If you access its official desktop site, all you can do is browse the posts, comment, like them and just log out. The restrictions are highly frustrating when you cannot enjoy the same facilities as the mobile app.

But, now with the help of these 3 useful applications, you get to enjoy tons of Instagram features even from PC and have a fascinating experience. So, let’s have a look at the 3best apps for using Instagram on PC.


It is an amazing desktop application for Instagram that helps you upload pictures and videos in the same way as you do in mobile phones and tablets. Both Windows and MAC users can download this application for their PC. You have to log in with Instagram username and password and go to the upload section to choose your favourite photo and video. You can add effects, adjust brightness, contrast and other features just like the mobile app. Once you are done, click on Upload and your post will be uploaded. You can also schedule posts with the application, boost the no of likes for each post, auto like posts to attract other users increasing the followers’ count and even earn coins by liking other user’s posts and reaching a significant number of likes for your own post.

Windows Store Instagram App

It is another excellent app for PC users that is created on Windows 10. With advanced notification features and a similar view of Instagram like the mobile version, the application has made a mark in the desktop platform. From uploading your own stories, videos, photos to watching endless stories from your followers and different users, the Microsoft application provides all. In order to add new posts in this application you have open the application, log in with your Instagram account and tap on the new post option to choose pictures from gallery or camera to directly click pictures from PC and post them. The application is very user-friendly with zero complications and you will simply love it.


This is an outstanding lightweight application for desktop Instagram and is available for Windows, MAC as well as Linux. The application lets you have the complete Instagram mobile app features like Direct messaging, photos, videos and story uploading with plenty of keyboard shortcuts for going back to the home page, checking out the notifications, going back to your profile, scrolling through the posts as well as toggle on the Instagram dark mode. The flexibility of the application is amazing and can be downloaded easily in the .exe file format as well as store it on external devices for temporary use. 


These 3 apps have taken the Instagram browsing experience on the PC to the next level and have almost eliminated the burning frustration of the restricted features that users were facing years for a long time.


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