Smartphones especially contribute a lot in our life each second on a daily basis and act as an ultimate storage device for confidential information related to our professional and personal life. Be it images, videos, important files, documents, notes or even social networking apps, we never like to get any of them preyed by the third party.

Hence to maintain the maximum security here is the list of 5 top most Android folder security lock apps that are a must try for every Smartphone user.

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It is the no. 1 folder security lock application of Android that has more than 400 million users for its end to end security. Starting from social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Hike etc to Folders, Gallery, notes, SMS, Calls, Mails and even Settings you can lock everything with Applock. You need to install the application first, and then select a password or pattern that you want to use for locking each folder and application.

It not only locks the folders and apps but also hides images and video from Gallery and even add fake covers with fingerprint scanner so that in no way intruders can have access to your information.

Folder Lock

This is another best folder security lock for Android covering complete protection to each and every item installed in your Smartphone. Apart from locking a row of confidential contents from different sources, it also creates cloud backup of the secured files within the application’s interface and secured wallets to store confidential information like Bank details, health-related information, document-related information, and personal notes.

You can create private contacts with the application and send them private SMS. You can also import files from PC, Mac, Computer etc to your Smartphone and lock them instantly with the application. The application features three kinds of locking mechanisms in the form of Password, PIN, and pattern. It is a great choice for full-time complete folder encryption.


This is an application specially dedicated for locking image and video folders. It uses PIN and text password protection methods. Besides, the application has various advanced features. For example- “Mugshot”- This feature captures the image of anyone trying to open your Vaulty app and saves it.

When the authentic user logs in after that, the app shows the pic of the intruder. It also backs up the image and video files automatically, so that user can access it anytime when logged into vaulty from other devices. It also provides a beautiful viewing experience with slideshows, private camera, photo and video editing featuring, Fullscreen zooming, interesting filters and plenty of other attractive features.

Smart Lock

It is another effective solution to protect your phone from the third party. It helps user protect all kinds of contents like Images, videos, Applications, Incoming Calls, Media files and folders with the help of password, PIN and Pattern.

The application features a simple UI and is completely free of intruding ads. It comes with various advanced features like Lock Mode, Staying Awake Mode, Auto screen-rotate locking, modifying notifications for a phone number etc along with interesting animated Gifs.


This is a pretty satisfactory solution for locking your private messages, media files, and other applications in the device. The app features free themes and helps in locking everything with pin, pattern, and fingerprint. It also captures the selfie of intruders who try to access the application in your absence and saves them to notify you later.

You can not only lock private files with the app but also the entire phone along with notifications, incoming call locks for complete protection. You can use invisible patterns for enhanced security and even fake your unlock screen to keep the intruders in camouflage.


Safety and security is something that cannot be compromised at any cost. The above-mentioned 5 android apps hence serve as an effective solution for complete protection of private information from the third party.

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