IPadOS 15: Popular IPhone Feature Is Adopted

With iPad’s 15, the next version of the tablet operating system is not necessarily just around the corner, but more and more details are gradually becoming known. As it now turns out, Apple would like to take over a feature known as iPhones. This was only introduced with iOS 14 and is very popular there.

iPadOS 15: Homescreen is finally becoming more flexible

After the release of iPad iOS 14 in September 2020 a few months ago, the focus is now on the next version. In the meantime, it has also been leaked what Apple plans to do with iPadOS 15. According to reports from Bloomberg, the group has mainly taken care of the home screen of the tablet operating system. A function of iOS 14 is to be taken over here.

The home screen should be much more flexible with iPadOS 15. Freely placeable widgets become a reality. Users can use it to design their home screen much more individually. Besides, the fixed app grid can also be completely replaced by widgets. The popular function has been available on iPhones since autumn 2020 – and it can be made even better with an app.

Besides, there will be more extensive privacy settings with iPadOS 15. What Apple is planning here in detail has not yet leaked out. What is certain is that Apple would like to make its users more aware when apps are more or less quietly tapping data.

iPadOS 15: Presentation planned for June 2020

A first glimpse of the next version of iPadOS can be expected in early June 2021 as part of the Worldwide Developers Conference, which begins on June 7th. If nothing changes in the release cycle compared to the previous versions, iPadOS 15 will appear in September 2021.

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