In the past, the service was simply called “Find my iPhone”, today it is just “Where is?”. Users can use it to find their Apple products anywhere in the world, whether it’s an iPhone, MacBook or iPad. If you miss a part, you start the app on the iPhone, iPad or Mac and you “ring” the bell and get the location presented on a map – practical. Unfortunately so far only intended for Apple devices.

Apple’s master detective: iPhone now “sniffs out” e-bikes and more

This will change with immediate effect because Apple is now opening the “Where is?” Network to accessory providers as well. Means: From now on, products from third-party providers can also be searched for and found in a familiar way via the new “Items” tab Anyone can take part, provided they are part of the “Made for iPhone” (MFi) program. As a prerequisite for this, Apple also opens access to the U1 chip, as can be found in current iPhones, among other things. This enables even more precise location determination and third-party providers can fall back on it.

What and where are Apple’s AirTags?

Such a “key finder” has been expected directly from Apple for months. But now, of all things, an alternative is being advertised. Again and again, there were references and credible reports about the so-called ” AirTags “. Only these were explicitly neither mentioned nor announced today. Very surprising, since Apple would certainly have used the expansion of the “Where is?” Network to advertise its own “AirTags”. This can only mean that there are problems and that the product is still not ready for the market. Even before that, according to the rumour mill, there was always an immediate announcement, but nothing has happened so far.

This is how we know it so far, now other things can also be searched for and found with the feature.


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