Are you a movie fan? Do you love to watch Tamil movies during free time? In all probability, your answer is going to be yes. This article is primarily been written for people like you. We will guide you about a website that offers a free download of Tamil films and that too in high quality in terms of sound and picture. In fact, most of the movies on this website are of HD quality. Therefore, after downloading movies from this site, you need not worry at all about the quality. We are talking about Jio Rockers. The name might sound new, but it has emerged as the top piracy site for downloading movies. This website provides you with download links of all the latest Tamil films.

All Tamil movies at one place

This website uploads all the piracy print of the Telugu movies. The site will provide you provide a link to all new and old Tamil films from their movie industry. The users can easily download and watch Tamil movies, even the ones released in 2020. You can watch it both online and offline. It is a leading website today in India to watch full Tamil movies online and let you download the movies for free.

The language of movies is universal and goes beyond the boundaries of language. For almost all of us it the best way to relax and it remains a popular form of entertainment for almost everyone. However, many times you may wish to watch a movie but do not have the resources either in terms of money or time. Many of us may feel lazy to step out of the comfort of our homes to watch a movie. This website is the perfect solution for any of your similar problems. Here at Jio Rockers, you will find the answer to your problems by downloading the movies from here. On this website, you will find valid download links of Tamil movies as well as movies in other languages as well. These are high-quality movies that can be downloaded for free.

Movies that you can download

Most of the latest films are uploaded on the site within no time. Therefore, without spending a single rupee, you can download the videos that you like or wish to watch. As of now apart from Tamil film, you can download videos in the following languages from this website:

  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • English
  • Malayalam
  • Odiya
  • Kannada

Therefore, not only Tamil, but you can also download Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, and other regional language movies from this site. However, we wish to inform you that this website comes under the category of pirated sites. Hence, your discretion is advisable. The movies available here are in different formats, such as 360p, 480p, 1080 p, HD movies, and BDRip. The most popular format remains the 720p for all the users who download the films. All videos are stacked under different categories on this website. Not only Tamil, but you can also download Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and English movies here.

Easy to Download Feature

The best thing we found about this website is that the user interface is easy to navigate, which lets the users find the films that they are looking for and download those at a faster speed. Although the website is operated from an unknown area, the downloading speed is fast and satisfying for the users. Due to obvious reasons, the owners of this site do not wish to disclose the location where this site is hosted. The site provides the downloading of the movies free for the users, and the income of this website is solely through the advertisements that are displayed on the website.

Searching the movie on this website is relatively quick and easy for the users. You can watch the film on the website or download the same on your desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet. The movies are displayed as banner ads. Upon clicking the banners, you can download the movie. The movies listed on the website are listed under different categories of language and genres. Therefore, the user can easily navigate through the website and find the movie that he or she is looking for.

Jio Rockers is available through different URLs for obvious reasons. Following are of those links:

  • 9x rockers
  • JioRockers Tamil 
  • Jio Rockers
  • Movierulz
  • Dvdrockers 
  • Tamilrockers
  • JioRockers Telugu 

Jio Rockers- Is it safe and legal? 

It remains a concern for most of the users that the website that they are using for downloading movies is safe and legal or not. It is important to understand that it is a website that contains pirated content. The downloading of the movies from this website is illegal from all aspects. Furthermore, the website is banned by the Indian Government, and downloading movies from the Internet is a legal offence. The Indian Government can punish under the law for downloading and using the pirated content. The anti-piracy law of India prohibits people from using the pirated content in any form. Therefore, by no means it is advisable for users to download any movie from these sites as it can lead you into a big trouble.

The Indian law classifies the downloading or watching of movies from this site or other similar sites as a punishable offence. This being against the law we suggest not to download or watch movies from this website. If you are caught watching or downloading movies from these kinds of websites, then the Government may punish the individual. To summarize, it is best to stay safe and do not land yourself into any kind of legal trouble.


This article in no way what so ever, promotes watching or downloading of movies from the Internet. It is the infringement of the copyright law of India. Under all circumstances, people should avoid using website like these for watching or downloading movies.


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