Want to watch free TV shows and movies? Well, Kodi can help out but some of its demerits may annoy you like tagging problems, slow library updates that may restrict another task. Because of these problems, you may need alternatives to Kodi.

Kodi is the best application for watching free movies and shows. It’s the most popular app for jailbreaking Fire TV devices (check this guide) that loads tons of movies and shows.

Here we have compiled a list of top 5 Kodi alternatives.

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  • Plex

You can get Plex for free or if you want more features to it then you will have to buy it. For the paid version of Plex, you will have to pay $4.99 per month. You can stream it on different devices at the same time due to its client-server construction.

It has a multi-dimensional interface that helps you to manage all of your media. It can be easily used on android devices and is considered as one of the best alternatives to Kodi.

  • Streamio 

Streamio will provide you all kinds of content like movies, live TV, TV shows, and channels all in high quality that are taken from the various platforms. The Stremio provides you with features like subtitles and casting support also which is what people usually look for while watching movies in other languages.

Here you can also build up your library to sort out all of your favorite movies plus shows. This library can be synced on all of your devices. You can also turn on the notification so as get to know whenever your favorite show episodes are released. 

  • Emby  

Back in time Emby wasn’t that much appreciated as it didn’t have many features but the latest version of Emby has too many features. Emby has three classifications. In the first classification comes the Mobile apps, emby servers, and TV apps. In a few seconds come the servers for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

While the last classification includes Samsung smart TV, Android TV, and other things. Emby is very flexible that can be used on any device. Emby can be considered to have worked a lot on its advancements and that how it came out to be this good in the past years.

  • Terrarium TV

It is a great option for movie enthusiastic. Using terrarium you can easily stream, watch online or even download your favorite movies and shows in your devices in high definition for free. Plus it gives you smoother and intuitive playback.

One thing that you will notice about this app is that it has more privacy as the content to be streamed is taken from Google video or Google drive. It has a comparatively small interface but you can still enjoy streaming on it.

  • Media portal

The media portal gives you the advantages of recording live TV and then playing it on hard drives, blu-rays, and DVDs. You can also enjoy music and radio in a home theater or computer.

It has an incredible interface that is very easy to use. You can also stream from the most popular servers if you have installed appropriate add-ons.

Bottom line

These were the top alternatives to Kodi that you must try. Although, it’s not as good as Kodi. You might be facing errors with Kodi because you could not have deeper knowledge. You should learn more about Kodi. However, you’ve already an alternatives list here.


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