The competition between Mac and Windows PC/Laptops is on from years. While a Windows laptop or PC is referred to an electronic device using Windows as the Operating system, Mac, on the other hand, refers to the Macintosh PCs and laptops running on the Mac OS. Mac systems are owned by Apple exclusively. Both have different benefits and specifications which often makes a hard choice for the users to decide whether- Mac or Windows laptop. So, to make things easier, let’s go for a comparison between the different aspects of both systems.

  • In terms of Diverse Choices

Windows Laptop

In windows laptops, you get to browse through hundreds and thousands of models from different brands each having different size, specifications and alluring design patterns. It gives you an easy platform compare between several models of windows laptops and finally choose the one that suits all your requirements.


In the case of Macintosh, you get to explore only 8 specific choices of Mac systems and you have to decide among them if you want to buy a Mac. Also here the brand is apple which is having different products like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, Macbook, iMac with retina display, etc. Here you don’t get too many brand choices like Windows laptops.

Note: – So, if you are the one who prefers browsing hundreds of models and designs before buying, Windows laptop is the one for you.

  • In terms of OS

Windows Laptop

The operating system of Windows is very user-friendly for the users with a prominent start menu and easy-to-manage-file-sharing system. But, the security feature of Windows OC is not 100 percent secure and are easily susceptible to malware. No matter whatever high-end Antivirus you install, malware somehow makes way to Windows OS. The more it keeps on adding new features, the more it leaves loopholes for the virus attacks.


The Mac OS is very clean, refined, and stable. It needs a bit of learning to understand its usage, but once you grab it, Mac OS is the best one with excellent security features. Half of the creative industries prefer using Mac OS due to its own image and video editing apps, music apps restricting the third-party installations and hence preventing malware.

Note: – If you are looking for a user-friendly OS, Windows is the one in terms of managing and updating, but if you are looking for an outstanding and secured OS, go for Mac.

  • In terms of troubleshooting

Windows Laptop

For the troubleshooting issues, Windows don’t have a one-stop solution. You have to contact multiple service engineers to deal with the issues separately for hardware and software. This is because there are multiple manufacturers for Windows. Also, if you visit the Microsoft store, not all issues can be resolved by them. Sometimes they send to the manufacturers for critical issues and hence repairing takes time.


In case of Mac, since each and every component of the system belongs to one and only Apple, so you just need to visit an Apple store with the troubleshooting issue and get it resolved quickly without roaming from vendor to vendor. Also, the customer support in Apple stores is excellent which you will not find for windows.

Note: – If you are looking for longevity, durability, and great customer support, Mac is a perfect choice.

  • In terms of Price

Windows Laptop

In the case of Windows, you get to choose systems from different price range starting from 15,000 to 80,000 and more. It caters to the budget of all kinds of users


In case of Mac, the price range is very expensive and hence it is not affordable easily. It starts from, 72,000 onwards.

Note: – Windows is undoubtedly the best choice in terms of budget.

Final Words

Windows is good for the users due to its budget-friendly, versatility and user-friendly OS, but, if you are looking in terms of quality and longevity, go for Mac.  

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