MacBook overheating? Stay cool with these 3 tips

MacBooks can get pretty hot – especially now when the temperatures are rising on balconies and the sun is beating down on the improvised desk. Sometimes a website is enough to bring the Apple notebook to its knees. This is noticeable, at least in some models, on the fan.

If the Mac gets too hot, consider the long-term consequences

In addition to the annoying effects such as a loud fan and a hot case, high temperatures also damage the inside of the MacBook. In the long term, for example, the battery life can decrease, Macworld knows. After all, unlike a few years ago, there is no longer any need to worry about hard drives and DVD drives.

Tip 1: update software

As simple as it is effective: Keep the software of your MacBook up to date – this applies to Apple’s operating system as well as to third-party apps.

Tip 2: reduce browser tabs

This tip is also obvious, but is often ignored: If the fan starts on the balcony, it can help to close some browser tabs. Numerous processes that run in the background on websites can cause the processor load to skyrocket. It is best to save the open tabs in the reading list beforehand.

Tip 3: look at the activity monitor

If you can’t explain why your MacBook gets hot and the fans ( if any ) turn on, you should take a look at the macOS activity display. The app can be found under Programs > Utilities- or just search for them using the Spotlight search. In the “CPU” tab you can see how many running processes are using the CPU, i.e. the main processor of the Mac, in percentage terms.

There are temperature sensors in various places inside the Mac. If necessary, you tell the system to slow down – and in an emergency, ensure that the device switches itself off. Apple itself recommends, MacBooks to use only at an ambient temperature of 10 to 35 ° C. That sometimes also means: Get out of the sun – probably the easiest way to protect a Mac from overheating in warm temperatures.

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