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Mangapanda Alternatives ||10 Best Sites To Manga Comic



mangapanda alternatives

Some people love to read comic books. It’s their hobby or passion to discover the exciting world of mysterious characters and imaginary world. One such example of popular comic book is Manga.

Manga is a graphic novel that originated in Japan and became famous in the world since the last century. It is said to be among the ancient art form that has been improved by digital graphic designers. The world has accepted these as one of the primary reachable sources of entertainment. They have launched certified Manga readers Apps you can binge on by paying some bucks which the manga creators justify. 

Mangapanda was an illegal free site that provides access to thousands of comics, but due to some reasons, it is shutdown. So, readers are keen to find sites that give them access to read their favorite books.

Let’s get started on your journey to read these comics which can be availed in various forms like browser, Android, or iOS application. Following are some of the alternative sites of Mangapanda:

1. Comixology

The comics booklovers love this site as it contains 8000+ assemblages of comic books, and 700 of them are open to read free. Still less known but true, it offers an excellent chance to read these comics as well. Here you will find all legit and famous web contents which is not readily available elsewhere. You don’t have to visit Mangapanda when you have comixology.

Main Features:

  • All comics are accessible in English
  • Available comics portion from Manga 
  • Some collection from Great manga publishing house
  • You can read manga through kindle, Android & iOS application also.
  • Free trial of 30 days 

2. Crunchyroll

While searching appropriate alternative of Mangapanda, Crunchyroll is the popular website. It is a brilliant site to read your favourite comics. An abundant list of favourite comics is available here. But it is a paid site. The site provides a free trial for 15 days after which you have to pay for the subscription. Payment of $7.00 per month subscription fee is necessary to avail the site.After subscribing you get the chance to see anime shows also.

Main Features:

  • Join the forum to discuss about these comics with other readers
  • You can read them through the app
  • The legitimate site to read these comics is this
  • An additional feature of anime shows
  • You can join the forum for discussions about mangas

3. Mangastream

Visit Mangastream if you are new to the world of these comics and explore their magic. Several genres of Manga comics are listed on this website. If you wish to read the comics later, you can browse through several options and add your favorite to your manga bucket. The comics on this site are absolutely free. It is a prevalent site among the fans of these comics and a brilliant alternative to Mangapanda.

Main Features:

  • The website is free to browse and read these comics 
  • It has a broad collection with all preferred Manga
  • It is a reliable source of online free comics with comprehensive series.

4. MangaTown

On this website, various genres of the comic series are available. It is free of cost, and you can read online all your loved and great comics without any registration or payment. There is an option to browse through the whole list of these comics series, genre, updated version, and random Manga from this website. 

Main Features:

  • Various genre of the comics are available
  • The interface is beautiful 
  • List of new releases categories available
  • Daily update of the comic library


This website is sure to satisfy your daily dose of these books through their comprehensive collection. Exceptional content of manga comics are available here at a very prompt date after release . All of the available comics in this website are free of charge.

Everybody can discover their particular manga if it is Naruto, one-piece, or bleach manga. The website has an all-encompassing season of every old and new manga comics. These interesting comic books are available in English, and there is an app to read them. 

Main Features:

  • Thousands of such comic books from this favorite series are entirely free of cost
  • You can download and save your favorite comic in your hard drive
  • Up-to-date collections are uploaded within a short period for you

6. BookWalker

BookWalker is another substitute website of panda books for legitimate reading. It is a comprehensive shop, but it sells exclusive Manga comics and light novels only. It sells just a limited assortment of things, making browsing more natural and comfortable.

The site is well organised with proper classifications like new releases, prize winning titles, simulcasting pubs from new serial chapters and even anime series. The site can be accessed from any device or through an Android or iOS app too. It has some transaction charges.

Main Features:

  • A devoted site for a legitimate reading of these comics
  • The site is hosted from Japan, so it provides a vast collection of books of this interesting series
  • All latest variant is accessible through it.

7. MangaFox

Mangafox is a Mangapanda alternate and a stunning place to read it without any charges. It gives you the ease  to search your desirable comic book . The site has a pretty multi-coloured and modern interface .It offer various segments in the menu items that can assist navigate these manga comics.  

Main Features:

  • Around eight thousand such comics are available at one single website
  • You can view your history through registering at the website
  • The website is vibrant and attractive for book lovers

8. VIZ

If you anticipate moving away from the impact of one piece manga panda and want to explore other mangas, VIZ is your way out. There is a vast collection of your favorite books like Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Naruto, One-Punch Man, Boruto, or Tokyo Ghoul which can be readily available paralleling through this site hosting for the link of all the website justifiably containing that particular Manga. 

Furthermore, it allows you to preview the latest versions and even free chapters of this comic. Nevertheless, the widespread way to VIZ is to do it via an Android or iOS application.

Main Features:

  • There is a vast collection of these books to buy and read
  • There is an option to purchase a printed version of them
  • The application experience is quite extensive

9. Shonen Jump

Shonen  Jump Weekly is one of Japan’s most noteworthy publications in this series of books. The Weekly showcases many series like  My Hero Academia etc. It has created many animes and manga Games besides these great comics.

Its old-time fans may recollect those postponements after the Japanese release. So it’s excellent that the readers don’t have to (at least for some shows). You can read your manga comic through your browser by a subscription of  $1.99 per month. It is one of the popular substitutions of MangaPanda.

Main Features:

  • The digital library of 10,000 +  chapters of this comics will be unlocked for a member
  • You can check out the recent hits and revisit favorites unlimited times on this site
  • There is a download option to read offline.

10. Mangareborn

The purpose of this site is to spread undiscovered this manga comics throughout the globe, so it is a must-visit the alternative site of Mangapanda. Mangareborn provides an opportunity of drowning yourself in the incredible world of mangas and hosts a large number of these books.

The website also offers an opportunity to discuss the commitment of this book or further release dates of your favorite manga. You may also be interested in talking with other readers to get the information about the mysterious title of manga comics.

Main Features:

  • There is a handful collection of Japanese and English books available
  • It’s episodes are easy to locate.
  • The site allows translation of these books to localized language.


The above list is the product of our all-encompassing exclusive assortment of Manga panda alternative. You will find several great options to read it from the above list and lose yourself in the world of these comics. 

Stay away from piracy and support the productiveness of all Creators. Check the pirated versions and go for the legal providers to access your favorite book. It is currently closed by cybercrime officials, but still, it keeps on appearing with diverse proxies and clones. These clones are even more unsafe as they can track your important information. You must take the issue of piracy very seriously and access through official platforms for your safety. 

The above-mentioned websites can get you in great legal difficulties and ultimately get you arrested. As these are not the official website, it can put your privacy in danger, steal your information through trackers and illegal pop-ups. It is always wise to use anti-virus software (like Kaspersky, AVG, Mac Café, etc. ), VPN,original browsers, Adblocker, and a safe IP address to use the internet.

Various genres or the character can be viewed and read by the people. So  if you are a proficient reader or a novice in manga comic series, our list can surely lift your manga reading habit. Keep reading!

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Hyundai Ioniq 5: This is how much the special electric car costs in Germany



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Hyundai Ioniq 5 from 41,900 euros in Germany

When the Ioniq 5 from Hyundai was presented, the South Korean manufacturer had a few surprises in store. The e-car can be transformed into a charging station, so to speak, and thus supply other electric cars with electricity. The best equipment comes with a solar roof. According to the manufacturer, the electricity generated in this way should provide an additional range of up to 2,000 kilometers per year.

The guesswork about the possible price of the special electric car is now over. A configurator has appeared on the Hyundai website that reveals the final secrets. Accordingly, the electric car will be available in Germany for 41,900 euros. In this case, there is an electric motor with an output of 125 kW (170 hp). Consumption according to the WLTP standard is 16.3-kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. The specified range is 400 kilometers with a 58 kWh battery and rear-wheel drive.

A better-equipped variant offers a range of up to 470 kilometers. Here, according to WLTP, consumption of 17.1-kilowatt-hours per 100 km can be assumed. The datasheet states 160 kW (217 hp) of power and the battery has a capacity of 72.6-kilowatt hours. In this case, Hyundai would like to have 45,100 euros. Alternatively, the Ioniq 5 is also available with a dual-engine and 225 kW (305 hp) for 48,900 euros. The Ioniq 5 will then be delivered “in summer”.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 with “high-speed charging”

Hyundai advertises with its electric car, among other things, with a “high-speed charging”. Assuming a corresponding charging point, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes. Even five minutes of charging time should be enough to offer a range of 100 km.

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Galaxy S21 FE: Samsung disappoints with the battery



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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Battery with 4,500 mAh

Little by little, more and more details about the Fan Edition of the Galaxy S21 from Samsung are coming to light. As SamMobile would like to know now, the battery of the Galaxy S21 FE will have a capacity of 4,500 mAh. In direct comparison with the predecessor, it was not enough for a stronger battery. In contrast to the Galaxy S20 FE, the Plus version of the Galaxy S21 was not based on.

Nevertheless, the Fan Edition of the Galaxy S21 is sure to find a lot of fans. According to previous reports, the phone will be equipped with an AMOLED display with a diagonal of 6.4 inches. A resolution of Full HD + can be assumed. The fingerprint sensor for identifying the user will be located in the display.

The processor is still unclear. It remains to be seen whether Samsung will opt for the Snapdragon 888 or the in-house development Exynos 2100. The internal capacity can be assumed to be 128 or 256 GB, depending on the model.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE from August 2021

The other highlights of the mobile phone include video recording with 4K resolution and protection class IP68. Even if the battery does not have the largest capacity, it can probably be charged with up to 25 watts using a cable.

While Samsung took its time with the predecessor last year until October, the Galaxy S21 FE is expected to be released in August 2021. There is still no information about the possible price. The predecessor started at 599.99 euros but is now much cheaper to get.

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iMac Pro 2021: What If Jony Ive Never Left Apple?



An era ended two years ago and Apple’s longtime product designer Jonathan “Jony” ‘s finally turned his back on the iPhone manufacturer. Malicious tongues claim: This is what you can see in Apple’s latest products. But what if he had never left Apple, what would the upcoming iMac Pro 2021 look like? The answer to that looks amazingly good.

Apple still owes us a new iMac Pro, most recently we were only presented with the brightly colored 24-inch model with the fast M1 chip. The Pro version, on the other hand, is likely to be added in the next few months. The design should not change compared to the iMac 2021.

But is the shape successful? Quite a few find the new iMac anything but appealing. There is still more, right? How would Jony Ive, Apple’s long-time product designer and close friend of Steve Jobs, who died far too early have acted, what would his iMac Pro look like today?

iMac Pro 2021: Apple’s quote from Dieter Rams and Jony Ive?

The French graphic artist Virgile Arlaud from Nice gives us a possible and, above all, really good-looking answer. His “iMac Pro M1” literally soaks up the design DNA of a Jony Ive with the virtual drawing pen. The basic shape is still based on the 2012 model. Why make something perfect worse for better or for worse? Instead, the convex basic shape remains unchanged.

On the other hand, the changes to the base are visible It is more delicate, a filigree steel frame supports the computer sculpture. Arlaud also confirmed its clear inspiration for his iMac Pro quoted deliberately at this point by ee he famous speakers LE 1 of Dieter Rams. That fits, after all, Rams are proven to be one of Jony Ive’s great role models. Apple’s products from the last 20 years would not have been possible without the work of the Wiesbaden-based company.

Look at a detail

Interesting for technicians: power is available via a detachable USB-C or Thunderbolt cable . Perhaps not as clever as the new, magnetic power connection on the existing iMac 2021, but more universal, more sustainable. Can be exchanged faster. Dieter Rams would like something like that, after all, for him, good design has to be durable and environmentally friendly.

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