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The popularity of MangaStream is phenomenal, and it boasts over 100,000 monthly readers. Primarily, Manga combines the comic culture of today with traditional storytelling. It is a Japanese art form that enjoys massive popularity across all age groups. Manga Stream brings popular comics for English speakers and is available for free. It remains the leading comics of the world, and its unique characters, representation, and style are globally admired. It has genres like action, drama, adult, romance, sci-fi, and others. However, the site seems to have shut down last week followed by the disappearance of its official Twitter handle. Although no official statement has appeared in public, the fans are finding their dose of entertainment disrupted.

Therefore, to sort out your issues related to the translated version of manga comics, we have compiled a list of 10 best alternatives to MangaStream in 2020. Your enjoyment of free manga comics won’t stop.


It is a free online comic website with a massive collection of manga comics. You will find over 100,000 comics of the manga series here on this website. Consider it presently the largest directory of comics available online. The graphics here are impressive and adds to the charm of reading the comics.

Furthermore, the comics also provide you with notifications and the manga list. The site is updated daily with all new genres of comics. You can also read your favorite comics and share them within your contact list. The site also provides you easy navigation on the comics’ strips. The comics are conveniently categorized for easy search by the users. The site welcomes feedback from the customers as well and is prompt in resolving the queries.


Here you will find an extensive collection of your favourite manga comics. Mangareader is excellent in content, and the layout is also visually appealing. You will find manga comics for free here at this site precisely the way it was in mangastream.


Another good alternative is MangaFreak and is fast emerging as an excellent alternative to reading your favorite manga comics. The layout of this website is a little different. It provides the user with a short description of the comic and also provides you with the reading status. You can perform a wide variety of searches on the website, for instance, the comics that you have read or currently reading from its library. You have a right choice here on this website from the popular manga series like Bleach, One Piece, Boruto, and Naruto. Different genres are available on this site, such as drama, thriller, comedy, romance, and others.


It is another option that you can try to read manga comics. Different genres of Manga are available here on the site. No payment or registration is required for reading your favorite Manga comics online. It is an excellent website for your loved comics. The new version of the site offers you a more interactive user interface.


It is another alternative to MangaStream, the site if full of comics from different genres. All your favorite comics are available here without any hassle of payment or registration. It is the preferred website of many manga comic fans. Browsing the site is easy, and the new version is, even more, user friendly. 


It is a free comic website that is cloud-based. The good thing about this website is that it is compatible with web, Android, and Apple’s OS. The navigation is quick and easy and enhances your comic reading experience. The site also offers you the facility to customize your search preference based on your choice of genre. This platform is exciting and liked by all comic readers. Irrespective of your device, read the comics you want with ease on this website. It is solely due to its features that this website is considered as one of the best alternatives. 


This site is known for releasing the Wall Street Journal Series episodes even before the official release. Here on this website, you will find 52 genres of Manga from action to Yuri. Also, you can submit your manga from the collection section. You can also provide your ratings to the series and its episodes. It is helpful for other users on the platform. The good thing about this website is that you can easily continue the comic from the point where you last left it. The user rating feature on this website is of benefit too. 


There are two websites of the same name. While one is famous and popular with comic lovers, the other has a good collection of comics as well. You will find the popular WSJ and WSM manga series, including the popular Shotacon. For smartphone users, who prefer to use their device for entertainment purposes, this website is apt. There is a MangaZone app for reading the comics. 


Here you will find the most extensive collection of Shonen, Josei, Sheinen, and other manga comics. The good thing about this website is that these comics are available in over 20 languages. The versions of the manga comics here are phenomenal, and you have the colored version as well. You can form groups here for sharing, discussing, collecting, or even uploading the manga series. The readers here can also follow specific groups as per their choice of comics. The community-based discussion and sharing forum of this website are particularly appealing. 


This alternative is simple to use and straightforward. This manga streaming website comes in two languages, namely English and Italian. One Punch and Dragon Ball Super are the popular comics on this website and are updated regularly. The best thing about this website is the ease of use that it offers to the visitors. The functionality is simple and adds to the reader’s experience. Another aspect of this website worth appreciating is the minimal presence of the advertisements on both the desktop and the mobile versions. 


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