Gone are the days when DVDs and CDs are used for watching movies. Nowadays people are not even depending on the traditional cable operator and opting for cord-cutting solutions to watch their favorite movies and TV series. The cord-cutting solutions include choices like-Playstation Vue, Sling. TV, Crackle, HBO Go/HBO Now, Twitch etc but what tops the list are Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Now the question is which is the best one? Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime? The following comparison will help you to spot out which service is the best one to choose from.


If you are a hardcore movie lover, don’t look anywhere and go for Netflix. It is undoubtedly the best streaming service ever having a huge collection of movies from old classics to the new ones as well as TV series. It supports multilingual movies across the world and that’s why it is the biggest alternative to the traditional cable system. The streaming quality is unparallel supporting both HD and ultra HD quality. In this platform, you can have around 5 different profiles from a single account to keep track of your favorite contents and valuable recommendations.

Compatible Devices Android, Apple, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Chromecast, Amazon fire Stick, Smart TV, Apple TV
Advantages Wide range of Selection, Multi device Support, Optimized Interface, Advanced Recommendation system, High Streaming quality, 4 simultaneous stream
Disadvantages Expensive

Price Plan Basic:- $8.99, Standard: $12.99, Premium:- $15.99. Free

Trial:- 30 days


Hulu is an absolute budget-friendly choice for the TV show lovers due to its wide collection of more than 85,000 episodes of several on-demand TV shows along with the best collection of classic anime series and plenty of offbeat movies but not so much like Netflix. Hulu is the best in brand new content. Whenever a new TV show airs, expect it to find in Hulu the very next day. It also operates in collaboration with Fox, NBC Universal and Disney featuring huge collections of TV series belonging to these channels some of which you won’t find in Netflix. Hulu is pure love for the TV show lovers.

Compatible Devices Apple, Android, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire Stick, Smart TV, Apple Tv, Chromecast
Advantages Great Original Shows, Budget-friendly, Expansive library of TV shows, Live TV(only US)
Disadvantages Frequent ads, complicated interface, 1 simultaneous stream
Price Plan Monthly:- $5.99, Commercial free montly:- $11.99, Free trial:- 30 days

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime gives the same service like Netflix and also has its own original series collections just like Netflix. It features a huge range of movies and TV shows having a partnership with Viacom that lets you enjoy many great shows from the television channels. It also tops in having a great selection of video games for children and comedy shows. Apart from that, it streams classic HBO collections and also provides unlimited access to Amazon Prime instantly video and Amazon Music under $99 per year.

Compatible Devices Android, Apple, Smart Tv, Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox
Advantages Lots of added benefits, Huge Collection, Great Original shows
Disadvantages Limited brand new content, extra cost for Ala-car-te contents
Price Plan Monthly:- $8.99, Free trial :- 30 days

Final Words

Netflix is the best choice with uncompromised quality but if you are conscious about the budget, then go for Amazon Prime. And for those who are more into TV shows, switch to Hulu.


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