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Not even Apple and Samsung Can: The 25-Euro Smartwatch Has A Special Function

Apple Watch dominates the smartwatch market, but some manufacturers make features in their smartwatches that even Apple and Samsung cannot. A function that can handle a clock of 25 euros is particularly interesting at the moment.

Cheap smartwatch measures body temperature in real-time

Since the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic, we have known that the most common symptoms of infection can manifest as flu-like symptoms. It also includes an increased body temperature, which is why the temperature was usually measured before entering a building or aircraft. Would not it be practical to constantly monitor your body temperature? It can do a brand new ZM09 smartwatch. It is a very inexpensive smart watch that measures the body’s current temperature in real-time. So you know immediately if your temperature is elevated and you can react in an emergency if you don’t feel healthy.

Otherwise, the Bakeey ZM09 is a completely generic inexpensive smartwatch, which can be considered a fitness tracker with great performance. So some functions are supported for the game. IP68 certification, which makes the watch waterproof, is rare in this price range. Otherwise, you can use the smartwatch with Android and iOS, the connection is established via Bluetooth 5.0 with the mobile phone. In addition to monitoring body temperature, the watch can also display blood oxygen and. The German language is supported. But you will have to import the watch from China.

Is this smartwatch worth buying?

You have to be realistic for such a smartwatch at a price equal to 25 euros. When it comes to functionality and workmanship, you the Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch for it. But if you mainly want to spend less, then monitor your body temperature in real-time, real-measure your pulse, and count your steps, this watch is well worth it.


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