Sharp criticism of WhatsApp: Terms of use should be illegal

With the change in terms of use, WhatsApp has offended users in recent weeks and months and lost some to the competition. Nevertheless, they should come in May. Responsible data protectionists want to take action against this.

Is WhatsApp facing the next setback? Privacy advocates take action against Facebook

WhatsApp is actually planning to introduce the heavily criticized new terms of use on May 15th. On the other hand, German data protectionists want to take action now, the data exchange between WhatsApp and Facebook as the owner of the messenger should be put a stop to. The accusation: It is feared that WhatsApp will inadmissibly pass on data to Facebook, said Hamburg’s data protection officer Johannes Caspar.

The sharing of the data could be inadmissible due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable in Germany, which is why the introduction of the terms of use is now being proceeded against in an urgency procedure, a result is sought before May 15. WhatsApp is now used by almost 60 million people in Germany and is by far the most widely used social media purpose, ahead of Facebook said Caspar in a press release. Intervening for their well-being is seen as important.

Allegation: illegal mass data exchange

Caspar is primarily critical of Facebook’s approach “for lack of voluntary and informed consent” for data exchange. The procedure is about the protection of the potentially affected users. The aim is to “prevent an illegal mass exchange of data, if necessary,” and to end the “inadmissible pressure to consent on millions of people”.

After the postponement of the terms of use for WhatsApp, Facebook had tried to improve it in order to avert the rapid migration of users to other Messenger services. The social network now has the opportunity to react to the accusations made by the data protection officer. There is, of course, another option: to avoid hunger for data if the goodwill of the user is so important to you.

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