Top 5 Free Movie Websites 2019

Many of us are always in peek of watching movie online in our leisure time. We want to enjoy movies right from the comfort of our home. But do you know, you can actually watch various movies at free of cost on your Computer, TV, Phones just with an internet connection. Yes, it may sound astonishing but its actually true you can download plenty of free movies online.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are popular yet premium service that comes with a cost. Beyond these, there are various sites online, but its quite difficult to find out a genuine way of watching online movies. Most importantly, watching online free there is a risk of piracy or any malware. But we have made research and listed some of the websites that gives you complete freedom to watch movies anytime, anywhere. They do not provide clips or tailor’s, all they provide watching free full-length movie on your device.  


Sony’s Crackle is one of the ad-supported streaming services that allows users to watch movies and TV shows. You can use this on a wide variety of devices like phones, tablet, TV or PC. It offers high-quality original content that is absolutely free. TV shows and movies are freely accessible and you don’t have to pay a dime for them. There are various drama like “Snatch”, “ Startup” and many more. It is an option when you miss your latest episode of any show that was broadcast a few hours ago. The movie selection is better with various animated movie and anime films. There is an option of turning on parental controls. You can search movie by title, actor or genre.


It is one of the largest streaming sites that includes a library of 12,000 titles. These titles include animation, comedy, TV shows, movie, documentaries and many more. You do not need an account to watch online videos. The TV shows and films are organized in a horizontal reel with just a click you can reveal movies. You can experience condensed browsing with it and able to view the details of the video. You can change the quality of videos on the bottom of any video. It is having occasionally one-minute ads for the videos you watch.


It is a free movie streaming website that gives you various full-length movies and TV shows for free. You can see a lot of advertisements on the videos you stream. There are a lot of genres and new arrivals of various TV shows/ movies. There is leaving soon section where the movie will soon disappear from the site. The videos can be seen in full-screen mode and can switch the between the qualities. Starz and Paramount pictures are free and legit as Tubi is a partner with them.  

Popcorn Flix

Popcornflix ix legal website that allows you to watch full-length movies in the US and Canada. There is no registration required and the video service is ad-supported. There are various popular genres like comedy, drama, action, documentaries, family, nostalgia, horror, romance, foreign films. There is Popcornflix kids shows that offers movies for kids. There is an option of a free app available for Blackberry, Android and Amazon Kindle.  


It has about more than 30 genres of free movies including comedy, classic, TV movie, Horror, Drama, Kids and Family, Action and many more. You can find TV shows filtered by title or by genre. Videos or movie found on the website is of DVD quality. You can create a free account to watch movies and TV shows. There is a free mobile application that is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, iPad, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle.


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