Top 5 Free Trending Music App 2019

Music is the best companion throughout your life. It has been since age listening and watching music has been people do to come out of their current situation, celebrate happiness, express sadness or give way to their hidden emotions. Many people find that they can’t stay without music. There are many genres and styles that make music complete and ideal for everyone.

There are many reasons when music proves beneficial in their lives. Music provides various benefits of mental health as it affects both sides and leads to overall development of the brain. Music is considered a therapy for meaning that eliminates depression and proves a great way of communication. It gives a platform to express the hidden emotions of an individual and fend off depression. It reduces stress, anxiety, boosts health and many more.

Downloading and saving music on your phone is the latest trend that is going popular with teenagers and adults. You can stream every music you want anytime, anywhere all you have to do is download a particular app that lets you enjoy these benefits. We have some top picks of FREE music application that you download on your device.  


It is one of most demanding and popular music streaming service in the world with more than 30 million tracks. They have a list of 83 million paid active users that enjoy an enormous collection of its library. It is a free tier but comes with limitations. Premium lets you hear selected albums as they release, play music on demand, cache songs for offline backups and much more. There is Discover Weekly feature in Spotify that recommends new availability of tracks available in each week.  

It is available for Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is easy to download and install on TVs, Set-top boxes, home video game consoles, and smartwatches. Beyond songs you can find, audiobooks, comedy, radio dramas, poetry and speech collection. you can download spotify premium apk download here.

Google Play Music

One of the increasingly popular options with 50,000 of own songs majorly used for personal streaming. You can upload your own collection of music and stream anytime anywhere with it. Music managers are easy to use and require a simple set up process. It is available in paid and free version, With Clear web player interface its radio allows you for unlimited skips that are not usually available with any other app.  It is compatible with Android TV, chrome cast, mobile devices. It is available in Google Play for Android users.

It does not support iPhone or iPad.


Don’t let your music app distract you by a commercial. With Jango, you can enjoy commercial-free music streaming on a mobile application. You can sort playlist as per genre or artists. With Jango app, you can easily access the written music of your special song. There are more than two dozen different genre including Rock, Pop, Country, Reggae, Latin, Electronics and many more.  

Its interface is quite annoying with various artist’s ads.


It has a wide streaming library where you can play songs as per your demand. Pandora provides you a station based genres, artists as per your preferences thanks to its Music Genome Project algorithm. Although there are a variety of artists available there bt the music library is smaller comparing to other apps. With Pandora, you never have to pay for listening to music. With paid versions, you can enjoy ad-free listening online and offline too.  

iHeart Radio

Listening to music on your local radio with iHeart. Customize online station or opt for local radio stations as per your choice. iHEart will recommend channels as per your interests and you can also listen to seasonal radio stations along with podcasts, talk radio and comedy shows. With AM and FM radio stations there is a way to listen about news and sports. It is available in free and paid version.  

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