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Top 5 smart laptop bags 2019

While purchasing an expensive laptop you would definitely have thought for a fashionable and a spacious bag. Just to keep your laptop safe and make your machines life Span increase.

We all are facing an issue that is it save to carry a laptop while traveling but because of the technologies its nowadays easy to travel with your laptop anywhere.  

There is a list of some expensive as well as cheap rates so that choose among those bags.

These bags can be used anywhere as per your durability

  • Work
  • School

Laptop bags make it easier to carry it the expensive laptop machines with yourself because people are having meetings, for which they have to travel a long distance and also make sure that your laptop is totally saved from the thieves.


  • Kopack


This bag is best for an anti-theft, as the laptop is an important part of everyone’s life. It’s having proper protection and remains private within your pack. Along with this also has a detachable USB cable, super organizer and padded straps.

Kopack is best for those who move from one spot to another as they need to protect their laptop earned with great hard work.

  • Water Resistant material of the bag
  • Anti-theft

          So choose wisely because it’s all about the security of your laptop for which you have to spend your earning to buy a laptop. It’s very convenient and easy and easily transferable as well.

  • Life pack

Its best for the techies as they are having an integrated lock and you can travel with this bag anywhere. This bag having the ability to charge your device with the solar charger. It would keep you all personal identity and valuables safe and guard against an unlawful thing.

  • Solar power bank
  • Blue tooth speakers
  • Lock

           The lock consists of a combination of a three digit number that completely makes

            Your laptop saves and secure.

  • Nomatic

Nomatic is best for the extended travel, it’s a water-resistant backpack for your laptops. It also has valuables pickets and RIFD protects the rocket and also TSA compliant. Just to give you a safe journey. It’s best for the businessmen, suppliers who all have to move from one place to another.

Thieves won’t be able to take out the laptop from your bag because of the security given in this bag.


  • TYLT

This bag gives you a lot of space and best for light travel. This bag consists of a six charging pockets and having space around 1450 cubic inches. It is also having 2 1 -A USB Poets for your laptops. Even having the option to pass on the cable so that it won’t be tangled among each other.

  • NHF shoulder strap
  • 15 inches of the laptop compartment

As they provide amazing customer service to their customers. You won’t need any extra bag to carry some small things because it’s having small pockets to keep your important thing with your laptop itself.

  • Sosoon

This session laptop bag is best for fashion, having a USB charging laptop backpack. This helps you to never face a problem of a dying battery in your laptop. This backpack space for a laptop is the 15.6-inch  screen.

  • Zippers and invisible pockets are also there in session backpack
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Water resistant material

  Somehow it provides you all the facilities you need in a backpack and can easily be

  Taken whenever you are traveling just make your convenient and a peaceful journey with your expensive laptops. No need to worry about your laptops anymore when there are season backpacks.



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