Essay writing plays a vital role in academics career be it for good grades or high school admissions. Every student has to face plenty of challenging topics every day for their essay papers; where the work pressure is high, and the deadline is short.

Quality plays the key element in essay writing; which can be only achieved if you know about the essay writing rules. Any productive essay writing follows a precise introduction of the topic, Body of the topic containing researched facts segregated into separate paragraphs with relevant evidence and a wrap-up story or conclusion.

It is very important as a student to focus on improving your essay writing skills as that is going to benefit you in your writing, professional and research career in the future. The following are the 5 most useful tips to follow while writing essays:-

  • Focus on your grammatical skills

Grammars are the backbone of any good essay writing. Develop a solid understanding of grammars by learning from textbooks. You can also use the tools for quick solutions. Grammarly is currently the best online grammar checker tool. The Grammarly free version acts as an excellent proofreader to identify errors in your existing paragraphs like misplaced punctuations, spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and suggests you with instant solution for correction. It even detects plagiarism to ensure your content is 100% original.

  • Prepare a layout

Once you receive the topic for writing the essay, research about it and prepare an outline of the main points you want to include in your essay. Start with a brief introduction that is interesting enough to make readers proceed into the thesis paragraphs. Next, in the thesis paragraphs; research for any kind of evidence that supports your facts. Also, make sure that your evidence is 100% genuine and not deviating from the main topic. Finally, end it with a conclusion connected to the facts mentioned in your essay.

  • Concentrate on Vocabulary

Along with proper grammar make sure that your essay writing is devoid of useless words. You can use online dictionaries to look for attractive synonyms/antonyms of long words to enhance your writing style and also know about their strategic utilization in sentences. You can even subscribe Grammarly premium version as it helps you learn many new words while writing and improves sentence style constructions by removing outdated words. Make sure you don’t use too many complicated words or long sentences as that degrades the readability.

  • Don’t write too long

Too long essays often have lesser chances of working out well. Readers lose interest when you beat too much around the bush or stretch each argument too long.  Instead, focus on giving quality to your essay over quantity. Use short paragraphs with to-the-point arguments and related evidence. This will keep readers engaged in your essay paper and they can easily have solutions for the questions that made them read your easy paper. Quality writing also shows that you have a good command over language and professional writing.

  • Proofread

The final part is the proofreading. Never forget to proofread your essay paper manually no matter how many online grammar checking tools or softwares you use. Final proofreading is essential to find out the missing errors, typos, spelling mistakes, capitalization, vague sentences and to check if your writing has a consistent flow from beginning to end doing maximum justification to the topic. Once you are satisfied with your essay proofreading, you can submit it for publishing.

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