Many users were having grievances about Whatsapp’s monotonous chat platform without attractive sticker packs like Facebook Messenger, Hike, Snapchat etc. The issue was noted seriously by Whatsapp which is owned by Facebook, and to make the platform more interesting, recently in 2018 Whatsapp introduced a lot of attractive sticker packs and funny Gifs.

Users since then have been loving these stickers very much. Be it for casual chat, or wishing someone on special occasions or festivals, these stickers are actually very entertaining. Not just that, Whatsapp also has given provision for the users to download stickers from third-party apps.

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But, what gives an edge to the entertainment is the recent feature of the Whatsapp. This is the feature that lets you convert your own selfies to attractive stickers and create a sticker pack out of those selfies. This option is only for Android users as they have the facility to download stickers from the third-party app. IOS users can, however, enjoy the sticker packs of Whatsapp, but this feature is yet not available.

Android users can take pictures in various funny emotions, and convert them into Whatsapp stickers for unlimited fun. Fascinating right!! Yes, it is. The following steps will show you how can entertain your friends and dear ones by converting your captured pictures to Whatsapp stickers.

How to change your selfies and capture photos into Whatsapp Stickers

  1. First of all, download ‘Sticker Maker for Whatsapp’ from Play Store and at the same time download one Background eraser application. If you have one already installed in your smartphones, skip the step.
  2. Now take a selfie or any picture and erase the background with the background eraser application. Save the cropped photo without a background in png format.
  3. Now launch the Sticker Maker for Whatsapp application, and click on ‘Create a New Sticker Pack’.


  1.  A pop-up box will be immediately displayed that will ask you to enter the ‘Stickerpack name’ and also the ‘Stickerpack author’. After filling the details, click on ‘Create’.
  2. A new window will open. There you will find an upload picture box. Click on it and choose the png file that you created using the background erasing application.
  3. Now repeat this step with three to more selfies and pictures captured by you and remove the background with the erasing application. Remember to save all of your files in png format.
  4. Now, again go to the ‘Sticker Maker for Whatsapp’ application, and add the remaining three to four pictures in the same way.
  5. Adding pictures in this way will help you create an entertaining sticker pack like Whatsapp sticker packs. After you are done, click on click on ‘Publish Sticker Pack’ option.
  6. You will be prompted with a message to add the created stickers to your registered Whatsapp account. Click on accept and exit the sticker maker application.
  7. Now, open your original Whatsapp and go to the Stickers section. You will be able to find your created ones among the Whatsapp sticker packs. Select one by one and start having fun.


Now, in this way, following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily create your own customized stickers and share them with your friends. This new feature is undoubtedly the next level of entertainment.



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