What are the huge lettering on the back of Chinese cell phones?

An unusual trend is taking off. More and more Chinese manufacturers are “decorating” their smartphones with large lettering. I wonder what that is all about when you sometimes don’t even know what exactly they mean.

Realme, Poco and soon also ZTE

Manufacturers of Chinese smartphones want to look different from the competition. What started with eye-catching colours, unusual colour gradients and different materials is now being continued with huge lettering. The Realme 8 Pro in particular shoots the bird here, see cover picture. While the brand name is embedded relatively small on the back, the words “DARE TO LEAP” are denounced in capital letters on the back. When I was introduced to it, I asked myself what it was all about.

I had to see for myself what that could mean. Dare to jump Take the plunge Huh? Who should jump where? In the small print of the last press release, it says: “Realme products empower young people to ‘Dare to Leap’ using the latest technology and design.” So young people should take the leap and use new technology. Well, maybe you should write the explanation for this saying on your phone somewhere so you know what it means. I wouldn’t write such a huge line on a cell phone that doesn’t explain itself.

Incidentally, Realme is not the only manufacturer that messes with the font size. The former Xiaomi daughter Poco also made the logo a little larger on the back. According to the principle of the barkers: HERE I AM. The fact that most people don’t even know Poco doesn’t matter here.

Hopefully just a short trend

Personally, I can not understand the trend towards huge lettering on cell phones. Anyone who thinks such a China cell phone is great will buy it and use a protective cover to hide the lettering. Since the lettering cannot be seen anyway, I see no reason why this unsightly trend is even carried out. The cell phones don’t look nicer as a result and I would question the added value for the brand.

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